Cavinti Falls aka Pagsanjan Falls - one of the top Cavinti tourist spots
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10 Best Cavinti Tourist Spots + Things to Do

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Laguna is known for many things — including hot springs and its nature attractions. Perhaps one of it’s most underrated destinations is the town of Cavinti, which is located about 3 hours away from Manila.

Cavinti is considered the Ecotourism Capital of Laguna, with its plethora of nature attractions including trails, waterfalls, lakes, caves. and more. Recently, it’s also being promoted as the Glamping Capital in the Philippines, with many island resorts located around Lumot Lake and Caliraya Lake. Whether you’re looking for a quiet staycation, nature to explore, or simply a new place to discover — you’ll love visiting Cavinti!

Here are the top tourist attractions in Cavinti, including other things to do in Cavinti that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Bumbungan Eco-park

Group photo in Bumbungan Eco-park
Bumbungan Eco-Park in Cavinti. (Photo by Aaron Nomo)

Bumbungan Eco-park is a wet bridge with what appears to be a man-made waterfall. It is now used as a picnic grove, with cottages and tables available to the public.

If you’re visiting Cavinti, you will probably stop by this one first because it has a tourism office on-site where you can register as tourists and cottages where you can sit down for packed breakfast.

2. Cavinti Church

Also known as the Transfiguration of our Lord Parish Church, this church is a heritage site over 400 years old. It features colonial baroque architecture, similar to other old churches in the country, and a bell tower.

3. Cavinti Weaving Center

Cavinti Women Weaving Association
The Cavinti Women Weaving Association.

The traditional art of weaving is alive in Cavinti! In the village of Uda, women weave pandan leaves to create hats, bags, and boxes (tampipi). You can buy a hat for as cheap as P35!

4. Cavinti Falls

Cavinti Falls aka Pagsanjan Falls
Cavinti Falls.

A legend written in books! Cavinti Falls is undeniably the most popular tourist attraction in Cavinti. It was formerly known as Pagsanjan Falls and a lot of people still refer to it as such to this day, but technically it is part of the municipality of Cavinti.

Cavinti Falls stands about 90 meters high with the strong gush of water hiding a small cave called the Devil’s Cave. The best part about visiting this waterfall is the balsa ride, where you can get directly under the stream and reach the mouth of the cave. There are also lifevests so you can swim in the ice-cold basin as well.

There are two ways to visit Cavinti Falls. The easiest way is through Shooting the Rapids boat tour via the town of Pagsanjan. The other is through a foot trail from Cavinti, which includes trekking and vertical rapelling.

5. Cavinti Cave

Cavinti Cave - fountain of youth
The Fountain of Youth.

Cavinti Cave, or more formally as Cavinti Underground River and Caves Complex, is a beginner-friendly cave featuring pristine stalactites, stalagmites, and various formations.

We went here to do the basic cave tour, which is around 2 hours. It was one of the best caving experiences I’ve had. There are submerged routes, a formation called the “Fountain of Youth” which was dripping with drinkable alkaline water, and an open chamber called the “Skylight.” The tour ends with a visit to a mini falls, where we enjoyed a strong water massage.

I can’t recommend this caving site enough. If you like caving, this is one of the must-try cave sites in the Philippines.

6. Naculo Falls

Naculo Falls is one of the best waterfalls in Laguna that you should visit at least once. It lies above Cavinti Falls, in a private property that you can book exclusively via Airbnb. That’s right — by booking The Cliff at Naculo Falls, you can enjoy an exclusive accommodation with access to your own waterfall!

It is not possible to swim at Naculo Falls, but visiting here is still worth it as you gaze at the power of the natural streams.

7. Balon-Balon Falls

Couple shot in Balon-Balon falls1
Hali and I at Balon-Balon Falls.

Another must-visit attraction in Cavinti is Balon-Balon Falls. It is part of the Tri-Falls of Barangay Tibatib.

Balon-Balon Falls is one of the best waterfalls near Manila that you can visit, especially on a day trip. It is also easy to reach, although since there are no sign posts you will need a guide to assist you. From the main road, it takes about 20 minutes to get here. You can enjoy back massages under the stream, swim in the mini-pools, take endless pictures, and even visit other nearby waterfalls in the area!

8. Enjoy a lakeside staycation

Kat in Serenidad Leisure Hub
At Serenidad Leisure Hub.

When in Cavinti, one of the things you should experience is having a lakeside staycation! There are numerous resorts in Lumot Lake, including budget-friendly campsites and luxurious accommodations where you can get away from the noise of the city, relax and unwind, and even celebrate special moments. There are also resorts in Caliraya Lake that you can book for the family.

9. Experience the obstacle courses at Mountain Lake Resort

Mountain Lake Resort - zipline
Zipline and obstacle course.

Mountain Lake Resort is one of the established tourist attractions in Cavinti. Located in Caliraya Lake, it is mostly known for its team-building facilities including a short zipline, obstacle course, and lake activities such as kayaking and boat tours.

You can visit here on a day tour or spend the night in their camping tents, lakeside rooms, or hotel accommodations.

10. Bayakan Falls

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not add Bayakan Falls to your list of things to do in Cavinti? This almost unheard of waterfall is located deep in the mountains in Cavinti. It requires about 3 hours of trekking and numerous river crossing, which includes swimming in deep waters. Don’t worry, lifevests are provided!

The waterfalls is pristine and beautiful and a home to various fauna including bats.

(Update as of 2023) Bayakan Falls is still closed to tourists. You may contact Cavinti Tourism Office for updates!

How to get to Cavinti

Cavinti is located 3 hours away from Manila. Commuting depends on where you’re heading.

As a general guide, here are the commute directions you can follow:

  • From Manila, ride a jeep bound for Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Then ride a jeep to Cavinti.
  • Once in Cavinti, charter a tricycle to your destination.

Public transport within Cavinti is sparse, and you may end up waiting a lot for the jeepney to fill up. As such, we find that the best way to get here is by private car.

Where to stay in Cavinti

Cavinti offers various kinds of accommodations — there are camping and glamping sites, private resorts, and even private islands you can rent for yourself! You can find a lodging whether you’re a solo traveler who wants to unwind, a couple looking for adventure or romantic time away, or a family who wants an easy vacation that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Here are our top recommendations. You may also refer to our separate guide on the best Cavinti resorts, glamping sites, and camp sites.

Caliraya Lake Front Resort

Caliraya Lake Front Resort infinity pool
Chilling at the poolside.

Caliraya Lake Front Resort is one of the best accommodations in Cavinti, especially catered toward families and groups. It’s located beside the serene Caliraya Lake (hence the name), with four airconditioned bedrooms, spacious living and dining areas, and a veranda that looks out at the lake.

There is also an IG-worthy infinity pool where you can enjoy a casual swim and a pier where you can find kayaks.

Sofia’s Lake Resort

Sofia's Lake Resort - bath tub view
Bath tub view in Sofia’s Lake Resort.

Sofia’s Lake Resort is a newly opened resort in Lumot Lake in Cavinti. It offers luxurious glamping tents and airconditioned villas, where you can enjoy a staycation, relax and enjoy a warm bath with a view of the lake, and eat delicious dishes prepared by the in-house chef!

This Cavinti resort is one the pricy side, but it’s worth splurging especially if you want to have a special experience in Laguna.

Kamp Tralala

Kamp Tralala is a campsite perfect for those who are on a budget or who want to experience the simple life in Cavinti. They also offer one of the best activities in Cavinti — the party balsa ride!

The party balsa has a cottage, hammocks over the water, a floater, and a slide — features that you can enjoy while the balsa takes you around the lake. The camp’s dog Sky also likes coming to the balsa ride. The hammock was so comfy; I actually fell asleep on it on the ride back.

Where to eat in Cavinti

Cavinti has interesting restaurants and cafes (if you know where to find them). You can enjoy modern offerings like pastries and coffee or head to restaurants that serve regional dishes.

Roa Coffee

Roa Coffee in Cavinti
Having coffee with view of Lumot Lake.
Cold brew in Roa Coffee
Cold brew.

This coffee stall is the cutest thing ever! It’s located on the road side with a pleasant view of Lumot Lake, so motorcyclists and drivers can simply stop over for a hot or cold brew.

Recommendations: Cold Brew is a must-try. The coffee taste is just right (not overpowering like in others) and there is a sweet dose of condensed milk at the bottom. I loved the drink unstirred, so you can taste the sweetness right at the end of your sip.

Kata Kape

This alfresco cafe is known for using tampipi (woven pandan leaves) as containers for serving pastries. So not only can you enjoy good snacks and drinks, you are also supporting a sustainable local business.

Recommendations: They have an interesting list of coffee drinks like the Twix Latte, so take your pick! For the food, I liked the pasta carbonara and banana muffins, which the old baking hobbyist in me would be so proud of.

BuenApetito Restaurante

BuenApetiti Restaurante by Las Caidas Wellness Resort offers delicious regional cuisine. It’s a great place for family meals, especially if you like live music performances with your plate of Filipino food.

Aside from the restaurant, there is also a waterfall with a cottage balsa and a spa & wellness center inside the resort grounds. We’ve been informed that accommodations would soon follow.

Recommendations: There is so much good food here, but what I enjoyed the most are the chicken binakol and kare-kare.

DA Junction

DA Junction restaurant in Cavinti, Laguna

If you’re looking for a nice restaurant in Cavinti town proper, check out the newly opened DA Junction. This cozy restaurant and bars offers comfort food and local delicacies such as local seafood. They also have a videoke and live performances on weekend nights.


For questions, you can contact Cavinti Tourism Office via Facebook.

Cavinti has something for everything. It offers everything from nature adventure to relaxing spots and staycations, with accommodations ranging from basic camp sites to high-end private resorts.

Here’s a short clip of our last four-day tour in Cavinti:


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That concludes our guide to Cavinti, Laguna! Do you have anything else to add? Let us know in the comment section below!

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