Dibulo Falls in Dinapigue, Isabela
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Dibulo Falls: A Towering Cascade in Dinapigue, Isabela

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Without a doubt, Dibulo Falls is one of the best nature attractions in the province of Isabela. Located in Barangay Dibulo in Dinapigue, this waterfall is considered the tallest one in the province at about 100 meters high.

Our visit to Dibulo Falls

We visited here last May as part of our 5 days trip in Isabela.

When we arrived it was raining a little. I’d read that this is common considering that the area is surrounded by the Sierra Madre mountain range.

Our van stopped right off a stream, about an hour away from Dibulo Falls. From there, we had to walk the rest of the way or hop on a tricycle that services tourists up to the registration area.

The walk to the registration area wasn’t bad. The road was surrounded by lush greenery on both sides — forest trees and open grassfields where livestock are kept.

Cow near Dibulo Falls
A white cow we passed by on the way to Dibulo Falls.

From the registration point, it takes another 15-20 minutes of trekking to reach Dibulo Falls. We had to pass by the lower streams of the waterfalls. The route is somewhat developed, with cemented stairs built on difficult areas. However, if it’s raining it’s still best be careful as the cemented pathways and boulders may be slippery.

Dibulo Falls in Dinapigue, Isabela
Dibulo Falls from afar.

We finally reached the spot where Dibulo Falls is. There are outdoor cottages and even restrooms for those who need it.

Dibulo Falls in Dinapigue, Isabela
Dibulo Falls.

Dibulo Falls surprised me, as I didn’t know there exists a giant waterfalls like this in Isabela. In a way, it’s reminiscent of Bomod-ok Falls in Sagada. Raging water pours from the mountain, the pool so cold that I got goosebumps all over the skin when I dipped in. The cold becomes bearable after a while, and it was fun swimming and refreshing ourselves with its clean water.

Kat at Dibulo Falls in Dinapigue, Isabela
Me at Dibulo Falls.
Swimming at Dibulo Falls, Isabela
(Photo by Jay Agoo)

Another thing that I liked about it is the surrounding is clean, even though there was quite a few people there when we visited. Good job, LGU.

Dibulo Falls is a beauty to behold. It’s one of best waterfalls in the Philippines I’d been to.

How to get to Dibulo Falls

  • From Santiago City in Isabela, take a bus to Dinapigue (5-6 hours).
  • From the junction plaza, hire a motorcycle to get you to the registration area in Dibulo Falls. It’s best to ask your driver to wait for you as there is limited transportation services back to the main road.


Currently, entrance and use of cottages are free.

Have you been to Dibulo Falls in Isabela? Do you have other attractions to recommend in Dinapigue or other places in Isabela? Let us know in the comments below!

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