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ULTIMATE Buffet Guide: 17 Best Buffet in Manila

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If there’s one attribute that unites all Filipinos, it’s the love of eating! And for that matter we love going to buffets especially on special occasions like birthdays. It’s no wonder that many buffet restaurants offer regular birthday promos. Here we’ve compiled the best buffet in Manila, where you can satisfy your cravings, from Filipino comfort food to international dishes.

We’ll include affordable options such as Vikings and Buffet101 and also discuss what’s worth eating at more sophisticated buffet restaurants like Spirals and Cafe Ilang-Ilang.

Note: Rates are subject to change without notice. Please check with the restaurant directly for current rates and promos.

1. Buffet101

Buffet 101 review
Buffet 101 at Alabang Town Center.

Buffet101 is guaranteed to give the bang for your buck. It’s one of the most affordable buffet restaurants in Manila you can find, serving various international dishes to satisfy your palette.

Known as the largest buffet table in the Philippines, it serves an array of dishes including Western, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Filipino. Some of the popular items in their menu include salmon sashimi, tempura, garlic buttered shrimp, sisig, roast beef, and pork belly.

They also have various desserts including cookies, cakes, jellies, and kakanin.

Drinks include various types of juices and soda, coffee, and even wine with fruit cocktail.


Rates differ depending on branch. For major branches in Manila:

Weekday Lunch P738
Weekday Dinner P938
Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner P938 to P1088

There is an added 5% charge on top of rates.

  • Promos: Discount given on large groups. Birthday promo: Free buffet for 1 person with 3 full-paying guests on the whole month of birthday.
  • Open for delivery: No

2. Dad’s World Buffet

Dad's World Buffet - seafood
(Photo credit to Dad’s World Buffet)

Dad’s opened in the 1990s in honor of fathers. Today, it’s one of the beloved buffets in Manila. Some of its branches have cross-overs with 2 restaurants: Kamayan (Filipino) and Saisaki (Japanese).

You can find Filipino favorites such as crispy pata, grilled salmon belly, and bulalo. For the Japanese section, you can find 70 sushi creations, fresh and marinated sashimi, and more. It also has other sections featuring intercontinental cuisines.

Undoubtedly one of the highlights of Dad’s is the carving station, where you can find premium meats from around the world, including roast beef, turkey, leg of lamb, ham, and different kinds of lechon (lechon de leche, pritchon de leche, and lechon belly).

You can opt to get the Filipino-only or Japanese-only option, but it’s highly suggested getting the full package so you can make the most out of your buffet experience.


Weekday Lunch P758
Weekday Dinner P858
Weekends/Holidays Lunch & DinnerP938
  • Promos: Discount given on large groups. Birthday promo: Free buffet for 1 person with 2 full-paying guest for 7 days (3 days before and after).
  • Open for delivery: Yes

3. Marriott Cafe by Marriott Hotel

Marriott Cafe buffet

Marriott Cafe is the all-day dining restaurant of Marriott Hotel. In terms of variety of spread and quality, this is one of the best buffet in Manila.

Marriott Cafe offers local and international fare. Its seafood section is particularly notable: you can get fresh fish, crabs, shrimps, and shells and have them cooked to your preference. You can also enjoy lobster galore on selected days. Marriott Cafe supports sustainable fishing practices so you can enjoy your seafood without worries.


Monday to Saturday LunchP2888
Monday to Sunday Dinner (excluding Friday)P2888
Friday Nose to Tail DinnerP3188
Sunday BrunchP3500
  • Promos: No regular promos
  • Open for delivery: No

4. Spiral by Hotel Sofitel

Spiral buffet - seafood
(Photo credit to Spiral)

Spiral Buffet by Hotel Sofitel is one of the grandest buffets you can find in the country. Aside from its elegant ambiance and great service, this restaurant prides itself in offering the freshest seafood and fish for its guests.

Spiral has 21 ateliers (or stations) ranging from salads appetizers to Asian and Western cuisine. There is also a dedicated area for Meat and Seafood where you can avail premium-quality oysters, clams, and crabs prepared and cooked according to your liking.

While enjoying Spiral’s variety of delicious food, don’t forget to get a serving of seared foie gras which is one of their most popular items.

Aside from its dine-in options, Spiral also offers to-go services for its chocolaterie and pastry sections.


Rates fluctuate depending on holidays and promos.

Thursday to Friday LunchP3100
Saturday LunchP3500
Sunday BrunchP4500 without drinks / P5900 with alcoholic drinks
  • Promos: No regular promos.
  • Open for delivery: No

5. Cafe Ilang-Ilang by Manila Hotel

Cafe Ilang-Ilang buffet
(Photo credit to Cafe Ilang-Ilang)

Manila Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the country, so it’s no surprise that Cafe Ilang Ilang showcases the same sophistication in its room interiors, well-trained staff, and great food.

Cafe Ilang-Ilang features open kitchen and wide dessert space. It has 8 live cooking stations where you can get Asian, Mediterranean, European, and Western dishes.


Monday to Sunday BreakfastP1550
Monday to Saturday LunchP2975
Sunday LunchP2945
Sunday to Wednesday Dinner P2945
Thursday to Saturday DinnerP3590
  • Promos: No regular promos
  • Open for delivery: No

6. Medley Buffet by Okada Manila

Okada Medley Buffet - seafood station
Seafood station.
Okada Medley Buffet - roast chicken

Medley Buffet is a high-end buffet by Okada Hotel. They offer intercontinental cuisine, including Western, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, and Filipino.

They have an impressive seafood table showcasing crabs, shrimps, and clams. You can ask the staff to cook it for you and bring it to your table. Alongside it is their fresh sashimi and sushi boats.

Medley Buffet offers popular mains such as lechon and roast beef. They also have a roasting station where you can have roasted chicken, lechon macao, and peking duck. The pasta section includes mac n’ cheese and pre-order options.

Don’t skip the dessert section. Whether you’re a kid or not, you’ll love the chocolate shards and treats on sticks.


Breakfast (6AM to 10PM) P1500
Lunch (11:30AM to 3PM) P2000
Dinner (6PM to 11PM) P2950
Sunday Bubbly LunchP2700
  • Promos: No regular promos
  • Open for delivery: No

7. Fresh International Buffet at Solaire

Fresh International Buffet
(Photo credit to Fresh International Buffet)

Hailed as one of the best luxury buffets in the city, Fresh is the signature buffet restaurant of Solaire Resort & Casino.

It is mostly known for its fresh seafood selection, particularly lobsters prepared and cooked in different styles. Its regular spread includes international cuisines such as Filipino, Western, Chinese, Japanese, and Indian dishes. Enjoy everything from salad and pastries to roasted beef, crispy pata, and lechon belly. Of course, the seafood offerings are a must try, including sashimi, grilled shrimp, baked clam, and baked or buttered lobster.

On top of the food, Fresh also offers free-flowing drinks all day.


Monday to Thursday LunchP1899
Monday to Thursday DinnerP2399
Friday to Sunday Lunch & DinnerP2899

There is an added 10% service charge on top of rates.

  • Promos: No regular promos
  • Open for delivery: No

8. Circles Event Cafe by Makati Shangri-la

Circles Event Cafe is the all-day dining restaurant by Makati Shangri-La Hotel. It’s frequented by business travelers and locals living in Makati. On weekend it receives a wider clientele including families.

Circles Event Cafe is known for its extensive selection of international cuisine. Similar to Cafe Ilang Ilang, it features open-theater kitchens where you can see chefs preparing the food.

Food stations include Continental & Salad, Seafood, Pasta & Mains, Carving, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, and other Southeast Asian. This restaurant is also one of the few buffet restaurants that offer Indian Station with halal options.

Aside from its buffet selection, this restaurant also offers special menus, such as the Tail & Claw Seafood Dinner Buffet on Saturdays.


  • Promos: No regular promos
  • Open for delivery: No

9. Vikings

Vikings Buffet - seafood station
(Photo credit to Vikings Buffet)
Vikings Buffet - seafood paella
(Photo credit to Vikings Buffet)

If you haven’t been to Vikings yet, you’re missing out. Vikings is the largest buffet restaurant in the Philippines. They offer international cuisine including American, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Filipino.

There are different kinds of salads, appetizers, and little bites such as sushi and dimsum. You can enjoy premium meat such as binusog na lechon, roast beef, and lamb. There is also seafood such as steamed shrimp, cheesy baked oyster, and sashimi. Whatever you’re craving for — pizza, pasta and noodles, rice dishes like paella, etc — you’re sure to find it here.

Vikings is also popular due to their regular promos.


Rates differ depending on branch. For major branches in Manila:

Weekday Lunch & DinnerP938
Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner P1188

There is an added 5% service charge on top of rates.

  • Promos: Discount given on large groups. Birthday promo: Free buffet for 1 person with 4 full-paying guests on the whole month of birthday.
  • Open for delivery: Yes

10. The Alley by Vikings

Couple shot at The Alley by Vikings
Hali and I

The Alley by Vikings is a unique eat-all-you-can concept inspired by streetfood from around the world. Instead of buffet spreads, there are different food stalls where you can order ala carte dishes of your choice.

You can order antipasti plates for appetizer, sizzling plates, various Chinese delicacies like roasted duck, Japanese favorites like sushi and sashimi, and more. Of course, you can’t talk about The Alley without mentioning the fresh and oh-so-good cheesy baked oysters. Gulp down your food with your a cold beverage or alcoholic drink of your choice.


Weekdays P938
Weekends/Holiday P1038

There is an added 5% service charge on top of rates.

  • Promos: Birthday promo: Free buffet for 1 person with 1 full-paying guest on the day of your birthday / Free buffet for 1 person with 4 full-paying guests on the whole month of birthday.
  • Open for delivery: Yes

11. Niu by Vikings

Niu by Vikings - baked oyster
(Photo credit to Niu by Vikings)
Niu by Vikings - brick oven pizza
(Photo credit to Niu by Vikings)

Niu by Vikings offer an “evolved” dining experience. Expect no less than top-notch food, classy ambiance, and impeccable service.

Some of the dishes in Niu can also be found in Vikings, but for the additional fee you get additional premium choices. The usual favorites can be found in the Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino tables. For the Italian fare, you can find make-your-own truffle pasta and pizza. Niu by Vikings also offers the biggest selection of meat in the carving station among the Vikings restaurants, including angus chuck eye, angus beef belly, and leg of lamb.

Included in the rate are cocktails and other alcoholic drinks.

Niu by Vikings is a great choice if you want to splurge or you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding anniversary, or other special occasions.


Weekday Lunch P988
Weekday Dinner, Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner P1488

There is an added 5% service charge on top of rates.

  • Promos: Birthday promo: Free buffet for 1 person with 4 full-paying guests on the whole month of birthday.
  • Open for delivery: Yes

12. Sambo Kojin

Sambo Kojin - grilled meats
(Photo credit to Sambo Kojin)
Sambo Kojin - sushi and sashimi
(Photo credit to Sambo Kojin)

Sambo Kojin is one of the best buffet restaurants in Manila. Its name refers to the Japanese Kitchen God, in whose honor the restaurant offers the best Japanese and Korean barbecue.

Here you can find plain and flavored meats for grilling.

You can also choose food in the buffet menu. Among the favorites are premium meat choices (roast beef and lechon), various sushi and sashimi favorites and other Japanese dishes (tempura, katsu, and furai), and Korean dishes (bibimbap, chapchae, beef stew). Sambo Kojin also offers desserts and drinks.

Despite the fact that it’s limited to Japanese and Korean menu, Sambo Kojin delivers in taste and quality of food.


Monday to Thursday lunch and dinner P958
Friday to Sunday/Holidays lunch and dinner P958
  • Promos: Discount given on large groups. Birthday promo: Free buffet for 1 person with 2 full-paying guests for birthday, 7 days before, and 7 days after.
  • Open for delivery: Yes

13. Cabalen

Cabalen buffet - lechon
(Photo credit to Cabalen)

Cabalen is one of the best local buffet restaurants in Manila. It offers the best of Kapampangan cooking. Here you can find not only authentic Kapampangan dishes but other beloved Filipino dishes as well.

Favorite items in their menu include pritchon (pritong lechon), lechong kawali, kare-kare, ginataang tilapia, dinuguan, and bringhe (Pampanga’s version of paella), and pinakbet.

They also offer Filipino desserts such as kakanin, halo-halo, and fresh juice shakes.

Cabalen is a great choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly buffet. It’s also a popular option for groups like families or friends.


Monday – SundayP300-400 depending on branch
  • Promos: Birthday promo: Free buffet for 1 person with 5 full-paying guests on the day of your birthday.
  • Open for delivery: Yes

14. Illo’s Home

Illo's Home buffet
(Photo credit to Illo’s Home)

A concept born in 2019, Illo’s Home is one of the fastest-rising buffets in Manila. The restaurant describes itself as a place “where fine dining is an art.” This restaurant features homey yet sophisticated ambiance, offering a range of high-quality local and international dishes.

Its bestsellers include paella, baked salmon, penne, and Filipino favorites such as kare-kare and crispy pork binagoongan. The restaurant also serves premium meat in their carving station, as well as salad, cocktail food, and dessert. You can add P500 for unlimited wine.

Illo’s Home is a great option for a buffet restaurant for families who want to feast on comfort food and spend time together.


Friday to SundayP1200+
  • Promos: No regular promos
  • Open for delivery: Yes

15. La Fiesta

La Fiesta Filipino buffet
(Photo credit to La Fiesta)

If you’re looking for a good Filipino buffet or you have some foreign visitors over, then considering booking a table at La Fiesta. Located in SM Mall of Asia by the Bay, La Fiesta claims to be the largest Filipino buffet in the country.

The bulk of the food here is of course Filipino dishes — including adobo, lechon kawali, kalderetang kambing, pakbet, and more. You can also find authentic street food such as balut. Other food stations also offer salads and Japanese/Chinese items.

While enjoying your food, listen to live music and watch a cultural performance showcasing the Filipino culture scheduled every Friday dinner, Saturday, and Sunday.


Weekday LunchP799
Weekday DinnerP969
Saturday Lunch P819
Saturday Dinner, Sunday Lunch and DinnerP1069
  • Promos: Discount given on large groups. Birthday promo: Free buffet for 1 person with 3 full-paying guests on the whole month of birthday.
  • Open for delivery: NA

16. Misto at Seda Hotel

Kat and Hali at Misto at Seda BGC
Hali and I at Misto.

Seda Hotel is known for its top-notch amenities and services, as well as the delicious offerings in their in-house dining restaurant: Misto. Seda BGC in particular offers lunch buffet on weekdays and weekends, catering to business and office employees as well as leisure travelers in this commercial district.

Misto weekend buffet includes local and international dishes, with food stations for fresh fruits, breads, appetizers, noodle station, carving station, grilled meats, Indian food, pasta and pizza, and more. While the food selection isn’t as large as other buffets, you’re guaranteed excellent taste and quality and a pleasant hotel atmosphere where you can enjoy your food in a relaxed ambiance.


Weekday LunchP1800
Saturday and Sunday LunchP2000
  • Promos: No regular promos
  • Open for delivery: No

17. Century Tsukiji

Century Tsukiji Japanese buffet - sashimi
Sashimi selection at Century Tsukiji.

Looking for high-quality Japanese food? Century Tsukiji at Century Park Hotel offers eat-all-you-can dining where you can enjoy classic Japanese favorites such as sushi and sashimi, ebi tempura, chicken teriyaki, tenderloin teppanyaki, and more. They also offer different desserts such as the bestseller matcha cake.

Century Tsukiji may have fewer items in the menu compared to other buffets, but it remains a great choice for Japanese food lovers.


Monday to ThursdayP1199
Friday to SundayP1399
  • Promos: No regular promos.
  • Open for delivery: No

That ends our list of the best buffet in Manila! Do you have anything else to add? Any comments or suggestions? Let us know in the comment section below!

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