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15 BEST Resorts in Nueva Ecija for Weekend Escapes

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Located just 3-4 hours away from Manila, Nueva Ecija is poised to be the next favorite destination for weekend staycation. This province is endowed with beautiful landscapes — mountain ranges, farms, flower fields, and natural attractions such as the Minalungao National Park. Here are the best resorts in Nueva Ecija that you should check out for your next trip.

1. Highland Bali Villas Resort and Spa

Highland Bali Villas
(Photo by Highland Bali Villas)

One of our top picks for the best Nueva Ecija resorts, Highland Bali Villa Resort and Spa will make you feel like you’re truly in Indonesia! This high-end resort features Balinese-inspired architecture, top-notch facilities to make your stay as comfortable as possible, and panoramic views of Pantabangan Hills and Intang Lake.

The rooms are fitted with modern amenities, with complimentary luxurious skin and bath accessories. Upgraded rooms also have their own jacuzzi so you can enjoy a warm bath during your staycation.

This resort also features an infinity pool with views, a villa pool, and an outdoor jacuzzi. Other facilities include a restaurant that serves Southeast Asian cuisine and a pool bar, a spa, and watersport activities.

Highland Bali Villas Resort and Spa: Book discounted rooms here

2. Farm Ridge by Desmond Farm

Farm Ridge by Desmond Farm
(Photo by Farm Ridge by Desmond Farm)

Lose your worries while living the provincial life in a nice cabin at Desmond Farm!

Located in Pantabangan, Desmond Farm is an agriculture and farm tourism site that promotes organic farming. It boasts a magnificent view of the Sierra Madre mountain range and the Pantabangan Dam. They offer cabins for those who love nature and those who want to unwind from the city.

They have several cabins you can choose from, ranging from a cozy cabin with its own balcony to upgraded cabins with a view deck and outdoor pool. They also have a farm house ideal for groups.

During your stay, you can tour around the farm to learn about planting cacao, dine in its restaurant serving dishes made from farm-fresh ingredients, or buy their produce.

3. Armando’s Garden Resort

Armando's Garden Resort
(Photo by Armando’s Garden Resort)

Armando’s Garden Resort offers a relaxing lush escape for anyone, making it one of the best resorts in Nueva Ecija. This 2-hectare resort is adorned with greens, ponds, and modern rooms designed for comfortable sleep and rest.

Spend your weekend cooling off in their main pool, kiddie pool, and 2-ft jacuzzi. Or enjoy a filling food trip at their in-house restaurant, which serves artisan meals and boodle fights for groups. Other facilities include a spacious events place that can fit about 300 people, BBQ area, and shuttle service.

Accommodations include snap-worthy themed rooms, family rooms, and a dorm.

4. Crystal Waves Hotel and Resort

Group shot at Crystal Waves Resort

Crystal Waves Hotel and Resort is one of the best family-friendly Nueva Ecija resorts, featuring different pools and sports facilities for adults and kids alike.

One of the resort highlights is its wave pool, which is the first one built in Nueva Ecija. It also has an Olympic-sized Mickey Mouse pool, a kiddie pool, and a 50-feet giant slide where you can slide down for about 200 feet!

After a swim, check out other activities offered in the resort including wall climbing, rappelling, and zipline. They also have giant displays and wall art where you can take photos together.

Their hotel-like rooms are equipped with airconditoning and modern amenities. You can choose among double-sharing rooms, quad-sharing rooms, and a dorm that is good for up to 20 people.

Crystal Waves Hotel and Resort: Book discounted rooms here

5. Argamosa Farm Resort

Argamosa Farm - one of the best resorts in Nueva Ecija
(Photo by Argamosa Farm)

Argamas Farm Resort is a sprawling 5-hectare farm and wellness resort that offers a tranquil environment where you can relax and de-stress. With its beautiful gardens, it’s also said to be the plantito and plantita’s dream destination!

This resort features Balinese-inspired villas and never-ending green spaces — you can explore rice fields, pocket gardens, and ponds. It also allows guests to pick-and-pay in the farms and maintains an in-house restaurant that serves farm-to-plate dishes.

6. The Natividad Farmhouse

The Natividad Farmhouse
(Photo by The Natividad Farmhouse)
The Natividad Farmhouse
(Photo by The Natividad Farmhouse)

Nueva Ecija is home to a number of farm resorts where you can enjoy a nice weekend in a peaceful landscape. The Natividad Farmhouse is one such resort that you shouldn’t miss when in this province.

This farm resort features six airconditioned rooms, a swimming pool, a koi pond, open cabanas and a gazebo for when you want to hang out outdoors, and an events place. They also take care of a flock of cute, fluffy sheep that will make you say, “Awww!”

7. Lake Farm de La Marre

Lake Farm de la Marre
(Photo by Lake Farm de la Marre)

Experience a one-of-a-kind staycation at Lake Farm de La Marre, an agri-tourism park with a magnificent view of Pantabangan Lake and the mountain ranges. This farm resort has a number of outdoor spaces where you can hang out and enjoy the view, flower terraces, a one-lap infinity pool, and a café offering Filipino meals and refreshing drinks.

Aside from staycations, this site is also ideal for family outings, team-buildings, and special occasions such as weddings. Couples can also request a romantic setup outdoors!

Accommodations range from camping tents to glamping cottages, airconditioned rooms, and casitas which are three-storey villas ideal for large groups.

8. Camp Paraiso

Camp Paraiso in Nueva Ecija
(Photo by Camp Paraiso)

Next up on our list of Nueva Ecija resorts is Camp Paraiso — a mountain resort offering a natural paradise for those who want to commune with nature.

Swim in any of its three infinity pools filled with natural cold water from the mountains of Aurora. Or stretch your muscles and engage in outdoor activities, such as hiking, visiting waterfalls, river trekking, bonfire, and many more. If you simply want to relax and appreciate the place, there are IG-worthy spots at the resort you can visit called the Little Bali and Big Nest.

Other facilities include a man-made lagoon, flower gardens, and an in-house restaurant that serves affordable meals or boodle fights upon request.

Those who plan on staying overnight can choose among standard rooms, family rooms, glamping cabins, and a whole villa perfect for large groups.

Camp Paraiso Hotel and Resort: Book discounted rooms here

9. Marquez Residencia

Marquez Residencia
(Photo by Marquez Residencia)

This cozy resort in Nueva Ecija is perfect for intimate getaways!

Marquez Residencia resembles a small village with its A-framed wooden cabins facing an outdoor pool. Each villa has a quaint indoor design with a bedroom space, living room area, and private bathroom. A garden table and chair in front of the villas serve as a hang-out place for when you want to rest or just appreciate the pool view.

The resort also has a pavilion that can be rented for events.

10. Valley Breeze Resort

Valley Breeze Resort
(Photo by Valley Breeze Resort)

Escape from the noise of the cities in Valley Breeze Resort, a family-owned resort located at the foot of the Sierra Madre mountain range. This resort is ideal for families, friends, and couples who want to stay in the middle of a farm.

This resort offers cottages for accommodations. While staying here, you can explore the rice fields, vegetable and animal farms, fish pond, and aviary. You can also do boating, fish feeding, and fishing.

It has a pool that sources its water from the mineral springs of Nueva Ecija and a 20-ft slide ideal for adults and kids alike.

11. Camila Farm Resort

Camila Farm Resort
(Photo by Camila Farm Resort)

Camila Farm Resort is a cozy resort surrounded by lush green fields. It’s perfect for a quick getaway in the city or as an exclusive rental place for large groups.

The resort has a unique A-frame smart cabin with warm interiors and stone bathrooms, a small cabin, and two family rooms. It also has a large pool and a kiddie pool.

12. Montana del Sol Farm

Montana del sol Farm
(Photo by Montana del sol Farm)

This farm resort is known for its scenic 360 view of the Pantabangan Dam. It has several outdoor areas where you can relax with your family or friends, take pictures, or just take a moment to appreciate the surrounding nature.

This resort offers cottages for day tour and airconditioned rooms for overnight stays, which come with free use of a nipa hut with kitchen amenities. It also has an infinity pool with jacuzzi, perfect for swimming day or night.

13. The Grazie Farm

The Grazie Farm is a private bed-and-breakfast that will offer you the ultimate nature staycation.

 It features a glass house on a hill, an infinity pool and a small bubbling kiddie pool perfect for cooling off at day time, a vast garden where you can relax your senses, and a view of the Pantabangan Lake on one side and mountain ranges on the other.

The glass house isn’t just pretty to look at — it also features a sustainable design as it completely uses solar power. It has two bedrooms and a bed loft that can accommodate up to 6-8 people. There is also an outdoor kitchen for your cooking and grilling needs, an outdoor lounge where you can bond together or look at the sky at night, and cabanas for dining.

14. Montana Conservation Camp

Montana Conservation Camp
(Photo by Montana Conservation Camp)

This Nueva Ecija resort invites you to relax and disconnect from the world, even just for a while.

Nestled at the foot of the Sierra Madre mountains in Gabaldon, Montana Conservation Camp offers a blend of relaxation and adventure. Simple yet luxurious accommodations are designed to make you comfortable during sleep, while activities are just at your fingertips.

Swim in their spring-fed pool, ride an ATV, or climb up the view deck to enjoy panoramic mountain views. Couples and families can also enjoy a romantic dinner setup, bonfire, and outdoor movie nights.

Choose from camping tents, glamping, or hostel-type rooms depending on your budget and preferences.

With its well thought-out facilities and nature landscape, Montana Conservation Camp is one of the best Nueva Ecija resorts you should check out.

15. Sirmata Ecofarm and Nature Park

Sirmata Ecofarm and Nature Park - one of the best Nueva Ecija resorts
(Photo by Sirmata Ecofarm and Nature Park)

Sirmata Ecofarm and Nature Park is one of the best Nueva Ecija resorts for families who want to experience luxury and nature together. It features beautiful cabins and lake villas, suited for couples and groups of up to 10 people.

This resort is also famous for its in-house dining, Kayo Restaurant, which offers delicious Filipino comfort food, and café, where you can enjoy coffee and pastries with view of Mount Bulalay. Other facilities include a gorgeous outdoor pool, a wellness and spa center, and various activities including biking, zip biking, ATV rides, obstacle course, and a 25-foot tall spider web perfect for taking photos.

Aside from its top-notch facilities, another reason to choose Sirmata Ecofarm and Nature Park is its sustainability efforts! They have their own water reservoir and farm & garden and the buildings are built with wood and recycled materials.

Do you have other recommendations for the best resorts in Nueva Ecija? Let us know in the comments section below!

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