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Tara Lets Anywhere is a travel blog by Filipino couple Katherine and Hali. It features their backpacking adventures in the Philippines and other countries. It also covers sustainable & ethical tourism, voluntourism, as well as the occasional discussion on life and relationships.

Tara lets is a common Filipino phrase meaning “let’s go.”

You can find more about the blog in their Facebook and Instagram.

Tadaaa… The authors!


Katherine Cortes is a graduate of Journalism who is now working as a full-time software engineer and freelance copy editor and writer. Along with Hali, she travels on her free time and on holidays.

She loves eco-friendly & organic items and bohemian fashion. She believes in nurturing the earth and in joining meditations for healing.

She loves this picture despite the glaring tan lines.





Hali Navarro is a freelance photographer, videographer and graphic designer. He works as a full-time 2D animator.

He frequently sketches and is a big fan of comic books and superheroes. He claims to have a personal army of ants.

Katherine also likes this photo because she was the one who took it and because she’s the one writing this about-us page. :p





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  2. Stumbled upon your blog and smiled. My husband’s name is holly. We usually spell it hali cause people often times mispronounce his name. I am kat by the way. 🙂 nice blog!

    1. Hey, thanks! Hali’s name is Halley but he spells it as Hali because people mispronounce it as well. And people I correspond with always call me Tara! Haha. That’s why I had to put that explanation above about tara lets being a Filipino phrase.

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