9 BEST Hot Spring Resorts in Laguna to Relax and Re-energize

Best hot spring resorts in Laguna - Dona Jovita Garden Resort
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The province of Laguna is blessed to have natural hot springs. The water from these springs flows down from Mount Makiling, an inactive volcano. Over the years, more and more hot spring resorts have opened up, catering to people who want to relax, unwind and soothe their tired muscles. Here are the best hot spring resorts in Laguna — for your family or barkada outing, team building or personal vacation.

1. Dona Jovita Garden Resort

Best hot spring resorts in Laguna - Dona Jovita Garden Resort
Photo credit to Dona Jovita Garden Resort

Dona Jovita Garden Resort is a rustic yet stunning resort in Calamba. It’s accredited by the Department of Tourism as Class A, which means it’s one of the best resorts you can find in the country.

The resort is surrounded by greenery, which is perfect if you are looking for a rejuvenating stay. It has 9 pools, including a hot spring jacuzzi which gets its water directly from Mount Makiling. Aside from warm soaks, the resort also offer other activities, including hiking, trekking, horseback riding and more.

For the accommodation, you can choose between a garden-themed Garden Getaway or Mediterranean Escape.

Dona Jovita Garden Resort: Website | Facebook | Book discounted rates here

2. Al Fresco Springs

Best hot spring resorts in Laguna - Al Fresco Springs
Photo credit to Al Fresco Springs.

Al Fresco Springs offers a range of private hot spring resorts in Los Banos, Laguna. The resorts are homey, clean and spacious. Moreover, you can enjoy decent amenities coupled with reasonable rates. It’s one of the top choices for private functions including family vacations, barkada outings and team buildings.

Currently, there are 2 private resorts to choose from, with 25 and 30 pax capacities each.

Al Fresco Springs: Website | Facebook | Book discounted rates here

3. 88 Hotspring Resort

Best hot spring resorts in Laguna - 88 Hotspring Resort
Photo credit to 88 Hotspring Resort

88 Hotspring Resort is the ultimate getaway for families in Calamba, Laguna. It has 10 outdoor swimming pools with different temperatures and a man-made lake. It also offers other amenities for leisure, including live band performances. Aside from these, the resort is also famous for its garden and amazing view of Mount Makiling, especially in the mornings.

The resort has an in-house restaurant, so you don’t have to hassle about bringing packed meals. Moreover, it’s close to the mall and other commercial spaces.

88 Hotspring Resort has 40+ rooms. You can choose among the following rooms: Bamboo Suite, Bamboo Deluxe or Villa Room.

88 Hotspring Resort: Website | Facebook | Book discounted rates here

4. Rockpoint Hotspring Resort Hotel & Spa

Best hot spring resorts in Laguna - Rockpoint Hotspring Resort
Photo credit to Rockpoint Hotspring Resort Hotel and Spa.

Located in the hot spring district of Pansol, Rockpoint Hostspring Resort Hotel & Spa is an ideal choice for couples or small groups. While not as grand as other hot spring resorts in Laguna, this cozy resort offers a little more privacy and good service, which is good if you’re looking for uncrowded options.

This resort has 2 hot spring pools and spa services. Other amenities include billiard room, videoke, business center and function rooms.

There are various options for overnight stay, including standard rooms and dormitories.

Rockpoint Hotspring Resort Hotel & Spa: Facebook | Book discounted rates here

5. Hidden Valley Springs Resort

Hidden Valley Springs Resort is one of the beloved resorts in Calauan, Laguna. The resort has aged over the years, but it’s still a favorite among those who want a charming place to relax for the weekend. As the rates for day tours and overnight stays are on the higher-end, this resort is suited to those who want to splurge.

Hidden Valley Springs Resort is essentially a rainforest retreat. It spans 110 acres and is tucked between Mount Makiling and Mount Banahaw. The best features of Hidden Valley Springs Resort are its 3 natural pools: a warm pool, a natural spring pool and a soda pool. There is also hidden body of waterfalls a few minutes away.

Hidden Valley Springs Resort offers casitas for overnight stays. It also has day tour and night tour packages, which includes buffet lunch and merienda.

6. La Vista Pansol Resort

Best hot spring resorts in Laguna - La Vista Pansol
Photo credit to La Vista Pansol.

La Vista Pansol Resort is a family-friendly hot spring resort in Pansol, Laguna. It boasts 7000 square meters of natural, warm spring pools with a Wet & Wild waterslide and a covered swimming pool for kids called the Enchanted Volcano. The resort has various amenities, including picnic huts, an island bar, tennis and basketball courts and ziplines.

For the accommodation, there are various options to choose from, including cottages, dorm rooms and rest houses.

La Vista Pansol Resort: Website | Facebook

7. Splash Suites Hotel Laguna

The Splash Suites Hotel is the latest luxurious addition to the Splash Mountain Resort in Los Banos, Laguna. The hotel allows you to pamper yourself in one of their stylish rooms and at the same time destress with the hot spring water from the pools.

Guests in Splash Suites Hotel can use the pools from the Splash Mountain Hotel and Splash Oasis.

Splash Suites Hotel Laguna: Website | Book discounted rates here

8. Casa Primera Hot Spring Resorts

Casa Primera Hot Spring Resorts in Laguna
Casa Primera Hot Spring Resort.

Similar to Al Fresco Springs, Casa Primera offers private villas for exclusive use. It’s located at the heart of Pansol, Laguna. Currently, there are 6 villas available for booking and more to open. Aside from a hot spring pool, each villa also features a lush environment and scenic views of Mount Makiling.

Casa Primera prides itself for using 100% natural water in their pools, as opposed to other resorts that use a heater. The water streams directly from Mount Makiling.

Casa Primera villas are perfect for those who want an exclusive place for themselves, especially those in a large group.

Read about Our Experience at Casa Primera.

Casa Primera Hot Spring Resorts: Website | Facebook

9. Sol Y Viento Mountain Hot Springs and Resort

Best hot spring resorts in Laguna - Sol Y Viento
Photo credit to Syl Y Viento Hotel & Resort.

Covering several hectares of land, this beautiful resort in Calamba is mostly known for its high-rise location. It’s nestled in the mountain range, atop and hill, and thus have a gorgeous view of the Laguna de Bay and the city.

Here you can invigorate yourself by soaking in warm pools filled with mountain spring water and appreciating the great views on your free time.

Amenities include 5 outdoor pools, a restaurant and bar/lounge.

Accommodations include standard rooms, dorm beds and cabanas with private indoor jacuzzi.

Sol Y Viento Mountain Hot Springs and Resorts: Facebook

That ends our list of the best hot spring resorts in Laguna!

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