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15 Waterfalls in Laguna That You Can Visit Over the Weekend

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Laguna is a gorgeous province blessed with natural attractions — including rainforests, hot springs, and waterfalls. Some of the waterfalls in Laguna are already widely known (such as Cavinti Falls), while others are not yet commercially developed and hence seen only by the adventurous.

Here we’ve compiled the best waterfalls in Laguna, which you can visit over the weekend!

1. Cavinti Falls

Cavinti Falls aka Pagsanjan Falls
Cavinti Falls (otherwise known as Pagsanjan Falls).

Cavinti Falls is undeniably the most well-known waterfall in Laguna. Previously called Pagsanjan Falls, this waterfall is nestled in a mountain forest in the municipality of Cavinti.

This waterfall stands about 90 meters high, with a wide basin and a hidden cave called the Devil’s Cave. Visitors flock here to see its beauty, swim in the ice-cold basin, and take the balsa ride to experience a massage directly under the stream.

Getting here is part of the adventure. From Pagsanjan, you can ride a canoe for an hour (also called Shooting the Rapids) and enjoy majestic views before reaching the waterfall. Alternately, you can also head directly to Cavinti and follow a foot trail to experience trekking and vertical rappelling and then head back through an easier canoe ride.

2. Hulugan Falls

Couple shot in Hulugan Falls

Hulugan Falls is one of the most recent waterfall discoveries in Laguna. It got famous in social media and has since been a popular tourist attraction, especially among weekend trippers.

It’s said that the waterfall got its name when a cow fell from above the waterfall. Today, Hulugan Falls stands about 70 meters high, with a large basin perfect for swimming and a cave on the side where visitors can rest and admire its view. Most people visit here for a day tour, while others pitch a tent for overnight camping.

To get here, you need to head to the registration area in Luisiana and then trek for less an hour. You can also visit other nearby waterfalls to complete the Waterfalls Trilogy of Luisiana (Talay Falls, Hidden Falls, and Hulugan Falls).

3. Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls in Luisiana, Laguna
Hidden Falls.

Often overshadowed by the more popular Hulugan Falls, Hidden Falls is a gorgeous stream about 20-25 meters high. It is located in Luisiana, a short trek away from Hulugan Falls and below a smaller stream called Talay Falls.

Getting here is a bit challenging, as you need to climb up a rope trail and then walk sideways across a cliffside. However, the climb is worth it. You can see Hidden Falls in its full glory – a huge curtain of water “hidden” between two boulders. Take endless pictures for memory or enjoy a cold bath under the stream.

4. Aliw Falls

Aliw Falls is located just several minutes away from Hulugan Falls, making it a popular side trip after visiting the three waterfalls of Luisiana. Though smaller compared to similar attractions in the area (about 20 meters high), Aliw Falls has an unnatural beauty. It features multiple cascades of water flowing down into a shallow basin. This waterfall is insta-famous and a favorite spot for photography.

Aside from picture taking, you can also climb to the top of the waterfall to reach the river upstream or even cliff jump from the sides.

Getting here is relatively easy. Head to the barangay for registration and then trek for 30-40 minutes to reach Aliw Falls.

5. Bunga Falls

Bunga Falls is a popular attraction among locals. While it is small (about 15 meters high), its main appeal comes from its unique feature of two streams falling down to a cold, deep basin where visitors can swim and even cliff jump to.

This is the perfect destination for people who want to experience a nature attraction in a relaxed environment. Getting here is easy, since from the jump-off point you only need to walk for 5 minutes to get here. At the site, there are nipa huts and grills available for those who want to stay and eat. Lifebuoys are also available for rent.

If you’re visiting here for a day trip from Manila, you can also visit the nearby Pandin Lake and/or Majayjay Falls in your itinerary.

6. Bukal Falls

Kilangin Falls in Liliw, Laguna
Kilangin Falls.

A seemingly enchanted waterfall with clear, cool-blue basin, Bukal Falls is one of the natural streams found in Majayjay, Laguna. It also goes by other names: Kilangin Falls and Maimpis Falls. If you want to discover the most beautiful waterfalls in Laguna, make sure to visit Bukal Falls!

Bukal Falls has two pool areas: the lower area is a rocky water cascade, while the upper area is a deep basin where people can swim and take snap-worthy photos.

To get here, you need to head to the registration area in Majayjay and hire a guide. Then trek for 30-45 minutes, including a river crossing, to reach Bukal Falls.

7. Majayjay Falls

Also called Taytay Falls, Majayjay Falls is a favorite local destination, especially among campers. This waterfall stands about 10-15 meters high, with freezing-cold water coming from Mount Banahaw. Its catch basin is wide enough for a good swim. There is a dedicated camping area near the waterfall where you can pitch a tent, cook food, and dip your feet in the flowing stream. Families often go here especially on weekends.

It’s easy to get to Majayjay Falls since it is one of the most developed waterfalls in Laguna. From the parking lot, there is a short paved road that leads to the waterfall. There are also convenience and food stores around so you can stock up before you visit.

8. Buruwisan Falls

Buruwisan Falls is one of the seven waterfalls that can be found in Mount Romelo, with water stemming from Siniloan River. It is the highest at 55 meters. It is popular among beginner mountaineers who want to do the Mount Romelo – Buruwisan Falls day hike.

Visitors can swim at the refreshing spring water basin of this waterfall, while those who are more adventurous can try rappelling down from its peak.

9. Balon-Balon Falls

Balon-Balon Falls in Cavinti, Laguna
Balon-Balon Falls.

Balon-Balon Falls is one of the hidden gems of Cavinti, Laguna. It’s nestled in a forested area, reachable by a short foot trail and swamp crossing.

About 5 meters high, this waterfall has multiple streams that flow down into small pools, some of which are ideal for swimming and even cliff jumping. Visitors can also stand beneath the stream for a cold water massage on the back.

Balon-Balon Falls is one of the Tri-Falls of Barangay Tibatib in Cavinti, along with Kipot Falls and Porosa Falls. As it is not yet developed, you will need to contact a local guide to show you the way. The trail starts from the highway and is about 20 minutes long.

If you’re looking for a lesser-visited attraction, Balon-Balon Falls is one of the Laguna waterfalls that you should visit.

10. Buntot Palos Falls

At 80 meters high, Buntot Palos Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Laguna. It has a deep basin which then flows to Pangil River and ends up in Laguna Lake.

 Its name means “eel’s tail” since the trail gets as slippery as an eel during rainy season. In fact, this is one of the most challenging trails in this list (along with Buruwisan and Lanzones). As such, it’s ideal for experienced hikers.

To get here, you need to head to either Pangil Eco Park or Barangay Balian. The trek takes about 2-3 hours depending on your pace.

11. Ambon-Ambon Falls

Ambon-Ambon Falls is one of the lesser talked-about waterfalls in Laguna, but it’s popular among locals. It’s located within Panguil River Eco Park, where families often go for picnic and nature trips.

To get here, you need to trek for 20-30 minutes, which also includes river crossings. As such, it’s recommended to bring a drybag to keep your items safe. The waterfall itself is about 5 meters high, with a strong “shower” produced from the water falling down against a boulder. You can bathe here and enjoy the refreshing cool water of Ambon-Ambon Falls.

12. Dampalit Falls

Did you know that there is also a waterfall in Los Banos, Laguna? While most people associate this area with hot springs, this “hidden gem” actually exists as a popular weekend attraction among locals.

Dampalit Falls consists of a series of seven waterfalls, the highest of which stands 15 meters high. Getting here is easy since there is an established trail that you can follow for 10 minutes to reach the falls. Once there, you can swim at the catch basin or relax in one of the surrounding huts. There are also stores selling snacks and water.

13. Naculo Falls

Naculo Falls in Cavinti, Laguna

If you’re planning to stay over the weekend in Laguna, consider booking at The Cliff at Naculo Falls – a bed-and-breakfast that includes your own private access to Naculo Falls. This is the only way to view Naculo Falls, since this waterfall is surrounded by cliffs.

The bed-and-breakfast property includes a 3-story house with a bedroom, an alfresco dining and kitchen area, and a dipping pool. A few minutes from the house, you can trek and then climb down steep ladders to get to the viewing deck of Naculo Falls.

14. Bumbungan Falls

Group photo in Bumbungan Eco-park
Bumbungan Eco-Park in Cavinti.

Bumbungan Falls is a man-made waterfall located in Bumbungan Eco-Park. This area is actually the spillway of Bumbungan River, which was then developed into a picnic area, complete with cottages and tables.

Tourists exploring the town of Cavinti often visit here to register on the tourism office on-site. It is fine to swim in the waterfall, though most simply take pictures and have breakfast in one of the cottages. Locals also often go here for a swim.

15. Bayakan Falls

Up for an adventure? Bayakan Falls is one of the least visited waterfalls in Laguna, due to its challenging trail. You need to trek for 3 hours and cross river streams to get here. The reward is an untouched waterfall where you can swim, cliff jump, and even watch wildlife such as local species of birds and bats.

To get here, head to the tourism office in Cavinti and hire a local guide. Make sure to bring a drybag because you will have to swim to reach the waterfall area.

That ends our list of Laguna waterfalls that you can visit over the weekend! Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comment section below!

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