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13 General Nakar Tourist Spots + Things to Do

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General Nakar is one of the places that I would love to keep a secret, but as they say, sharing is caring! This town is considered the largest municipality in Quezon Province and is known for its nature attractions (hence the common saying, “Natural ang ganda, hane”).

Just a few minutes from the busy municipality of Infanta, the town proper of General Nakar features a humble community home to farmers, fishers, and other professions. You will find no shopping malls or fast food restaurants here — instead, you’ll be treated with home-cooked meals and warm hospitality by the locals.

The town proper is fringed by the Sierra Madre mountain range on one side and enjoys a long coastline where the locals swim and get their livelihood from. Traveling through boats will easily take you to the best beach coves, while habal-habal rides are available for exploring the town’s hidden waterfalls.

Here are the best General Nakar tourist spots along with things to do to get the most of your time here.

1. Enjoy a beach vacation

Tropikana Beach Resort in General Nakar, Quezon
Tropikana Beach Resort .

The town of General Nakar is one of the best destinations in the country to relax and rejuvenate. Spend a few days in a beachside accommodation to take time for yourself, appreciate the view, and eat delicious seafood and other local delicacies. You’re guaranteed to come back refreshed for the daily grind!

The best beach resorts in General Nakar can be found along the long coastline of Pamplona-Catablingan Beach. This includes top-recommended accommodations such as Mondy & Goldy’s Beach Resort, which has a long shallow beachfront ideal even for children. Another resort that you should check out is Tropikana Beach Resort, which has a quieter beachfront.

The best time to go on a beach vacation at General Nakar is during the summer, since strong waves may be experienced during the rainy months.

2. Sulok Beach

Sulok Beach in General Nakar, Quezon

Located at the far end of the Pamplona-Catablingan shoreline, you will find Sulok Beach. It is a pebbly beach with distinct rock formations and is visited mostly by locals who want to swim and enjoy a picnic.

If you’re staying in one of the resorts along Pamplona-Catablingan, you can easily walk to get to Sulok Beach. From MRJ or Mondy & Goldy’s Beach Resort, it will take about half an hour to get here. Don’t forget to bring a sunhat and apply sunscreen before you go!

3. Tulaog Cave

Tulaog Cave is one of the top tourist attractions in General Nakar. It features a pristine beach cove and a small cave, accessible by a boat ride on days with good weather. Its derived its name from the rumbling sounds that the cave makes when met by waves.

More than its beauty, Tulaog Cave is a sacred place for the indigenous tribe of Dumagats, as the cave serves as a place for prayer and worship. In August each year, the town celebrates the fiesta of Tulaog, not only for the Dumagats but also the Tagalogs.

4. Depalyon Falls

Depalyon Falls in General Nakar, Quezon
Depalyon Falls.
Depalyon Falls in General Nakar, Quezon

At about 50 feet high, Depalyon Falls is considered the highest waterfall in General Nakar. Some people suggest visiting here during the summer, but we visited on a good day in July and loved the waterfall’s strong gush of water and the full basin. It was such a wonderful place to swim, cool off, and enjoy a picnic!

To get to Depalyon Falls, you need to ride a habal-habal for 1.5 hour to Depalyon Bridge and then trek for 1 hour. The trek is mostly flat but also includes river crossings and a somewhat challenging area where you have to find your way and scramble up huge boulders.

5. Pagapeden Falls

Pagapeden Falls - one of the best General Nakar tourist spots

Just several minutes away from Depalyon Falls, Pagapeden Falls is a small waterfall ideal for taking a quick break from the town. This 2-tier waterfall features a small basin with chest-high water where you can relax and cool off, with the second tier offering cliff-diving opportunities.

Pagapeden Falls is located in the middle of the forest. But worry not — getting here is fairly easy. From the main road along Barangay Magsikap, it only takes 15-20 minutes of easy trek to reach it.

6. Masanga Point

Masanga Point in General Nakar

Masanga Point is a cove located in Barangay Canaway. It’s a favorite destination for swimming among the locals. It is known for its distinct arc formation and low shoreline. It is also historically significant, as it served as a docking area for American troops for unloading supplies such as food and medicine during the WW2.

We visited here during the rainy months and that day there were strong waves, so unfortunately we didn’t really get to see the arc formation up close. But we enjoyed seeing the waves lapping against the shore — some of the biggest waves I’ve seen in fact and reminiscent of the ones in Babuyan Islands.

7. Rigrig River

Rigrig River is one of the best General Nakar tourist spots that you should include in your itinerary. Located in Barangay Sablang, the river is known for its crystal-clear water, inviting visitors to jump in and experience a cold, refreshing swim.

8. Bayukbok Terraces

Another one of the beautiful tourist attractions in General Nakar is Bayukbok Terraces (or Bayukbok Falls). Located in Barangay Pagsangahan, this waterfall features terraces brimming with gushing water during the rainy months, reminiscent of Kaparkan Falls in Abra.

Getting here involves a few hours of trekking, so it’s best reserved for experienced hikers and those with endurance. The reward as they say is worth it, so if you can, make sure to include this in your General Nakar itinerary!

9. Minabuslo Falls

Minabuslo Falls is one of the most accessible waterfalls in General Nakar, as it is located near the road. Surrounded by rock formation and lush vegetation, it’s a favorite swimming spot among the locals and also serves as a source of water.

10. Recharge in a forest staycation

Aside from its beachside accommodations, General Nakar is also home to resorts where you can get away from civilization to commune with nature and enjoy the natural sounds of insects and birds.

For an easy-access forest staycation, head to Kubo Hideaway Zone Eco Park. This modest accommodation is surrounded by lush trees and vegetation, features a pool and a restaurant serving home-cooked meals. It is just a few minutes from the town proper, so it’s ideal for those who want a quick break. Also check out Kuta Bungliw, a mountain campsite offering modest rooms and tents, with a view of sea of clouds.

11. Tinipak River

Did you know that Tinipak River is technically a part of Quezon, and not Rizal? We were surprised to learn that when we visited General Nakar too.

Tinipak River is known for its marble limestone formations and clear water, perfect for swimming and cliff jumping. It’s often visited as a side trip after hiking Mount Daraitan.

12. Enjoy local delicacies

Sinantolan – a favorite dish in General Nakar.
Seafood lunch in General Nakar
Lunch before the trek.

Whether it’s your first time to visit or you’re returning in town, one of the best things to do in General Nakar is enjoying their local dishes!

General Nakar is abundant in several agricultural products, including coconut — so expect to taste various coconut-based dishes such as sinantolan. Fishing communities also ensure a consistent supply of fresh fishes, as well as shrimps and crabs. So you can enjoy staples such as fried fish, sinigang na isda, and more.

For snacks and merienda, try various sweets such as binagkat and pinaltok (which is similar to bilo-bilo) or buy a bunch of rice suman for take-home!

13. Witness the Gapo at Palusong Festival

Gapo at Palusong Festival street dance

The Gapo at Palusong Festival is an annual festival held in July celebrating the culture and tradition of Nakarins on planting and harvesting. Witness the street parade, discover new cuisines in the cooking competition, and attend public programs for entertainment.

How to get to General Nakar (Quezon)

General Nakar is about 5 hours away from Manila. Here are the commute directions:

  • From Manila, head to Raymond Bus Terminal in Legarda and ride a bus or van bound to Infanta. There are hourly trips, and fare is about P300 per person. Travel time is 5 hours with one stopover.
  • Get off at the last stop (Infanta town proper) and then ride a tricycle to General Nakar. Travel time is about 15-20 minutes.

Where to stay in General Nakar

Plan your visit to General Nakar to see the annual Gapo at Palusong Festival. Here are the best accommodations in this town:

  • Tropikana Beach Resort. Modern beach resort with pool, featuring a secluded location perfect for comfortable and quiet vacations.
  • Mondy & Goldy’s Beach Resort. High-end beach resort with a pool with jacuzzi, comfortable rooms, and beachfront.
  • MRJ Beach Resort. Located right next to Mondy & Goldy’s, a budget-friendly modest beachfront resort for casual stays.
  • Kubo Hideaway Zone Eco Park. Quaint and homey resort with pool, ideal for nature lovers and budget tourists.

General Nakar Travel Tips

  • All tourists are required to register at the tourism office, located near the municipal hall.
  • Visiting the nature attractions in General Nakar especially the waterfalls require riding a habal-habal, since most of the roads are still rough roads. Consider this if you’re planning a trip with your family.


For questions about General Nakar, you can contact General Nakar Tourism Office via Facebook.

That concludes our guide for the best General Nakar tourist spots and things to do in General Nakar! Have you been to General Nakar, Quezon? If you have questions or comments, let us know in the comment section below!

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