Group shot at Naculo Falls

The Cliff at Naculo Falls: Unique Airbnb with its Own Waterfall

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Here’s another feature of an Airbnb in Laguna! This time, we booked at The Cliff at Naculo Falls, which is an eco-sanctuary resort/bed-and-breakfast located at Cavinti, Laguna. This Airbnb is unique in that it has access to a private waterfall.

Our stay at The Cliff at Naculo Falls

I went here in October 2021 with my boyfriend Hali, along with my brother and sister-in-law. I’d beein eyeing this bed-and-breakfast for a while now, but I waited until the travel restrictions were lifted to book it.

Our check-in time was regular at 2PM, so to make the most of the day, I arranged a waterfalls trip in Cavinti, Laguna. It was fun discovering the lesser-known falls in the area, but Hali and I were out of shape because we’d been staying at home for months so both our legs were aching by the time we were done.

From the highway in Cavinti, we drove along Magdapio Street and followed signages to The Cliff. We checked in and soon we were settled in our home for the day.

The Cliff features a 3-story house in the middle of a forested area. The first floor is a bedroom which has a double-decked bed (3 queen-sized mattresses, the bottom is a pull-out) and a bathroom.

Outdoors at The Cliff at Naculo Falls
Surrounding forest.
The Cliff at Naculo Falls
The Cliff at Naculo Falls.
The Cliff - bedroom

The second is an open area with a lounge bed and a bed swing. It was nice and the swing bed was a great touch. The first time I tried laying down the bed I got dizzy, but once I got used to the gentle rocking, it was fine.

The Cliff - bed swing
Bed swing at the second floor.

The third floor is another area with a wide couch swing.

There is also a dipping pool outside, which according to the caretaker sources its water from a spring. There is an outdoor kitchen and dining area with basic cooking equipment and dinnerware.

The Cliff - kitchen and dining area
The outdoor kitchen and dining area.
The Cliff at Naculo Falls - Airbnb in Cavinti
Me at the dipping pool.

We were all excited to see the private viewing deck to Naculo Falls. We asked the caretaker to take us there in the late afternoon. However, we all fell asleep due to tiredness from the earlier trek, and because my legs were still stiff, I asked my companions to postpone it for the next day.

My sister-in-law cooked us dinner and then we had a little chat. My sister-in-law and I agreed that we prefer beach accommodations because there’s much more to do like snorkeling or island hopping and even if we weren’t doing anything, we could just relax while staring at the ocean and it wouldn’t be a bore.

We started the next day with a complimentary breakfast of rice and pinaputok na tilapia. The food was good! Pinaputok na tilapia is one of my fave dishes so it set me in a good mood. The atsara was also done well, it wasn’t as sour as others I’ve tasted before — the sour/sweet was balanced.

Breakfast at The Cliff
Hali and I at breakfast.
Pinaputok na Tilapia
Complimentary breakfast – rice and pinaputok na tilapia.

Then we finally started the trek to Naculo Falls, with the caretaker as our guide.

We walked for 5 minutes before reaching the initial view deck where we could see the top of the waterfall. A set of steep metal ladder was waiting on the side, which leads to another viewing deck below that offers a fuller view of the falls. By steep, I mean it’s almost vertical.

Naculo Falls in Cavinti, Laguna
Naculo Falls from above.
Couple shot at The Cliff
Hali and I before climbing down the ladder.
Steep ladder to Naculo Falls

The caretaker gave us a harness each. We looped the rope around our waists. We were instructed to cuff the hook in one of the handrails, which gives extra security when going down.

My brother went first. He climbed down as if it was a regular staircase. I don’t know how he did it. It was dizzying just to look at.

We took a while because none of us wanted to go after him. Haha. Hali tried to, but he said his legs were still aching and he still had to drive us home later, so he decided to stay. I finally mustered the courage and walked backwards down. Our caretaker said either way is fine, but I believe this is safer because it’s easier to balance your feet.

Once I descended the first steps, I relaxed and it was easy. My sister-in-law followed. We met with my brother, who was wondering if we were going to show up at all. Haha.

Naculo Falls in Cavinti, Laguna
My brother waiting for us,

It had already started raining by this time. After the ladder, there was another short trek down to the viewing deck.

Naculo Falls is a huge waterfall with two streams. The current in the falls is strong, so it’s not advisable to swim in the basins below. However, it’s possible to cliff jump to the left basin.

Naculo Falls in Cavinti, Laguna
Me at Naculo Falls.
Naculo Falls in Cavinti, Laguna
Left stream at Naculo Falls.

According to our guide, Naculo Falls used to have one wide stream, but the owners had cemented the middle area to create two separate streams instead. I wasn’t able to ask why because I was distracted by the rain, although I find it odd as this is the first time I heard about changing something as natural as a waterfall.

The Airbnb listing says The Cliff has access to a private view deck to Naculo Falls. But our caretaker clarified that they owned not just the viewdeck, but the whole area including Naculo Falls.

Group shot at Naculo Falls
The two streams of Naculo Falls.

We took pictures and admired Naculo Falls. I’d been looking forward to taking photos in the metal view deck, but it was damaged and lying on the side. I was disappointed and I wish I’d been informed about this. Don’t get me wrong, Naculo Falls is beautiful on its own and I’d say it’s worth booking the Airbnb to see it, but I specifically wanted that photo because its one of their main selling points.

The rain was getting strong, so I asked the others to get back. Hali was waiting for us upstairs. We got back to the house and took a short dip in the dipping pool before washing up and checking out.

Final thoughts

We definitely enjoyed our stay at The Cliff at Naculo Falls. I wouldn’t say it’s one of the best Airbnbs I’d booked, but it’s certainly one of the most unique — and not just in the Philippines. Where else can you find a bed-and-breakfast in a property with its own waterfall that’s exclusive to you during your stay? It’s worth spending a night here just to see Naculo Falls.

One thing that I particularly appreciated is that the booking included extras that are usually not included in other Airbnbs. We had complimentary toiletries (soap, shampoo, tissue), towels, and water and coffee. There was also complimentary breakfast (either pinaputok na tilapia or longganisang lucban). I paid a total of P6,800 for 4 people which is very sulit.

These aside, I also have minor complaints about our stay. In particular, we encountered these issues that were not stated in the online listing or communicated with me:

  • There was no/limited mobile signal. Hence, we could not contact the 2 mobile numbers of the caretaker provided.
  • Hot shower in the bathroom was not working. There are 2 communal bathrooms outside, but by the time we needed to wash up, the power had gone out in the whole property so we weren’t able to use any of the hot showers
  • The metal view deck across the waterfall was in ruins.
  • The road to The Cliff was steep and not fully cemented. I believe this is an important information, especially for people like us who drive manual cars. As we were leaving the property, our car got stuck in the road going up. It was raining and muddy. Honestly, I was scared. Thankfully, we were able to get out of the rut and go home safely.

Another issue that we had is that there were lots of mosquitoes. To be fair, this one was stated in the listing, but still, it meant our “nature staycation” had to be spent indoors. Sadly I came home with fat mosquito bites.

I always book in Airbnb so I already have expectations. I think one major improvement that could easily be done is for the hosts to be upfront about issues in the property. Sometimes it’s not really about a particular issue but the fact there’s a lot of these small issues and it contributes to the whole stay experience.

That saying, in my opinion, it’s still a worthwhile Airbnb to book. It’s a good option for those looking for unique staycations near Manila.

You can watch our clip here:


Spent a night in a bnb with a private viewing deck in Naculo Falls. 💕 #laguna #philippines #fyp

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Practical Info: The Cliff at Naculo Falls (Cavinti, Laguna)

The Cliff at Naculo Falls is a private bed-and-breakfast located in Cavinti, Laguna. The highlight of the stay here is visit to Naculo Falls, which is also located within the property. There is also a nearby river where you can swim.

Book your stay here

Book your stay via Airbnb.

Facilities include:

  • 3-story house with 1 bedroom (3 queen-sized beds), 1 bathroom
  • 2 communal toilets and 2 baths
  • Outdoor kitchen and dining area
  • Dipping pool

Here are things to note:

  • 2PM check in / 12 noon checkout
  • Complimentary water and coffee + breakfast
  • Complimentary toiletries (soap, shampoo, tissue)

Things to know before you go

  • It’s best to bring everything you need prior to checking in. There is also a sari-sari store nearby.
  • During our visit, the road going there is narrow, steep, and not fully cemented. Be careful when driving especially when it’s raining.
  • It’s possible to visit Naculo Falls without booking an overnight stay at The Cliff. Simply inform them ahead of time and pay the entrance fee per person. I asked the exact amount, but the caretaker didn’t give me a clear answer so it’s best to contact them directly.
  • There are nearby waterfalls in the area you can visit, including the Tri-Falls of Tibatib (Balon-Balon Falls, Kipot Falls, and Porosa Falls) and Cavinti Falls (formerly known as Pagsanjan Falls).

Did you like this post about our staycation at The Cliff at Naculo Falls? If you have questions or comments, let us know in the comments section below!

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