Best resorts in Tanay Rizal

10 BEST Resorts in Tanay, Rizal for Weekend Getaways

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Tanay is becoming one of the best destinations near Manila for weekend trips. Hikers and nature lovers as well as casual visitors flock here to see its mesmerizing mountain landscapes, natural attractions such as falls, and sea of clouds. Here we’ve compiled the best resorts in Tanay, Rizal.

1. Blackwood Resort

Blackwood Resort
(Photo by Blackwood Resort)

This hidden gem in Tanay, Rizal, is ideal for those who want to a quick getaway from the city life. It offers private accommodations surrounded by a lush setting and a unique trail to a nearby waterfall that you can visit during your stay.

This resort features a 3-bedroom Nature Villa with a full kitchen, gardens, and private pool. Other accommodations include loft-type dome houses called Nature Domes and mountainside native huts called Nature Cabins.

Aside from the waterfall trail, there are other things you can do in this resort including reading books, playing board games, volleyball, and bonfire. You can bring your own food and drinks or simply order at the resort’s café and restaurant.

Blackwood Resort: Book Nature Villa | Nature Domes

2. Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp

Ten Cents to Heaven Resort in Tanay, Rizal
(Photo by Ten Cents to Heaven)

Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp is one of the old favorites in Tanay. Some people visit here to commune and meditate, others to relax in the pools, and the rest to enjoy team-building activities.

The resort is located across the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, so you can see amazing views during your stay. It features two swimming pools and various outdoor facilities, such as wall climbing tower and zipline, hanging bridge, and fish spa. For those who prefer to relax, you can always find a quiet spot where you can sit, read an ebook, or just hang out and chill.

For overnight stays, there are available full houses for big groups and cabanas for individuals. There are also tents available for those who prefer camping outdoors.

Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp offers a little bit for everyone. It’s a good place for casual get-togethers, as well as team-buildings and other events.

Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp: Book discounted rooms via Agoda

3. Bakasyunan Resort

Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay, Rizal
(Photo by Bakasyunan Resort)

Bakasyunan is another beloved resort in Tanay. Similar to above, it’s a good place for casual outings and team-buildings. Recently, it has also become popular among millennials for its Bali-inspired additions such as the bird’s nest and giant swing.

The resort features a swimming pool, along with a donut pool float. There are also other activites you can do, including: mudslide, rappelling, wall climbing, zipline, and hanging bridge. For people interested to explore the resort on a vehicle, there’s an ATV, horse ride, and carabao ride. Bakasyunan also has its own 3D wall graphics that’s sure to be a hit among families.

People who’d like to stay for a weekend can choose from a variety of room options, from casual dorms to family rooms.

Bakasyunan Resort: Book discounted rooms via Agoda

4. Momarco Forest Cove Resort and Hotel

Momarco Forest Cove Resort in Tanay, Rizal
(Photo by Momarco Forest Cove Resort)

Momarco Forest Cove Resort and Hotel is one of the best resorts in Tanay, Rizal. It prides itself to be the only resort and hotel to receive accreditation from DOT Region IV-A in Tanay.

The resort features a gigantic pool and an artificial lagoon with waterfall. Aside from this, the whole family can also enjoy the mini-zoo, aviary, and bike park. Other facilities include a sports and recreation center and teambuilding.

The resort has various options for overnight stays, including a 3-storey hotel that offers comfortable rooms and several lodging houses for big groups. It also has its an in-house café and a restaurant.

5. Martessem Mountain Resort

Martessem Resort in Tanay, Rizal
(Photo by Martessem Resort)

If you’re planning a trip to Tanay, don’t forget to check out Martessem Mountain Resort. Sitting atop a mountain 2000 feet above sea level, this resort is a popular spot for viewing sunrise and the occasional sea of clouds in the morning.

Martessem Mountain Resort is often visited on a day trip, but the resort also offers rooms for checked-in guests. It has a swimming pool with kiddie section, in-house restaurant, and a function hall for events.

Martessem Mountain Resort is ideal for casual tourists and families who are looking for a staycation with one-of-a-kind mountainscape views. It’s also a good place for gatherings and events.

6. Cielo Alto Place

Cielo Alto Place
(Photo by Cielo Alto Place)

One of the newest destinations in Tanay, Cielto Alto Place is a mountain resort that offers a relaxing staycation with scenic mountain views.

Here you can take a refreshing walk along the grounds, watch the sea of clouds and the sunrises, or huddle around the bonfire at night.

Families can book one of the three VIP rooms, while couples and other small groups can stay in one of the cozy cabins. Bringing of food and drinks is allowed without additional fees; there is also a restaurant for easy dining. Booking already comes with complimentary breakfast.

7. Pranjetto Hills Resort and Conference Center

Pranjetto Hills Resort and Conference Center
(Photo by Pranjetto Hills Resort and Conference Center)

Pranjetto Hills Resort and Conference Center is ideal for those looking for a nature staycation or a family or team-building venue.

This 10-hectare mountain resort offers forested hills and nature trails that you can explore and a plethora of outdoor activities, including zipline, paintball, obstacle course, and more. There is also an outdoor pool for swimming. For those who simply want to relax, a scenic view of Laguna Lake and the Sierra Madre mountain range awaits.

The resort offers different types of airconditioned rooms, good from 2 to 7 people. It also has an on-site restaurant and events halls that you can book exclusively for your group.

8. Palaya Natural Farm

Palaya Natural Farm in Tanay, Rizal
(Photo by Palaya Natural Farm)

Palaya Natural Farm is ideal for people who want a farm life experience. It’s located on a 66-hectare farm land in Tanay dedicated to the production of dragon fruit, as well as other fruits and vegetables.

There are interesting things you can do on the farm. You can take a tour, participate in tree planting, and even buy fresh produce and enjoy buffet lunch during Market Day, which is held every Saturday. Although there is no pool, there is a natural river with shallow banks perfect for children. From there, you can go on a one-hour hike that leads to a nice spot overlooking the farm. Aside from these, horse and bike rides are also available.

The farm only offers simple cottages with mattresses. Outdoor tents are also available.

9. Lambingan Hills

Lambingan Hills
(Photo by Lambingan Hills)

Lambingan Hills is mostly known as a camping site, but today it offers additional private cottages and rooms for more comfortable stays. This place is ideal for those who love nature and are amenable to humble accommodations.

While staying here, you can visit its snap-worthy locations including the celosia flower garden, swings, and platforms with mountain views. There is also an outdoor pool and pond where you can fish.

10. Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort

Sierra Madre Resort and Hotel
(Photo by Sierra Madre Resort and Hotel)

Famous for its prayer mountain, Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort is a popular weekend destination among local families. Its highlight includes a forested landscape where you can hike or simply enjoy nature. It also has its own waterfall and an outdoor swimming pool for those who want take a refreshing swim.

It offers different types of accommodation, from camping tents to log cabins and rooms with overlooking views. There are also conference halls for group events and meetings.

Did you find this list about the best resorts in Tanay Rizal helpful? If you have other recommendations, let us know in the comment section below!

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