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15 BEST Resorts in Bulacan (30 min to 1 hour away from Manila)

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Bulacan is another great option for summer getaways because it’s accessible from Manila. Here you can find not only regular resorts, but also waterparks and farm resorts which are great for those bringing kids over. Here we’ve compiled the best resorts in Bulacan for your next getaway!

1. San Rafael River Adventure

Infinity pool in San Rafael River Adventure

San Rafael River Adventure is an upscale resort located on the banks of Angat River in San Rafael, Bulacan. It’s one of the most popular resorts in Bulacan due to its various amenities and Instagram-worthy corners.

San Rafael River Adventure is surrounded by nature, so it’s also a great option for those who want to relax or jump in thrilling activities in the farm.

The resort features an infinity pool with kiddie sections. It’s also possible to swim in the river, where lifevests are duly provided. Other activities include watersports such as kayaking, paddle boarding and wakeboarding — as well as floating pool experience, rides such as ATV and horseback riding.

There are 2 in-house restaurants where you can enjoy reasonably priced Filipino meals. There is also BBQ grill provided if you want to bring your own food.

Accommodations range from humble cottages and glamping tents to glass houses and stilt cabins with its own jacuzzi. Day tours and night tours are available.

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2. La Florentina Resort

Best resorts in Bulacan - La Florentina Resort
Photo by La Florentina Resort.

La Florentina is a family-friendly nature resort located in Bustos, Bulacan. Here you can take refreshing dips in the pool and just relax, as the resort is surrounded by palm and mango trees.

The resort has an Olympic-sized adult pool and a kiddie pool. Other facilities include a playground, dining hall, and conference room.

For accommodations, there are 100 nipa cottages and 45 villas to choose from.

Read about La Florentina here.

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3. Los Arcos de Hermanos

Best resorts in Bulacan - Los Arcos de Hermano
Photo by Los Arcos de Hermano.

Los Arcos de Hermanos resort is located in a 5-hectare land in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. This is another great option if you’re looking for a relaxing & invigorating stay. Most notably, the resort is surrounded by various foliage and trees including mango, narra, and accacia.

Facilities include an infinity pool, a kiddie pool, and a private pool which can be rented for exclusive use. It also has a garden, fishing pond, open-air cabanas, and event halls for special events.

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4. Klir Waterpark Resort

Best resorts in Bulacan - Klir Waterpark Resort
Photo by Klir Waterpark Resort.

Klir Waterpark Resort is a 3-hectare resort in Guiguinto, Bulacan. It’s perfect for family outings, especially for those with kids in tow. Klir Waterpark Resort has 4 pools, including the biggest wave pool in Bulacan and an adult pool with therapeutic water massage.

Other amenities includes gardens, a bar & restaurant, and events space.

Modest accommodations are available for couples and groups.

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5. Grass Garden Resort

Best resorts in Bulacan - Grass Garden Resort
Photo by Grass Garden Resort.

Grass Garden Resort is a beautiful landscaped resort located in Plaridel, Bulacan. It is a minute walk from Angat River. Here you can relax in a pool while surrounded by palm trees and tropical plants, explore the fish pond with a hanging bridge, and take pictures in its gardens.

Other facilities include a bar and canteen, grass garden grill, videoke area, and sports amenities including billiards and basketball. The resort also has a pavilion and function hall for group events.

Cottages and rooms are available for day trips and overnight stays.

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6. Cool Waves Ranch and Waterpark

Best resorts in Bulacan - Cool Waves Ranch and Waterpark
Photo by Cool Waves Ranch and Waterpark.

Cool Waves Ranch and Waterpark is a ranch-inspired resort located in Bulacan, Bulacan. It’s ideal for those who love incorporating adventurous activities in their getaways.

The resort is surrounded by landscape scenery and features a wave pool and a raging river, which is considered the first artificial river in the country. Aside from the adventure pools, it also has giant slides, helmet diving, and fish spa. Fishing activity is also available.

Other facilities include pavilion and seminar rooms for group or company events.

Nipa huts are available for day trips and airconditioned rooms for overnight stays.

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7. St. Agatha Resort

St. Agatha Resort is a garden resort in Guiguinto, Bulacan. It’s ideal for casual outings, team buildings and company events. It has a lap pool, wave pool, and kiddie pool. There are poolside cabanas where you can hang out.

Other facilities include a floating restaurant, zipline, and a health complex gym.

A pavilion hall is available for special events and can cater up to 500 people.

For people on overnight stay, there are comfortable hotel rooms and resort cottages to choose from.

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8. Adventure Resort

Best resorts in Bulacan - Adventure Resort
Photo by Adventure Resort.

This resort in Norzagaray, Bulacan, is mostly known for its Eiffel Tower replica, which is used for rappelling and zipline and which not suprisingly is a favorite photo-op spot among guests in the resort. It also has other displays inspired by famous landmarks around the world, including San Francisco Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Grand Canal of Venice, The Pyramid, and Sphinx.

Adventure Resort also has swimming pools with slides, garden, and on-site store.

Fan rooms and airconditioned rooms are available for overnight guests.

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9. Sitio Antonio Wavepool Resort

Best resorts in Bulacan - Sitio Antonio Wavepool Resort
Photo by Sitio Antonio Wavepool Resort.

Sitio Antonio Wavepool Resort is a newly opened resort in Pandi, Bulacan. It has various outdoor pools for the whole family including a wave pool, infinity pool, and raging river. Other activities include kiddie slides and zipline.

The resort features a landscaped lush garden to create a feeling of relaxation, so you can still enjoy your stay while having fun in its water amenities. There are native cottages and function rooms which are used for group events.

Modest airconditioned rooms are available for overnight guests.

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10. Grotto Vista

Best resorts in Bulacan - Grotto Vista
Photo by Grotto Vista.

Located in San Jose del Monte, Grotto Vista is another fun option for families and friends. It has different kinds of pool — a galleon ship pool, covered pool, island kiddie pool, and multi-level pool. Private pools with jacuzzi are also available.

Other entertainment amenities include bowling alleys, billiards, video arcade, KTV, and playground for kids. This resort also has a coffee shop and restaurant, gym, and function halls for social or business gatherings.

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11. Pacific Waves Resort

Best resorts in Bulacan - Pacific Waves Resort
Photo by Pacific Waves Resort.

Just 20 minutes drive from Fairview, Pacific Waves Resort is a convenient option for families and friends who don’t want to drive too far away from Manila. This resort is located in a 1-hectare land in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. Although it’s relatively smaller compared to other resorts in Bulacan, the resort offers complete amenities for your stay including a swimming pool with kiddie slide, bar and restaurant, chapel, and pavilion or function rooms for group events.

Cottages are available for day tours. For overnight stay, you can choose among deluxe, premiere, and executive rooms.

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12. Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort

Best resorts in Bulacan - Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort
Photo by Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort.

Just a 30-minute drive from NLEX, Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort prides itself as a shangri-la in Marilao, Bulacan. Its hotel offers a comfortable stay, while the resort itself provides a relaxing break from the stress in the city.

Facilities include twin wave pools, kiddie pool, ice beam, and glacier falls. There is also an in-house restaurant and salon & spa.

Cabanas and cottages can be rented for day trips. Hotel rooms are available for overnight stays.

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Note: The resorts below are temporarily closed (updated as of January 2021). Please inquire to them directly for updates.

13. Amana Waterpark

Best resorts in Bulacan - Amana Waterpark
Photo by Amana Waterpark.

Amana Waterpark is a family-friendly resort in Plaridel, Bulacan. The resort is huge, spanning 14 hectares in total. It has 11 pools including a wave pool, a 40-feet man-made waterfall, and various themed pools. Another prominent feature of the resort are its life-sized character displays of superheroes and dinosaurs — a great way to entertain children and upgrade your social feed as well!

Other facilities include a 4D extreme maxrider, zipline, and spa.

Theme cottages are available for day trips. For overnight stay, there are various types of rooms available in affordable rates.

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14. 8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel

8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel is one of the most popular resorts in Bulacan. Located in San Rafael, this resort has one of the largest wave pools in Asia. Aside from this, it has other water attractions including a kiddie pool with slide, safari pool with slides, lap pool, and hydro bubble-jet pools.

These make 8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel one of the best options for family getaways.

Other facilities include restaurants, volleyball and basketball courts, and billiards.

There are bamboo huts, steel cottages, and pool umbrellas available for guests on a day trip. Hotel rooms are available for overnight guests.

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15. Jed’s Island Resort

Best resorts in Bulacan - Jed's Island Resort
Photo by Jed’s Island Resort.

Located in a 10-hectare land with over 30 swimming pools, Jed’s Island Resort is easily the biggest resort in Bulacan and a top choice for families. Due to its popularity, it may easily get crowded in the peak of summer.

Other facilities include hanging bridges and a giant fishing lagoon. There are also various activities offered including fishing & boating in the lagoon, horseback riding, and sports amenities such as billiards and basketball.

For the accommodation, the resort has over 100 airconditioned rooms and cottages.

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What is your favorite resort in Bulacan? Do you have other recommendations to include in our list of best resorts in Bulacan?

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