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Baliraya Resort and Spa: Swoon-worthy Bali-Inspired Resort in Laguna

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It’s been a while since we’ve had a proper staycation, so Hali and I were excited to have finally booked at Baliraya Resort and Spa. Honestly, this resort exceeded my expectations — and it’s one of my favorite resorts in Laguna!

Baliraya Resort and Spa is a Bali-inspired resort located in the Caliraya Lake area in Lumban, Laguna. Its name is a combination of Bali and Caliraya. It’s ideal for couples, families who want a relaxing staycation with family-friendly activities for kids, and others who simply want to have a nice vacation in this province.

Here’s our experience at Baliraya Resort and Spa including personal tips for those who are interested here too!

Our stay at Baliraya Resort and Spa

Hali and I went here last October 2021. We went here on a Friday, the day before the long weekend. Actually, I didn’t realize that there would be a long weekend when I chose the date — when I learned that the resort would be fully booked, I got worried about crowding. But thankfully this wasn’t the case!

We arrived too early at the resort (at 12:30 in the afternoon). At the parking lot, a staff greeted us and offered to carry our bags. Another staff finished sanitizing our room and we were allowed to check in early.

I had good first impressions about the resort. The facilities and rooms were clean, and the decorations looked carefully picked out — it actually reminded me of Luljetta’s in Antipolo. The whole place was so relaxing! It’s surrounded by trees and from our room and the outdoor areas we could make out the calm lake.

The resort has 5 rooms and 2 villas, all named after places in Bali. We were booked in Room 1 called Nusa Dua. Ours is possibly the best room — it has a balcony with a beautiful pool view!

Baliraya Resort and Spa - room
Our room at Baliraya Resort and Spa.
Kat in Baliraya Resort
Inside our room.

The room has a queen-sized bed, a dressing table and chair, an open cabinet with small safe, and bathroom with hot-and-cold shower. It was clean and well designed. Hali and I loved the bed — it was so soft and comfy. I actually wanted to ask the staff where they purchased it so I can get one at home too. (When I lived in Malaysia, I had a similar bed in our condo. But I couldn’t find the same-quality mattress here in the Philippines.)

We also liked the small details in the decorations, such as the wall art and displays. I loved my stay at Bali in Indonesia, it’s one of my favorite places in the world, and so I was happy to get a glimpse of that there. I’d seen other “Bali-inspired” tourist attractions in the country and normally I don’t like the theme or find the imitation too cheap, but this resort is different. The amenities and the surrounding nature actually reminded me of the private villas in Bali that are located in forest mountains — the feeling of luxury and having to stay in such a nice place.

Because we checked in early, I urged Hali to check out the pool before the other guests arrive. The resort features an infinity pool and jacuzzi, with a backdrop of the surrounding trees and the green lake.

Baliraya Resort and Spa - infinity pool
View from our room.
Baliraya Resort and Spa - jacuzzi
Baliraya Resort and Spa - jacuzzi
Baliraya Resort and Spa - jacuzzi

We took pictures, but the sky turned gray and cloudy. So we just decided to swim. The infinity pool was just the right temperature for a dip (not too cold). It gently slopes deeper in the middle, so it’s good for a proper swim.

We also went to the bird’s nest. There are two bird’s nests in the resort: one below the infinity pool and one further below, at the lakeside. The bird’s nests look artsy and sturdy.

Baliraya Resort and Spa - bird nest
Birdnest by the lake.

At around 6PM, we had dinner at the resort’s in-house restaurant. Like other areas in the resort, it looks stylish with natural touches. I appreciate that it’s spacious enough that we didn’t have to worry about crowded spaces or bumping against other guests. We could dine in comfortably.

Baliraya Resort and Spa - restaurant
Baliraya Resort and Spa - restaurant
The restaurant.

The menu in the restaurant is a bit pricy — to be fair, it’s typical resort price. We already pre-ordered that afternoon so our food was served almost immediately when we came in. The spicy garlic chicken was delicious and the serving was generous. Hali liked it as well, so that he also wanted to try out the other items in the menu, but I reminded him that we should be on a diet. Haha.

Couple shot at Baliraya Resort
Hali and I at dinner.
Baliraya Resort and Spa - food
This spicy garlic chicken was delicious!

There was almost no mobile signal in our room, so after dinner we just talked and relaxed. This is another thing that I would like to highlight about the resort — it was easy to have a nice, relaxing time here. In the past, whenever we’d book a staycation close to nature, there’d always be insects and mosquitoes outside, so we couldn’t stay outside too long. What’s a nature staycation if you have to stay indoors? In Baliraya Resort and Spa, it was just peaceful, quiet, and comfortable. I even stayed a little bit in our balcony that night looking at the pool and listening to the rustling of trees.

We woke up early and hung out by the poolside. The pool was busy by this time because there were already parents and kids swimming. Like I said, I was initially worried about the crowd, but since the resort only has limited rooms (and hence limited guests), it was okay. We were still able to enjoy the place.

Baliraya Resort and Spa - infinity pool
The pool area looking calm in the early morning.

I asked the staff to prepare our breakfast on a pool tray. As you can probably guess, I was so excited about this. It’s my dream come true! Aha. Breakfast in a pool! The glamour, the photos!

Baliraya Resort and Spa - breakfast pool tray
Breakfast pool tray.
Baliraya Resort and Spa - breakfast by the pool
Baliraya Resort and Spa - breakfast by the pool

After taking photos, we ate our food back at the restaurant. We couldn’t really eat them at the pool and it would be inconvenient to take bites (of a rice meal no less) when your plate keeps floating away from you.

Hali with coconut at Baliraya Resort
Hali with fresh coconut.

After breakfast hours, the pool emptied out again. The weather was nice and so we had another go at taking photos at the pool area. Sunlight really makes a big difference, especially in this location where I believe it’s not uncommon for the weather to be slightly cloudy or rainy. Then we took a short swim and prepared to check out.

My final thoughts

So here are my final thoughts about Baliraya Resort and Spa.

Hali and I really enjoyed our stay here. It was better than we expected! This is one of the better resorts we’d been to lately. In particular, here are the things that I liked:

  • Even though we booked the day before the long weekend and all the rooms were occupied, it wasn’t crowded and we could still enjoy the resort.
  • The whole resort was serene and relaxing. It’s perfect for those who are looking for a nice staycation in Laguna.
  • There were lots of IG-worthy corners in the resort, particularly the infinity pool and jacuzzi.
  • Our room was very comfortable, with a cushy bed and beautiful pool view.
  • The resort was clean and well designed. I love the small details in the decorations that give it that “Bali” feel.
  • Lastly, the staff was very friendly and helpful!

There were minor issues (e.g., lack of mobile signal), but honestly we had such a lovely time that we didn’t mind. Though it’s something to note for those who are planning to stay for a couple of days.

Couple shot in Baliraya Resort and Spa
Baliraya Resort and Spa - breakfast by the pool

Overall, Baliraya Resort and Spa is a place that I would personally recommend to family and friends! 🙂

How to get to Baliraya Resort and Spa

Baliraya Resort and Spa is located in Lumban, Laguna. It’s about 2.5 hours from Manila.

To get here via commute:

Take a bus to Sta. Cruz (Laguna). From there, ride a jeep bound for Lumban and get off at the market in Lumban. Then charter a tricycle to the resort.

We took a car to the resort. The route was okay and it was easy to find. However, take note that the ramp leading to the resort is a bit steep.

Amenities and features

Baliraya Resort and Spa has 2 villas and 5 deluxe rooms.

Here are the resort’s amenities:

  • Infinity pool and jacuzzi
  • Bird’s nests
  • In-house restaurant
  • Lake access

Things you should note:

  • Aside from swimming in the pool, there are also lake activities including paddleboard, paddleboat, and fishing. Lifevests are provided for free. Massage is also available upon request.
  • Bringing of snacks is allowed. For proper meals, you can order at the in-house restaurant. The resort also offers boodle fight. For couples, romantic setup is available for an additional fee.

Book your stay at Baliraya Resort and Spa

You can book at Baliraya in Facebook.

Here are their current rates (Updated as of 2021):

Baliraya Resort and Spa rates

FAQ about booking:

  • Day tours are also allowed, but the rates are the same as overnight stays (breakfast is also included). Day tour is from 8AM to 6PM.
  • Photo-shoots for pre-nup, debut, etc. are accepted.

Reminders and Tips

  • The food in the restaurant is a bit pricy, but good. There is limited public transport in the area, so it’s best to dine in the resort. If you want to get the breakfast pool tray for the photos, inform the staff ahead of time — during our visit, there was only one pool tray available.
  • There is no wifi and there is no/minimal mobile signal. Our room has a TV but with limited channels. I suggest downloading movies or books in your phone or tablet prior to your stay for entertainment.
  • For couples, I suggest booking Room 1 (“Nusa Dua”), which is the room with the pool view! Villa 1 (“Ubud”) is also a best-selling room — it’s more spacious and it has tall windows where you can see the nature outside. Villa 2 is ideal for groups.
  • There are nearby tourist spots you can visit, including the Japanese Garden, Lumban hand-made embroidery, Cavinti Falls/Pagsanjan Falls (boat ride route), and Paete wood handicraft.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Baliraya Resort and Spa for the complimentary stay! As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Did you like this post about Baliraya Resort and Spa in Lumban, Laguna? If you have questions or comments, let us know in the comment section below!

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