3 of the Best Night Markets in Kuala Lumpur

Night markets in Kuala Lumpur | pasar malams in Kuala Lumpur

I feel like talking about night markets (also called¬†pasar malam) is similar to going to the heart of the Malaysian culture. In its essence, pasar malams are street markets that operate from mid-afternoon ’til night, and here you can find local delicacies and products made by local businesses as well as artisans. There are several […]

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Off the Beaten Path: Overland to East Timor

As the van trundled across roads run with waterlogged potholes on the road towards East Timor, I pulled my knees up to my chest in an effort to cushion me from the juddering. I kept sneaking glances at my bus-mates to see whether they were as uncomfortable as I was, but it was hard to […]

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