5 Must-Do Activities on Your Visit to Australia

Sydney Opera House, Australia

Excited for your much-awaited Australian vacation? Then start planning to ensure you’ll make the most out of your time in this beautiful country. There is more to the Land Down Under than its mainstream attractions, so doing researches, reading blogs and watching travel videos will help you create the perfect itinerary. Since Australia is known […]

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For the Gram: Beautiful Places to Stay in Bali

Beautiful places to stay in Bali feature

There’s no denying that Bali offers the best-looking resorts and villas in Southeast Asia. You can’t get far without seeing infinity pools overlooking jungles or a beach or stumbling across a unique accommodation such as a native hut or treehouse. Here we’ve compiled the most beautiful — and Instagrammable — accommodations in Bali, as suggested […]

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5 Ways to Make Long Flights More Comfortable

How to make long flights comfortable

In the build-up to a holiday, there is usually a period of time that fills hours, perhaps days with frantically whirring around trying to make sure you’ve remembered to get everything on the to-do list done. This is obviously going to create stress for the vast majority of people. So, once you’ve got the necessary […]

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Are you guilty of traveling for Instagram?

Traveling for instagram

Recently, we’d come across a news article about how travelers nowadays choose their next destination based on how Instagrammable it is. Based on the survey conducted by Schofields Insurance, travelers aged 18-33 says “how Instagrammable a holiday would be” is their topmost motivator (40%). The survey was done in UK, but I suppose it’s safe […]

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