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Baywalk Suites: This Hidden Gem Offers a Cozy Stay Beside Taal Lake

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We all need a go-to place for last-minute staycation and for that our vote goes to Baywalk Suites. This cozy bed-and-breakfast is located beside Taal Lake, in a quiet community in Laurel, Batangas. As such it offers an opportunity for a relaxing city break, with beautiful lake and mountain views to boot!

Here’s our stay at Baywalk Suites in Laurel, Batangas.

Our stay at Baywalk Suites

My boyfriend Hali and I booked this accommodation last-minute because our weekend tour was cancelled due to not meeting the expected number of participants. I have much to say about this, but for now let’s move on. It so happened that there was an available room and on a discounted rate too! (Booking link below.)

From metro south, we drove for 2 hours to reach Baywalk Suites. It has high reviews online and I’m happy to say my expectations were met!

Kat in Baywalk Suites

One thing that you should know about Baywalk Suites is that it is a small, locally owned bed-and-breakfast. It is not a typical resort. In fact, there are only 2 rooms for guests.

Our room was cozy, with airconditioning, a nice bed and a TV, and a bathroom with hot shower. There is also fast, reliable WIFI — which is a must for every accommodation nowadays.

Hali in Baywalk Suites
Hali chilling in the room.
Kat in Baywalk Suites

The room opens to the veranda with a comfortable couch and an IG-worthy dipping pool with Taal Volcano at the backdrop.

Baywalk Suites staycation with Taal view
Baywalk Suites - staycation with Taal View
Dipping pool with view of Taal.
Baywalk Suites - dipping pool

To be honest, there is not much to do here. So if you’re looking for a getaway with adventurous activities, better look elsewhere.

Once we settled, we took a short swim in the dipping pool (and lots of pictures). Then we took a stroll outside to enjoy the views. Afterwards, we headed to a nearby eatery built on a hillside, where you can enjoy inasal-style chicken while enjoying the view of Taal. Afterwards, we went back to the bed-and-breakfast for the sunset — the sky was in different pastel colors and it was beautiful.

Hali in Taal Lake
View from Baywalk Suites.
Taal Lake

The night was quiet. My boyfriend perused his laptop, while I stayed outside reading an e-book and listening to the rustling of trees and occasional insect sounds. It was really that quiet.

The next morning, we took a boat tour in Taal Lake for P1000 per person. The weather was fine and the lake was still — only the sounds of the fisher boat’s motor could be heard.

Our boat guide helped us get off at the island in the middle of the lake, which I believe is called Vulcan Point. In the past, tourists can visit the very crater at Vulcan Point, but it is off-limits currently since Taal Vocano has started showing active volcanic activity last 2020. We just took pictures there and our guide showed us a stream, where boiling water from the crater pours down the lake.

Taal Volcano crater
Taal Volcano crater.
Taal Lake boat tour
Early morning boat tour.
Taal Island
Arriving at the volcanic island.

Even though we didn’t see the mouth of the crater, it was still an interesting tour. Just the fact that we were cruising in Taal Lake — the caldera of an ancient volcano, is amazing in itself. It is also my first time to get close to the crater since I usually just see it from Tagaytay viewpoints. I do think, however, that it was a bit pricy and our guide seemed to think so too because later on he offered to bring us to the fish farms where they grow tilapia. He asked us if we wanted to fish feed and we said we just wanted to watch. He told us a bit about growing tilapia.

Fish farms in Taal Lake
Fish feeding.

After the boat tour, we went back to Baywalk Suites for breakfast. The food was beautifully plated and there was freshly brewed coffee too.

Baywalk Suites - breakfast
Couple photo in Baywalk Suites

Afterwards, we stayed inside our room to chill until it was time to head home.

Overall, it was a refreshing break from the city. We liked the room and the bed-and-breakfast facilities were good. The dipping pool needs a bit of cleaning, but other than that we didn’t encounter any issues. I also like the very hands-on service of the owner and staff.

I would recommend staying at Baywalk Suites for those who want a quiet stay near Manila and those who want to see Taal Volcano up close.

Book your stay at Baywalk Suites

Baywalk Suites is a bed-and-breakfast located in Laurel, Batangas.

It is about 2 hours away from Manila and 45 minutes away from Tagaytay. The best way to get here is by a private car. There is a newly constructed road leading to Baywalk Suites, which you can reach by inputting “Peaceful Island” in Google Maps or Waze. Or simply ask the host for directions.

Book a room at Baywalk Suites via Agoda.

Things to know before you go:

  • Activities: The best thing to do here is chill and relax. There is a dipping pool where you can cool off. I do not recommend swimming at the lake itself because the water beside the road did not look clean when we visited.
  • Tours: (Updated as of 2023) The bed-and-breakfast also offers a boat tour in Taal Lake (P1000 each excluding tip) and waterfalls tour to Malagaslas Falls and Ambon-Ambon Falls (P550 each, minimum of 2 people).
  • Food: Depending on your booking, breakfast may or may not be included. There are also a handful of eateries just a short walk away from the bed-and-breakfast.

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