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Lilom Resort: A Homey Beachfront Resort in Anilao

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I think we’ve just found our most favorite resort just yet. To be honest, there’s a part of me that wants to gatekeep it because it has limited accommodations (only seven rooms!), but can a secret really be kept in our chronically online society?

So let me introduce you to Lilom Resort in Anilao, Batangas.

Lilom Resort is a family-run beachfront resort, perfect for those who want to relax or those who plan to explore the underwater beauty of Anilao. The resort features seven homey cottages, an alfresco dining area, and two picture-perfect dipping pools facing the sea.

Aside from its amenities, it also has a fantastic location in Anilao, with reefs, fishes, and sea turtles just a few meters from the shoreline.

Lilom Resort - couple photo

Our stay at Lilom Resort

My boyfriend Hali and I stayed here on a weekend last June. I actually wanted to stay for 2 nights, but they were already fully booked during the long weekend so we had to move to the next available weekend.

Lilom Resort has two parking: a beachfront parking and a hill top parking. I thought we could do away with the long climb we usually experience when booking accommodations in Anilao, but alas, when we arrived it was high tide and we couldn’t use the beachfront parking. Instead, we parked at the hill top and had to climb down about 250 flights of stair to reach the resort.

And what a beautiful place it was.

The cottages looked silent and homey. Clear dipping pools face the sea, and the beach looked alluring with its mix of sand and pebbles and light-blue water, further of which we could see a few swimmers.

We were given welcome drinks and then shown our room.

Our Room

Lilom Resort has seven rooms, which include couple and family rooms. We booked the “Kubo”, which is one of their most popular rooms. (The other one is ”Satcho’s House,” which is their beachfront cottage.)

Lilom Resort - kubo
Our Kubo, part of a two-room cottage.

The Kubo features a balcony that overlooks the ocean, with a hammock and an outdoor bed. The interior is cozy, with a queen-sized bed, airconditioning, and a bathroom with hot/cold shower.

I thought it looked smaller than in photos, but it’s no biggie — it’s charming and my boyfriend and I both liked it. We also liked the herbal body wash/shampoo in the bathroom, it made my hair really soft.

The resort has a stable WIFI and mobile data. I’m honestly surprised, since I’ve gotten used to unreliable connections when we’re on a beach vacation.

The Food

When you book at Lilom Resort, you’ll also be getting full-board meals. This includes welcome drinks, lunch buffet, merienda, sunset cocktails, dinner buffet, and breakfast buffet. Also included is unlimited kapeng barako. Hence the slightly more expensive rate compared to other resorts in Anilao, but oh, it is so worth it.

Lilom Resort - couple photo
Alfresco dining.

The table usually has a serving of meat, fish, veggies, and dessert. For lunch, we had kare-kare and grilled squid. Merienda is turon and hot tsokolate batirol. The sunset cocktails — a glass of cocktail and bread with roasted tomatoes. The breakfast has your usual staple ulams and pancake with muscovado sugar, a must-try.

The staff at the resort will make sure you won’t get hungry ever. And the food is great too.

Things to Do at Lilom Resort

The resort is the perfect place to relax and do nothing. Even when they are fully booked, with only a few accommodations it was still pretty peaceful and quiet.

Lilom Resort - beachfront
Beachfront during low tide.

If you like snorkeling or freediving, this is a great place for that too. In fact, its location is one of the reasons I chose to book it — it is close to Lalam Kalumpang, an Airbnb we stayed at previously with beautiful reefs and marine life.

The beach is filled with pebbles and is met with strong waves, so it was a challenge for us to launch ourselves underwater. But once we got to the deeper section of the sea, Hali and I both enjoyed watching the numerous coral reefs and fishes. The water looked like the inside of an aquarium with how clear it was. We also tried to look for the resident turtles in the area, although we didn’t find them.

We snorkeled on both days we were staying at Lilom Resort and even felt a little bitin. Maybe because we always made sure to make it back in time for the food. 🙂

Lilom Resort - couple photo
Snorkeling at the home reef.
Lilom Resort - freediving
Freediving at the home reef.

When we weren’t underwater with our snorkels and fins, we were at the dipping pools. It was my favorite part of the resort — we took lots of photos there.

It felt nice just chilling there, telling stories and watching other people swim, snorkel, and kayak. We also witnessed a beautiful sunset.

Hali in Lilom Resort
Lilom Resort - dipping pool
Lilom Resort - dipping pool

Whether you craving for a quiet time or want to explore the reefs in Anilao, this resort is a great place for you.


We really loved our stay at Lilom Resort. Hali and I promised to go back here, even before we had checked out. Although the rate is higher, it also includes full-board meals which I think is really worth it.

So far, this is the best resort in Anilao, Batangas, that we’ve stayed at.

That saying, here are some personal notes:

  • The beachfront is pebbly and may experience strong waves. For families or those looking for a more swimmable beachfront, I suggest looking elsewhere, such as Laiya resorts.
  • The best months to visit are from November to May. It is fine to visit on ber-months provided the weather is good. We visited on June, and aside from light rains at night, the weather was even sunnier compared to Manila.

Book your stay at Lilom Resort

Lilom Resort is located in Mabini (Anilao), Batangas. It is about 2.5 hours away from Manila.

Things to know before you book:

  • There are only 7 rooms, so it’s best to reserve weeks in advance. As of this writing, the resort does not accept same-day bookings.
  • There are 2 parking spaces: a beachfront and a hill top parking. From the beachfront, you will need to walk several meters to reach the resort. From the hill top, you need to climb down about 250 steps to the resort. As such, I do not recommend it to seniors or those with mobility issues.
  • The resort is pet-friendly.

What to bring:

  • Bring your usual beach essentials, including beach towel and sunscreen. Since the beach is pebbly, it is recommended to bring aqua shoes for swimming.
  • Snorkels, fins, and life vests are available at the resort, but it is a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are an avid snorkeler or freediver, we suggest bring your own.
  • You can also bring snacks. If none, the resort has a small stock of snacks and nibbles you can buy.

You can book your stay through their website.

Have you been to Lilom Resort in Anilao, Batangas? If you have questions or comments, let us know in the comment section below!

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