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7 Private Hot Spring Resorts in Laguna for Relaxing Getaways

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A private hot spring resort is one of the best locations for gatherings — whether it’s casual family get-togethers or a weekend trip among friends or co-workers. Here we’ve compiled the best private hot spring resorts you can find in Laguna!

1. Al Fresco Springs

Best private hot spring resorts in Laguna - Al Fresco Springs
Photo credit to Al Fresco Springs.

Al Fresco Springs is one of the top choices among hot spring resorts in Laguna. Al Fresco Springs offers private villas located in Los Banos, with a view of the foothills of Mount Makiling.

Each villa features a pool that uses natural hot spring water — no heaters necessary! You can swim and relax at your heart’s content. You’ll also find that each pool has a kiddie section so the little ones can splash around safely.

The villas also feature modern amenities, including entertainment such as cable TV, karaoke, mini-pool table and — for those who want to stay connected online — fast wifi connection.

The villas are accessible for elderlies and people with disabilities.

Currently, there are 2 private villas to choose from. Capacities are 25 and 30 pax.

Al Fresco Springs: Facebook | Book discounted rates here

2. The Cliffhouse Laguna

Kat in infinity pool at The Cliffhouse Laguna
Infinity pool at The Cliffhouse Laguna.

The Cliffhouse Laguna is one of our highly recommended private resorts in Laguna. You can read about Our Stay at The Cliffhouse.

As its name suggests, The Cliffhouse Laguna is built on top of a small cliff in Sta. Cruz, Laguna. It has an overlooking view of Laguna de Bay. Its best features include a semi-indoor infinity pool where you can relax and/or take beautiful snaps and rooms with glass-to-ceiling windows. It also has a KTV room, pool table, and a half-court basketball outside.

There are flights of stairs leading to the house, so take this in mind. If you’re bringing heavy luggage, the staff can help you with it.

Capacity is 20-25 pax.

The Cliffhouse Laguna: Facebook

3. Anton’s Loft Designer Resort Pansol

Best private hot spring resorts in Laguna - Anton's Loft
Photo credit to Anton’s Loft Designer Resort.

Anton’s Loft Designer Resort Pansol is a luxurious private resort located in Calamba, Laguna. With a semi-indoor pool filled with natural hot spring water, a modern garden with lanai, and beautifully designed interiors — this is the perfect place to rejuvenate yourself.

Other amenities include a jacuzzi, KTV, and billiards.

Capacity is 20-25 pax.

Anton’s Loft Designer Resort Pansol: Facebook | Book here

4. Arabella Private Villas

Best private hot spring resorts in Laguna - Arabella Villas
Photo credit to Arabella Villas.

Arabella Private Villas is one of the popular private resorts in Laguna. Located in Sta. Cruz, this resort features 3 themed villas: Miami, Santorini, and Bali. Each villa is designed after its international destination — perfect for those who want to relax and get IG-worthy photos at the same time. Who needs to go abroad when you can recreate the moments here?

Each villa has its set of rooms, kitchenette, swimming pool, and leisure amenities such as videoke and billiard.

Capacities are 15-30 pax depending on the villa you choose.

Arabella Private Villas: Facebook | Book here

5. Casa Tropica

Best private hot spring resorts in Laguna - Villa Tropica
Photo credit to Casa Tropica.

As above, Casa Tropica offers villas with its own swimming pool. Currently, there are 3 villas available: Diwata Villa, Lambana Villa, and Makiling Deck. Diwata Villa and Lambana Villa have unique designs and are ideal for casual get-togethers, while Makiling Deck is best suited for those who are looking for a spacious events area.

The villas feature swimming pool with natural spring water from Mount Makiling. Various activities are available including videoke, billards, table tennis, etc. Each villa also has a kiddie playground.

Capacities are up to 25-30 pax. Rates depend on the package you choose (i.e., number of guests).

Casa Tropica: Facebook

6. California Beach Pansol

Best private hot spring resorts in Laguna - California Beach Pansol
Photo credit to California Beach Pansol.

California Beach Pansol offers villas and a casita — all with a pool filled with natural spring water from Mount Makiling. The pools are temperature regulated, so you don’t have to worry about it being cold or too hot to your liking.

The 3 villas feature beautiful aesthetics, with separate master & deluxe rooms. Each villa has a pool, with a white-sand area and jacuzzi which you can use for free for an hour. A huge HD TV serves as entertainment.

The resort’s latest addition is its casita, which is best suited for small groups.

Capacities are 20-40 pax depending on the villa you choose. The casita is good for 10-12 pax.

California Beach Pansol: Facebook | Book Villa 1 | Book Villa 2

7. Villa Marciana Private Pool and Hot Springs

Best private hot spring resorts in Laguna - Villa Marciana
Photo credit to Villa Marciana.

Villa Marciana offers a comfortable stay for big families and groups. It has 2 private villas available for booking, both located at Pansol with a scenic view of Mount Makiling.

Each villa features a hot spring pool, bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, and a spacious dining hall where everyone can enjoy a nice time together. Leisure amenities include videoke and foosball; jacuzzi is also available for an additional fee.

Capacities are 20 pax for the villas.

Villa Marciana Private Pool and Hot Springs: Facebook

Has this list of best private hot spring resorts in Laguna been helpful you? If you have other recommendations or comments, let us know in the comment section below!

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