Caliraya Lake Front Resort - a family-friendly private resort in Cavinti

Caliraya Lake Front Resort: A Stunning Getaway in Cavinti

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Located about 2.5-3 hours away from Manila, the quiet town of Cavinti is one of the emerging weekend destinations — especially for families! There are so many accommodations to choose from, including camping and glamping sites, summer houses on islands, and exclusive resorts. My latest staycation is at Caliraya Lake Front Resort — a luxurious, family-friendly private resort in Cavinti, Laguna.

I stayed here overnight along with other bloggers as part of #CavintiTour2023.

Our stay at Caliraya Lake Front Resort

Our group checked in at Caliraya Lake Front Resort after our caving adventure at Cavinti Underground River and Caves Complex. My first reaction when I stepped inside the house was, “Wow.”

Caliraya Lake Front Resort is a 3-storey house with a panoramic view of the lake. It has spacious interiors, high ceilings, and a veranda set up with a dining table so we could immediately rest and grab snacks after our activity. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I am in love with the view here — it felt like I could stay for the whole afternoon!

Caliraya Lake Front Resort in Cavinti
Caliraya Lake Front Resort.
Caliraya Lake Front Resort - living room
Living room. (Photo by Aaron Nomo)
Kat and Nicole at Caliraya Lake Front Resort
Me and Nicole.

Afterwards, we took a short tour of the house. The living room area has large windows with a lake view and there is a real fireplace that can be lit at night! There are a lot of souvenirs from the travels of Sir Francis, who owns the house — including decorative pieces, a Buddha lying down, and different sets of chess pieces.

Caliraya Lake Front Resort - dining area
Dining area. (Photo by Aaron Nomo)
Group photo in Caliraya Lake Front Resort
Enjoying a meal outside. (Photo by Aaron Nomo)

The bedrooms are located on the ground floor. I stayed in a room with windows overlooking the lake. Our room was gorgeous and the beds were comfortable. It was airconditioned too, but with the weather in Cavinti it wasn’t needed at all. Lastly, what I appreciated the most is that the en suite bathroom has hot shower! From our visits to other accommodations, it seems that hot shower is a rare commodity in Cavinti and it was nice to clean yourself with warm water after an afternoon spent outdoors.

Caliraya Lake Front Resort - bedroom
One of the bedrooms. (Photo by Nicole Paler)

Aside from relaxing and bonding, there are other things you can do at the resort. There is a pier with kayaks, which of course I had to try. Kayaking in a lake is so relaxing! There was current that late afternoon, so we were told by the staff to kayak toward the other way.

Caliraya Lake Front Resort - game room
Game room. (Photo by Aaron Nomo)

There is also a KTV room and a gaming room with billiards, mahjong, poker, and various board games. Some people in the group wasted no time trying out the pool and the chess set.

Caliraya Lake Front Resort - docking area
Docking area.
Caliraya Lake Front Resort - kayaking
Our friend Alquin kayaking. (Photo by Aaron Nomo)

Of course, a private resort like this wouldn’t be complete without a swimming pool. Caliraya Lake Front Resort has an infinity pool that overlooks Caliraya Lake. The water here was a little cold, but the view is to die for and you’d be committing a crime not to take photos by the poolside!

Caliraya Lake Front Resort - swimming pool
Swimming pool. (Photo by Aaron Nomo)
Caliraya Lake Front Resort infinity pool
Chilling at the poolside.
Kat in Caliraya Lake Front Resort
(Photo by Ted Claudio)
Group photo in Caliraya Lake Front Resort
With fellow bloggers. (Photo by Aaron Nomo)

At night, we lit the fireplace with small branches. I think this is the first time I’d seen an actual fireplace, and even though we have a tropical climate here in the country, I find it a nice touch. Someone in the group reminisced about winters in the US, and the rest of us torched marshmallows. We also had bread, meat slices, and wine. It was a perfect evening.

Caliraya Lake Front Resort - snacks
After-dinner snacks. (Photo by Nicole Paler)
Caliraya Lake Front Resort fireplace
Good food and wine.
Group photo in Caliraya Lake Front Resort
Hanging out with other bloggers & influencers.

Overall, I had a really great time at Caliraya Lake Front Resort. You know I love a bed-and-breakfast when I begin thinking about inviting my family over even when I hadn’t checked out yet! Everyone in the group loved the house too. We didn’t want to leave.

My only complaint is that we only spent an overnight there — it was too short for such a beautiful place!

About Caliraya Lake Front Resort

Caliraya Lake Front Resort (formerly called Casa Amore) is a 3-storey lakefront house located in Cavinti, Laguna.

Book your stay here

  • Book your stay via Airbnb.
  • Capacity: 15 people (additional fee applies per added person_
  • Sleeping area: 4 bedrooms and a living room with 3 sofa beds.

Reminders and Tips

  • The best way to get here is thru a private car.
  • You need to bring your own food and drink, charcoal (for grilling), and toiletries. Mineral water, towels, and beddings are provided.
  • The staff is available to help you clean up, wash dishes, etc. This is such a huge help especially if you’re in a large group. Staff assistance is free, but you can give tips if you want to.
  • Looking for activities in Cavinti? Check out Cavinti Falls (aka Pagsanjan Falls) and Cavinti Underground River and Caves Complex.

Disclaimer: Our stay was hosted for free as part of #CavintiTour2023. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you been to Caliraya Lake Front Resort in Cavinti, Laguna? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments section below!

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