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10 Affordable Samgyupsal in Metro Manila to Satisfy Your Cravings

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We love samgyupsal! If there’s one thing that we’re thankful for about Korean influence, it’s the samgyupsal trend that swept across the restaurant industry in the Philippines. Here we’ve compiled the best affordable samgyupsal in Manila.

1. Samgyupsalamat

Couple shot at Samgyupsalamat
Samgyupsalamat Korean Restaurant review

Samgyupsalamat is one of the pioneers of affordable samgyupsal. For only P549 per person, you get to enjoy 5 types of pork and 6 types of beef slices. You also get a number of banchans (or side dishes).

This samgyupsal restaurant is also one of the first to offer cheese dips, which we all love! So now you have a lot of choices on how to eat your samgyupsal: wrapped in lettuce leaf, dipped in gravy, or soaked in gooey cheese!

Rate: P549 unli pork and beef


  • Various branches across Metro Manila

2. Romantic Baboy

Romantic Baboy review
Cheese dip in Romantic Baboy

Romantic Baboy comes at par with Samgyupsalamat. One of the things we like about Romantic Baboy is that it has consistent customer service in its different branches, so you can enjoy your samgyupsal without feeling annoyed at late follow-up orders.

Romantic Baboy’s rate is affordable as well. The selection comes with 8 types of pork and beef. It also comes with side dishes, as well as gravy and cheese dips.

Previously, the staff would give its customers a stem of rose to take home after a meal, which is probably how they got the name.

Rate: P549 per person


  • Various branches across Metro Manila

3. Jin Joo Korean Grill

With branches in prominent malls such as Glorietta, Mall of Asia, and The Podium, it’s easy not to miss a branch of Jin Joo Korean Grill.

It has a competitive price of P499 per person, for which you get to choose among 11 kinds of pork, beef, and chicken. They also have various ala carte items and sets. One of the best items to add to your samgyupsal dinner is their seafood set, which costs P200 per person and includes crispy shrimp tempura and a smoky plate of fresh seafood. Yum!

Rate: P499 per person


  • Various branches across Metro Manila

4. Samgyuniku

Samgyuniku is one of the most popular samyupsal restaurants especially in the south. Though it is a bit more expensive, its unlimited menu is also longer. The regular rate includes 6 choices of beef, 5 choices of pork, and 3 choices of chicken flavors + 16 options for side dishes. But wait, there’s more! You can enjoy seafood including shrimp tempura, salmon belly, squid ring, and crab sticks.

You can also upgrade your set for an unlimited fill of wagyu cubes, cheesy scallops and grilled shrimps, or both.

Samgyuniku is a great choice if you’re looking for more offerings than in your typical samgyupsal.

Rate: P700 per person / +P180 for wagyu cubes / +P150 cheesy scallops and grilled shrimp


  • Various branches across Metro Manila

5. Seoulgyupsal

Seoulgyupsal is one of the major samgyupsal restaurants in the metro, with branches in both south and north areas. They offer Korean and Japanese items. Their regular menu consists of 15 types of meat, including bacon and buttered sirloin steak! These alone makes visiting here so sulit.

Other items you can order include tonkatsu (in different flavors), ebi tempura, fire tempura, different types of maki, and tuna sashimi.

Despite their above-average rates, Seoulgyupsal has a steady group of patrons for their quality and extensive range of offerings.

Rate: P899 per person


  • Various branches across Metro Manila

6. Fantastic Chef

Fantastic Chef Malate - unli samgyupsal

Fantastic Chef is another samgyupsal restaurant that offers unli samgyupsal at P499 per person.

What we like about Fantastic Chef is the quality of the meat. The meat served here is fresh and the flavors are amazing. Fantastic Chef proves but it’s not just about the quantity, but taste as well.

Including in the set are the usual banchans and gravy & cheese dips. You can also buy Korean ice cream and soju for additional prices.

Rate: P549 per person


  • Remedios, Malate

7. Geonbae Modern Korean Bar and Grill

Geonbae started as a one-branch restaurant in Quezon City. What sets it apart is that it offers other Japanese delicacies, including sashimi in its set.

Their package starts at P499 per person. It comes with 15 kinds of pork and beef with various side dishes. At an upgraded set of P649 per person, you can enjoy 20 kinds of pork and meat, plus other side dishes such as sashimi, tteokbokki (rice cakes), ramyeon, bibimbap, and more.

Although a little more expensive than the usual P499 budget per person for samgyupsal, the long menu makes its reasonable and sulit. If you want to enjoy not only samgyupsal but other Japanese food as well, this is a good option to go to.

Rate: Starts at P599 pork and beef


  • Tomas Morato, QC
  • UP Town Center, QC
  • Marikina Heights, Marikina City

8. Uncle Hwangso Jip Restaurant

Uncle Hwangso is one of the most affordable samgyupsal restaurants in Manila. For only P299 per person, you can enjoy unlimited pork samgyupsal. If you simply want to satisfy your cravings, this is a good deal already. They also have a bestseller set at P499 per person, which includes 8 kinds of pork, beef, and chicken meat.

According to Uncle Hwangso, they are a legitimate Korean BBQ Restaurant. Their first branch is located in none other than Korea.

Uncle Hwangso offers private rooms for its customers. This means you can enjoy your samgyupsal while watching English or Korean movies of your choice.

Aside from enjoying samgyupsal, you can also enjoy watching English or Korean movies in

Rate: P299 unlimited pork samgyupsal / Bestseller sets at P459 and P499 per person


  • Malate, Manila

9. Sodam Korean Restaurant

Sodam offers good bang for your buck. Their unli samgyupsal set comes with a hotpot of your choice: doenjang jiggae, volcano kimchi stew, and korean ramen.

You also get a variety of banchans and access to a buffet table which includes rice cake, mussels, fish, and others. The buffet menu changes regularly.

Sodam is a good option if you’re looking for an “eat-all-you-can” experience with various food choices.

Rate: P399 pork / P499 pork and beef


  • Pasig City
  • Quezon City

10. Don Day Korean Restaurant

Don Day is another restaurant that offers a very sulit menu. Don Day

For P599, enjoy unlimited pork and beef, shabu-shabu, and various banchans.

You also get to enjoy their buffet table, which includes both Korean and Filipino cuisines such as sisig, grilled chicken, pork shanghai, and many more.

Don Day Korean Restaurant has been in business for a while, so they receive local clientele and are quiet famous

Rate: P499 unli pork / P599 unli pork and beef


  • Tomas Morato, Quezon City
  • Antipolo

That concludes our list of affordable samgyupsal restaurants in Metro Manila! Did we miss anything? If you have comments or questions, let us know in the comment section below!

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