Best Cavinti resorts, glamping sites, and camp sites

21 BEST Cavinti Resorts, Glamping Sites, and Camp Sites

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Did you know that there is more to Laguna than popular hot spring resorts? The quiet municipality of Cavinti offers various accommodations perfect for people who love nature — from camping and glamping sites to lakefront vacation houses and even private islands that you can rent for yourself! In fact, with the rise of its nature-themed sites, Cavinti is being promoted as the Glamping Capital of the Philippines.

Cavinti is around 2.5-3 hours away from Manila. It is accessible by public transport.

Here we’ve compiled the best Cavinti resorts, campsites, and glamping sites that you should consider on your next personal trip.

1. Caliraya Lake Front Resort

Caliraya Lake Front Resort infinity pool
Chilling at the poolside.
Caliraya Lake Front Resort - swimming pool
Swimming pool. (Photo by Aaron Nomo)

Caliraya Lake Front Resort is one of the most beautiful vacation houses that you can find in Cavinti. It is rented exclusively for groups, so you can bring your whole family along (up to 15 people).

This 3-story house features spacious indoors with high ceilings, comfortable sleeping areas, and a veranda that looks out at Caliraya Lake. Start your day eating breakfast at the veranda while appreciating the view, and then spend the rest of the day kayaking across the lake or cooling off at the infinity pool.

Facilities include living and dining areas, a kitchen with central table, four bedrooms with en suite bathroom w/ hot and cold shower, a KTV room, and a game room. There is also a private pier where you can use 1 0 kayaks, 2 pedal boats and 2 paddle boards (lifevests for all ages are provided). The staff can also help you rent jetski and boats if you wish.

2. Sofia’s Lake Resort

Sofia's Lake Resort - bath tub view
Our bath tub with lake view.

Sofia’s Lake Resort is one of the newest Cavinti resorts, offering a luxurious island getaway perfect for couples and families. They also have ample space for group vacations and team-building.

The best accommodation in Sofia’s Lake Resort are its Lake View Villas, which comes with 2 spacious beds, a private terrace overlooking Lumot Lake, and a bathroom with a bath tub with a view. There are also glamping tents and a guest house available for those who want to experience the amenities at the resort at a cheaper price.

At Sofia’s Lake Resort, you can enjoy a staycation or spend a wonderful afternoon doing lake activities including kayaking, paddle boarding, and jetski. There is also bonfire at night.

3. Mountain Lake Resort

Mountain Lake Resort - zipline
Zipline and obstacle course.

Mountain Lake Resort is one of the most lavish resorts you can find near Manila. Spanning around 300 hectares, it is nestled beside Caliraya Lake with an overlooking view of Mount Banahaw.

This resort features Spanish/Mediterranean-inspired facilities, including a restaurant with veranda and indoor dining, a swimming pool, a landscaped and skylighted jacuzzi, massage rooms, and its best features — an 18-hole golf course. There are also various activities available here, such as kayaking, hanging bridge, zipline, and obstacle course.

There’s a wide array of accommodations you can choose from, including standard rooms, lakeside cottages, and glamping tents. But its most sought-after rooms are their gorgeous floating boathouses!

4. Kamp Tralala

Party balsa at Kamp Tralala
Duyan at the party balsa.

Kamp Tralala is the #1 campsite in Cavinti! It is ideal for those who are looking for a budget-friendly accommodation, with the simple pleasure of camping and with fun activities that the whole family or friends can enjoy.

This camping site has spacious grounds with pre-installed tents and jeep glamping setup. You can also bring your own tent if you wish. There are restrooms with a lake view and open kitchen where you can cook or grill your food.

There are various things to do here. One of the highlights of which is the party balsa, which comes with a cottage, hammocks hanging over the water, a floater, and a party shower. You can also swim at the lake, try the tarzan swing, have fun at the mud slide, ride an ATV, and visit a nearby waterfall in the area. At night, warm up in front of a bonfire and prepare sticks of hotdog and marshmallow for snacks!

5. Caliraya Ecoville Recreation Farm and Resort

Caliraya Ecoville Recreation Farm and Resort
(Photo by Caliraya Ecoville Recreation Farm and Resort)

Caliraya Ecoville Recreation Farm and Resort is one of most well-known resorts in Cavinti, Laguna. Spanning 2 hectares, this farm is the perfect place to bond and experience adventures with your family!

There are many things you can do here. Take a dip in the swimming pool surrounded by coconut trees; head to the lake for kayaking, fishing, or paddleboarding; or try the obstacle courses in their team-building facilities. For those who want a little more adventure, there are nature trails that you can trek or explore by bike.

Different accommodations are available depending on your preferences. There are grounds for good ole camping, standard rooms good for couples and groups, and dorm rooms for large parties.

Caliraya Ecoville Recreation Farm and Resort: Book discounted rooms here

6. Porta Verde Resort

Porta Verde Resort
(Photo by Porta Verde Resort)

Porta Verde Resort is one of the best family-friendly resorts in Cavinti, Laguna. They offer spacious villas, each with a kitchen so you can cook delicious meals and a veranda overlooking the lake. For couples, honeymoon cabanas are also available.

There are many activities that the whole family can enjoy here. Cool off at the pool and relax in the jacuzzi, play with board games, or do relaxing activities like fishing, kayaking, or going on a lake tour. For those who want a little more adventure, there is also water tubing and wakeboarding.

Porta Verde Resort: Book discounted villas here

7. Kalahi Lakeshore Camp

Kalahi Lakeshore Camp
(Photo by Kalahi Lakeshore Camp)
Kalahi Lakeshore Camp
(Photo by Kalahi Lakeshore Camp)

Kalahi Lakeshore Camp is a private mountain lake island that you can rent exclusively for your family or group of friends. It features 2 beautiful, rustic-style cabins so you can enjoy your staycation in style and comfort.

Each cabin has comfortable beddings and en suite bathroom, with veranda offering a pleasant view of the lake. There is also a kitchen complete with cooking equipment and utensils, an alfresco dining area, and hammocks where you can relax and/or take a nap.

Activities at Kalahi Lakeshore Camp include swimming, kayaking, cliff jumping, and bonfire at night. Videoke is also available.

8. Julian’s Island Lodge

Hali in Julian's Island Lodge
Hali relaxing in the jetty.
Julian's Island Lodge - living room
Living room in the second floor.

Julian’s Island Lodge is one of the private islands that you can book in Lumot Lake, Cavinti. It is ideal for families/groups who want a quiet lake accommodation.

The lodge is a homey, 2-story house that features traditional Filipino architecture, complete with wooden furniture and paintings and which can comfortably sleep up to 10 people. Here you can also find a gazebo where you can hang out and enjoy your meals, a jetty, and kayaks which can be rented for an additional fee.

You need to bring your own meals, but inform the staff ahead of time if you want to request fresh tilapia harvested from the lake.

9. The Greenlake View

One of the best glamping sites in Cavinti, The Greenlake View offers minimalist and luxurious accommodations — including a lakefront 2-story house that can sleep up to 9 people and teepee huts that are good for 2-3 people each. It also offers different packages for couples and groups for reasonable rates.

Guests at this Cavinti private resort can also use common areas including an alfresco dining area, kitchen, bar counter, and a jamming area where you can enjoy music and nature. There is also a picnic area, a floating cottage, and bonfire area.

Activities here are plenty. You can swim in the lake, kayak, fish, and go on an exclusive Tabing Ilog Tour where you can enjoy the clean, cool waters of a stream.

10. Aquascape Lake Caliraya

Aquascape Lake Caliraya
(Photo by Aquascape Lake Caliraya)

Aquascape Lake Caliraya offers a unique escape from the city — a chance to stay in a stylish floating cottage in the lake! Choose from from the standard floating cottage (good for 4 people), floating cabana (good for 5 people), or an upgraded floating suite (good for 6 people).

Spend your day lounging and cruising around the lake or avail of their watersport activities including jetski, high-speed tube, and banana boat.

11. Serenidad Leisure Hub

Kat in Serenidad Leisure Hub
Serenidad Leisure Hub.

Serenidad Leisure Hub is a private island in Lumot Lake offering glamping accommodations. What sets it apart from similar properties is its spacious grounds where you can hold various activities. You can bring a Frisbee or soccerball, other outdoor games, even a kite — or just relax and unplug during your stay. You can also swim at the lake, kayak, or go fishing (bring your own fishing rods).

There are 3 cottages in this island, including 2 glamping huts (a mix of traditional and modern cottage design) and 1 nipa hut — good for couples or groups of up to 10 people. Larger groups can bring their own tent. Other facilities include 2 bathrooms, 1 common toilet area, and an alfresco dining area.

You need to bring your own food and drinks. If you’re in a large group, Serenidad Leisure Hub can also cater your meals for you.

12. Eagles Camp

Kat in Eagle's Camp, Cavinti
Eagles Camp.

Eagles Camp is one of the newly opened glamping sites in Lumot Lake. The island enjoys a secluded location, with wooded aesthetics, hammocks where you can lay down in the afternoon, and outdoor tables setup so you can enjoy coffee and snacks while taking in the gorgeous view around you.

This glamping site has 2 villas with basic kitchenware and bathroom, which can accommodate 12 and 18-20 people each. There are also 2 cabins good for small groups of up to 6, which also come with basic kitchenware and common bathroom areas.

The best activity here is to chill and enjoy the view. You can also light a bonfire at night — don’t forget to bring your own s’mores! For additional fees, you can also rent kayaks, aluminum boats, and jetski.

13. Chandava Lake Resort

Chandava Resort
Chandava Resort (Photo by Nicole Paler)

Formerly known as Cardano Lakeside Resort, Chandava Lake Resort offers a convenient camping experience in Cavinti. It is surrounded by 80% lake water, and at the same time, it offers concrete road access for easy transfers. It is especially popular among families.

Chandava Lake Resort has different accommodations, depending on your needs: concrete cottages, nipa cottages, car camping, and moto camping. Large spaces are also available for pitching tents. They also have a restaurant, a convenience store, a grilling station, and bonfire facilities.

Activities include relaxing at the floating cottages, swimming, kayaking, fishing, and buko picking.

14. Mahatao Island

Floating cottage in Mahatao Island
Floating cottage in Mahatao Island. (Photo by Aaron Nomo)
Kat kayaking in Mahatao Island
Kayaking in Mahatao Island.

Mahatao Island is a private island owned by a Batanes resident. It offers modest accommodations, including rooms and cottages, depending on your group needs. Pitching tents is also allowed. It is ideal for groups who want to enjoy a relaxing staycation in Lumot Lake within reasonable budget.

One of the best features of this island is its peaceful ambiance. Here you can chill at the outdoor and balsa cottages, enjoy the 360 degree view of the lake, stroll at the mini garden, or even go fishing and kayaking. Bonfire setup is also available at night.

15. The Cliff at Naculo Falls

Naculo Falls airbnb
The Airbnb. (Photo by Aaron Nomo)

The Cliff at Naculo Falls is one of the most unique Airbnbs you can book in the country! You can rent this house exclusively which also includes a private access to Naculo Falls, which is located upstream of Cavinti Falls.

The house is 3 stories high, with the bedroom on the first floor and two open areas on the second and third floors. It is good up to six people. There is also an open kitchen, a dipping pool with fresh water from a spring, and communal bath/restrooms.

The highlight of staying at The Cliff is the trek down to Naculo Falls. You need to follow a short trail and then climb down steep ladders to see the waterfall up close and personal. Access to Naculo Falls is exclusive to booked guests, so you’re guaranteed to enjoy your time without a crowd!

16. Farm T-House

Farm T-House is one of the glamping sites in Cavinti owned by the Bloc T-House company. It features container houses, which are popular among the young generation. It also offers hands-on farming activities that are perfect for those who love animals — including milking cows, feeding calves, and a farm tour where you can see all the animals in the property (for a small additional fee).

This Cavinti glamping site has its own restaurant, so you don’t need to worry about cooking or bringing your own meals. They also have common areas including a grilling station, an alfresco dining area, outdoor cottages, a grilling and 2 bathrooms.

17. Nest T-House

Similar to the Farm T-House, the Nest T-House offers various container houses with minimalist interiors. Some have verandas overlooking the forest, with selected verandas offering web duyans perfect for the gram.

18. Isla del Antonio

Isla del Antonio in Cavinti
Couple’s cabin in Isla del Antonio. (Photo by Nicole Paler)

Isla del Antonio is one of the most budget-friendly Cavinti resorts and camp sites. It offers A-framed cabins and rooms ideal for couples and small groups. What makes them unique is that aside from staycation and lake activities, they also have a gym so you can keep your fitness goals and even learn martial arts.

This accommodation is located just across Mahatao Island.

19. Isla Maria

Isla Maria private resort in Lumot Lake, Cavinti

Isla Maria is one of the first island resorts in Cavinti. Located in Lumot Lake just a few minutes away from the local docking area, this island offers modest rooms and an outdoor tent for those looking for a budget-friendly and exclusive stay.

Aside from its reasonable overnight rates, the activities in Isla Maria are also free. You can swim, kayak, or sing in the videoke as much as you want.

You can bring your own food for cooking or order plated meals and even a boodle fight in advance.

20. Lolo Itok’s Lake View Resort

Lolo Itok's Lake View Resort
Pool at Lolo Itok’s.

This Cavinti resort is ideal for those looking for a private accommodation for a whole family or group. It features a 2-storey house, a quiet lakefront, and a swimming pool. Here you can enjoy the quiet lake view, try fishing, or ride an ATV.

21. La Ruazol Resort

La Ruazol Resort
Pool at La Ruazol Resort.

Located in the town proper, La Ruazol Resort is a popular resort among the locals. It has spacious spaces indoors and outdoors, making it one of the top choices for events including weddings. Unlike other resorts in Cavinti, it isn’t near any lake side — however, it has a pool where you can take refreshing swims all day.

That ends our top picks for the best Cavinti resorts, glamping sites, and camp sites! Do you have other recommendations? Let us know in the comment section below.

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