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I’m Katherine, a Filipina currently living in the Philippines. I’m a 20-ish writer/copy editor and software engineer.

This blog was started in December 2015 with my boyfriend Hali Navarro, as our travel journal. To my non-Filipino readers, “tara lets” is actually a Filipino slang for “let’s go.” It’s not just about traveling wherever we want to, but also about being flexible and open to changes in life.

So what can you expect to see in this blog?

Tara Lets Anywhere is essentially a travel & food blog. I usually write narratives and budget guides for backpackers like me. As a traveler, I prefer off-beaten locations, the laid-back atmosphere of beaches and lagoons, so you’ll see a lot of those in this blog. I also post about current activities that I’m involved in, including volunteering, as well as important issues in traveling including sustainable travel. I also write about restaurants which are trending or deserving of a shout-out.

Every now and then you’ll see articles about my personal life or other #random items.

Nice knowing you and hope to see you around!

P.S. Keep in touch!

I also have various social media accounts, I’m most active in Facebook and Instagram.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Katherine, loving your blog! I’m from South Africa and planning on adding the Philippines to my travels next year. What is the weather like during April/May? Would you recommend travelling to the Philippines during this time?

    1. April/May is summer so the weather is generally good, altho this is also peak season so expect huge crowds on main tourist attractions and make reservations in advance. 🙂

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  3. Stumbled upon your blog and smiled. My husband’s name is holly. We usually spell it hali cause people often times mispronounce his name. I am kat by the way. 🙂 nice blog!

    1. Hey, thanks! Hali’s name is Halley but he spells it as Hali because people mispronounce it as well. And people I correspond with always call me Tara! Haha. That’s why I had to put that explanation above about tara lets being a Filipino phrase.

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