Anton's Loft Designer Resort - private hot spring resort in Pansol Laguna
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Anton’s Loft Designer Resort: ­Take a Break in This Luxurious Hot Spring Resort in Pansol (Laguna)

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Whenever the ber-months come, we transition from trips to the beach to booking rooms where we can enjoy a pleasant staycation — and perhaps better, a hot spring pool. Pansol is the best place to look for hot spring resorts, as this town is located at the foot of Mount Makiling which offers abundant source of natural hot water. This month, we visited one of the best resorts in Pansol — Anton’s Loft Designer Resort.

Anton’s Loft Designer Resort is a luxurious hot spring resort, located about 45 min away from Manila. It offers individual hotel-type rooms, so you can come here with a significant other or friends. The resort can also be booked exclusively, ideal for large family bondings.

Here’s our experience at Anton’s Loft Designer Resort in Pansol, Laguna.

Our stay at Anton’s Loft Designer Resort

My boyfriend Hali and I went here on a weekday. After a short drive from the south, we reached the private resort in Pansol.

Check in was a breeze. We chose Room 203, which is their newest room and which offers a bath tub (which other rooms do not have). The room looks likes a hotel type, with a queen-sized bed, large space with sitting area and a long window-side desk perfect for working, an open cabinet, and an en suite bathroom with a bath tub and complimentary toiletries.

It was comfortable and we liked the long desk where we could set up our laptops. Hali has a regular job, so he needed to login at night. There is also free WIFI and it reaches the room, although signal is stronger outside.

Anton's Loft Designer Resort - room
Our room.

Of course, I have to mention the lovely hot bath I enjoyed in the room. After taking a dip in the pool, you can enjoy a relaxing dip with a view of Mount Makiling nearby.

Anton's Loft Designer Resort - bath tub
Hot bath with view of Mount Makiling.

Moving forward, let’s take a look at other facilities in the resort. Anton’s Loft Designer Resort has an in-house coffee shop that offers food and various drinks like coffee and milk tea. Some of the items in the menu were not available when we visited because of the on-going development in the resort, but we tried their coffees and milk teas and they were okay. The coffee shop has nice interiors and IG-worthy corners perfect for barkadas.

Anton's Loft Designer Resort - coffee shop
Coffee shop.

We didn’t bring any food to cook because I dislike the idea of slaving away in the kitchen when I am supposed to be relaxing. It’s a good thing that there are restaurants a short drive away and the area is serviceable by FoodPanda and GrabFood. So GrabFood it is.

Anton’s Loft Designer Resort has a really large swimming pool with natural hot water sourced from Mount Makiling. The pool is 4-5 feet deep, with a 3-feet kiddie pool and a jacuzzi.

Anton's Loft Designer Resort - private hot spring resort in Pansol Laguna
Hot spring swimming pool.
Anton's Loft Designer Resort - swimming in pool

The pool is deeper than expected, but I enjoyed just sitting submerged in the hot water in the jacuzzi area. Conveniently, there is a floater available which I used to swim to the other side of the pool. Overall, it was a nice bonding moment for Hali and me.

Usually, the pool water looks like a deep blue, but the staff said that it changes color when it rains. To be honest, I don’t mind — in fact I liked that it gave forest vibe aesthetics.

Anton's Loft Designer Resort - hot spring pool
Anton's Loft Designer Resort - hot spring pool
Anton's Loft Designer Resort - hot spring pool

Surrounding the pool area are sitting areas, the KTV section and billiards, and a lanai where you can sit and relax. There is also a kitchen and a grill in case you want to bring meat for barbecue — a staple in every Filipino family outing.

After swimming in the hot spring pool and then chilling out in the coffee shop, we did a bit of work and then slept comfortably. It was cold at night that we even turned off the aircon. The next day, we drank hot brewed coffee at the poolside and then spent the whole morning in the water. Then it was the inevitable return to the city for the daily grind.

Overall, we liked our stay at Anton’s Loft Designer Resort. I was already familiar about this resort before we visited and it still exceeded my initial expectations. The resort — especially the pool area and how the whole resort looks at night — were better in person than what I read online. There was on-going construction of additional rooms when we visited, but in general it was pretty quiet and we were able to have a pleasant time.

I won’t be surprised if in the coming years it’ll be one of the most popular private resorts in Pansol, Laguna especially for family gatherings.

Book your stay at Anton’s Loft Designer Resort

Anton’s Loft Designer Resort is located in Pansol, Laguna. It is about 45 min to 1 hour away from Manila.

Here are the amenities:

  • Airconditioned rooms
  • Adult pool with kiddie section and jacuzzi
  • Kitchen and griller
  • KTV, billiards table
  • Free wifi
  • 2-car garage and 2-3 car parallel parking outside

The resort also has an in-house coffee shop that offers silog meals and various drinks. Outside the subdivision (about 3 min drive), you can find various restaurants and shops selling buko pie and other pasalubong. Alternatively, you can also bring your own food and drinks.

How to book here:

  • You can book individual rooms or book the resort exclusively. Capacity is 20-30 pax.
  • Check-in is 2PM, and check-out is 12 noon the next day.

Book via Agoda or contact them directly via Facebook.

Disclaimer: Our stay was provided for free. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you been to Anton’s Loft Designer Resort in Laguna? What was your experience in this private resort in Pansol, Laguna? Let us know in the comment section below!

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