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Ganano Falls: Hidden Gem of Diffun, Quirino

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Quirino is full of hidden wonders — one of which is Ganano Falls. If you’re someone who loves venturing into unexplored areas, you’ll want to know about this.

Ganano Falls is a 100-foot waterfall in a mountain area in Diffun, Quirino. It’s about an hour away from Baguio Village, where the registration area is. Ganano Falls has three “offspring” waterfalls, which are smaller and can also be visited on the way.

It’s said that Ganano Falls is the most-sought after waterfall in Quirino Province.

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Our visit to Ganano Falls

I went to Ganano Falls on a 2-day trip to Quirino back in 2019. This is actually the first item in our itinerary.

We registered at Baguio Village where a guide was assigned to accompany us. My friend who organized this trip explained that the trek is easy and beginner friendly, as the route is mostly flat.

The trek was indeed easy, but still tiring. We passed by a hanging bridge and then an open terrain, forest trail, and a series of river crossings. The last river crossing was a challenge because of the strong current. Even the guys in our group had to get help from our guides to cross safely.

Trek to Ganano Falls
The route is mostly flat. (Photo by Camille Joy Pingul)
River crossing to Ganano Falls
Start of our trek.
River crossing to Ganano Falls
River crossing to Ganano Falls
A guide assisting us to safely cross the river.

During our trek, we’d also observed interesting flora.

Mountain forest in Quirino
Rugged mountain forest in Quirino.
Flora in Diffun, Quirino
Flowers along the trail.

Finally, we heard the sound of gushing water. Past huge boulders, we could clearly see Ganano Falls.

Ganano Falls is so unkempt and wonderful. I love that it’s so far out from any village or city, so it’s left as is but still accessible to people. The waterfall cascades against the boulders at the bottom — there really is no “pool” to speak of. This and the fact that the spray was too strong made most of us decide to settle at a short distance away, where we can look at it in entirety. However, it’s still possible to get directly under the stream as long as you’re careful.

Ganano Falls in Diffun, Quirino
Ganano Falls.
Kat in Ganano Falls
(Photo by Camille Joy Pingul)

Before going back, I refilled my water bottle in one of those bamboo taps with freshwater.

As said above, Ganano Falls has three offsprings. These are Sabangaran Falls, Sinipit Falls, and Nantugaw Falls.

On our way back, we made a detour into a bamboo-filled path and then swam in Sinipit Falls. The water was cool and refreshing and we finally had the chance to swim! We didn’t visit the other two waterfalls — as per our my friend Jan Darren, this is already the best place for a dip and also we were already lagging behind our schedule.

Sinipit Falls in Diffun, Quirino
Sinipit Falls.
Group shot in Sinipit Falls

After the swim, we made our way back to Baguio Village.

How to get to Ganano Falls

Ganano Falls is located in Diffun, Quirino. Here are the directions on how to get here:

By land:

  • From Cubao, ride a bus directly to Diffun. There are also buses bound for Maddela or Cabarroguis (Quirino).
  • Another option is to ride a bus to Cordon (Isabela) and get off at the Cordon Junction. From there, ride a tricycle to Diffun.

Once in Diffun, ride a tricycle to take you to Baguio Village. Register and secure a guide for your trek.

The trek takes about 1-1.5 hour depending on your pace. You can also do a side trip to other smaller waterfalls, as mentioned above: Sabangaran Falls, Sinipit Falls, and Nantugaw Falls.


Here are the current rates (Updated as of January 2021):

  • Entrance fee – P15
  • Guide fee – P250 (up to 5 pax)

Reminders and Tips

  • Wear comfortable clothes and durable footwear. Take note that the trek involves river crossings, so preferably wear trekking sandals.
  • Follow the Leave No Trace principle.
  • Don’t forget to give tips to your guides!

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