• Traveling in the New Normal
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    7 Tips for Traveling in the New Normal

    The recent pandemic took the world by surprise, and even with vaccine, it’s likely that it will have lasting effects — especially on travel. Whether we like it or not, there will be a New Normal and we need to be flexible to the changes that go along with it. Here we’ve written some tips for traveling in the post-pandemic world. 1. Bring your own PPE items Did you know that in countries such as Japan, it’s normal for people to wear face masks in public when they are sick? This is to prevent others from being infected whether it’s a simple case of flu. It seems the world is…

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    What you need to know when chartering a yacht

    It’s true that chartering a yacht is expensive, but it’s one of those things that are worth saving up money for. You can spend weeks or even months touring different islands. While flying is certainly a more popular option when traveling, riding a yacht allows you to see beautiful coastlines that aren’t visible on the air. You can also enjoy a nice time in the ocean, relaxing and enjoying breakfasts on board while spending the rest of the day on land. If it’s your first time to charter a yacht, you might have no idea on where to start. Here’s a short guide to help you rent a yacht for…

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    7+ Hacks to Book Cheap Flights in the Philippines

    Do you agree that “promo fare is life”? If yes, then you should definitely read this guide about booking cheap flights to/across the Philippines! Did you know that, several years ago, flight costs are almost doubled than it is today? One of the interesting things I hear from veteran backpackers is that they used to shell out P7-12,000 for a single round-trip domestic flight. Nowadays, with the travel industry growing and the rise of budget airlines such as Airasia and Cebu Pacific, traveling to/across the Philippines is now more accessible. In addition, there are new tools for the modern traveler. Some popular websites for scanning the cheapest rates include Skyscanner,…