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25+ Great Gifts for Filipino Travelers In Your Life

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Are you looking for gift ideas for someone who loves traveling? We’re here to help! Here’s a guide for gifts for Filipino travelers to help you decide which ones to buy, starting from essentials such as powerbanks to products that can be used in the long run.

Travel Essentials

Reusable travel bottle

Gifts for Filipino travelers - reustable travel bottle
(Photo by AquaFlask)

A reusable travel bottle is a must-have for everyone. There are different reusable travel bottles you can choose from — there’s a general-purpose travel bottle, insulated travel bottles for hot or cold beverages, and a filtered travel bottle for ensuring safe drinking.

Buy an Aquaflask drinking bottle.


Gifts for Filipino travelers - powerbank
(Photo by Romoss)

You can’t go wrong with a powerbank. It’s always a useful gift and it doesn’t matter if your recipient already has one. Who wouldn’t say no to an extra power bank?

For casual uses, a 10,000-mAh capacity powerbank is a good option. However, powerbanks with 15,000 mAh or higher is more useful for a few days of traveling, especially in locations without stable electricity. Moreover, there are now mini-powerbanks that pack high capacity but still fit in the palm, making them easy to carry.

Buy Romoss powerbanks.

Multi-port charger

Gifts for Filipino travelers - multiport charger

One of the most useful travel gifts you can buy is a multi-port charger, which can carry from 3-5 slots. It can be used to charge everything — from phones, cameras, and even ipads. This is particularly handy if you’re carrying several gadgets and your hotel room has limited ports for charging.

Buy a 5-port USB wall charger.

Leather passport holder

Gifts for Filipino travelers - passport holder
(Photo by Mugna Leather Arts)

Isn’t it nice to have all your things organized? A leather passport holder is a life-long gift that can be used for storing passport and other cards.

Buy a Mugna passport holder.

High-quality luggage

Gifts for Filipino travelers - luggage
(Photo from Delsey)

Whether you’re traveling locally or internationally, a high-quality luggage is a must-have. If you’re buying for someone who travels locally, make sure to choose one that fits as a carry-on (the most common size is 22″ x 14″ x 9″). Otherwise, get one that’s fit to carry enough everything you need for a multi-week travel aboard.

Regardless of the size you choose, you shouldn’t scrimp on the quality: it should be durable to endure the handling in planes and preferably something that stands out too!

Buy an affordable, high-quality luggage from Delsey.

Gifts for Beach Lovers

Linen coords

Linen coords by Linen Cafe
(Photo by Linen Cafe)

Linen coords are the current trend, and it’s likely that they will stay in fashion for a long time. In a tropical country like the Philippines, having linen clothing that lets the skin breathe is a must! Linen coords (top with shorts or pants) are usually versatile, as they can be used at home, for trips to the mall, or OOTDs on a beach trip.

Buy linen coords by Linen Cafe.


Gift for travelers - malong

A malong is a traditional tube skirt worn by Filipinos. But travelers know that it’s more than just a fashion piece — a malong is a lightweight, versatile item that can be used as a coverup in the beach, towel, and blanket. There are different kinds of malongs, with the most common ones in batik design sold in Mindanao area.

Buy a malong.

Beachborn products

Gifts for Filipino travelers - Beachborn products
(Photo by BeachBorn).

For beach lovers, buy a box of beach essentials that contain soap, shampoo bar, and hair spray to keep your tresses looking fresh despite the sun! Beachborn is a local brand that manufactures organic products sourced from local materials, so you know that you’re purchasing not just for a loved one but the environment as well.

Buy Beachborn beach essentials.

Round beach towels

Gift for travelers - round beach towel
(Photo by Tactics)

A round beach towel is a welcome gift for someone who loves vacationing in the beach! Spread it out in the sand and it instantly glamorizes the scene. There’s a lot of fun beach towels to choose from, ranging from donut and pizza designs to bohemian towels complete with tassels.

Buy round beach towels.

Aqua shoes

Gifts for Filipino travelers - aquashoes
(Photo by Decathlon)

Aqua shoes are a necessity when beach hopping in the Philippines and other countries in Asia. A good pair will protect your feet from rough stones and surfaces and will make your beach and snorkeling trip safe.

Buy a pair of good-quality aqua shoes.

Beach chair

Traveler gifts - beach chair

A beach chair is always nice to have. Beach chairs will help you be more comfortable and save you from having sands all over your legs. Adults will also appreciate having a seat while enjoying the beach. This item is also versatile, since you can also bring them to other nature trips and picnics.

Sustainable travel gifts

Reusable straws

Sustainable reusable straws
Metallic and bamboo reusable straws. We got these from Anything Eco, and a set comes with a pouch.

Is your recipient conscious about the environment? Then they’ll appreciate a gift of reusable straws.

A single reusable straw can easily replace the use of a thousand plastic straws or more, so if you know someone is environment conscious or you would like to promote a more eco-friendly traveling lifestyle, this is a good option to consider. Best of all, they are super cheap!

You can choose between metal or bamboo straws. Buy individual straws or a complete set that comes with different-sized straws plus cleaning brushes.

Buy a complete set of reusable straws.

Collapsible food container

One way to live a sustainable lifestyle is to limit your disposable items and invest on reusable ones. For backpackers and mountaineers, having your own food container is a must-have. A collapsible silicone food container is just the right item to do the job. Plus, it’s designed in a way to fit easily in your backpack.

Buy collapsible food containers.

HHN Reef-friendly sunscreen

Eco-friendly sunscreen - gifst for travelers
(Photo by Human Nature)

A high-SPF sunscreen is a must to keep our skin from sun damage. But if you’re concerned about the impacts of sunscreen in the environment, then a regular sunscreen isn’t enough! Choose a reef-friendly sunscreen that won’t harm the corals or animals in the ocean.

One of the leading reef-friendly sunscreens is made by Human Heart Nature.

Buy this HHN sunscreen.

Gifts for Campers and Backpackers

Sturdy backpack

Gifts for Filipino travelers - Osprey backpacks
(Photo b Osprey)

A sturdy backpack is a traveler’s bestfriend. It can be used for casual weekend getaways, outdoor hiking, or traveling in different countries. In fact, it’s a good investment for people backpacking around Southeast Asia. Choose one that fits your needs and is high quality, so you won’t have sudden problems on the road such as having broken straps.

Some of the best backpack brands are The North Face, Dueter, and Osprey.

Buy backpacks from Shopee – Osprey | The North Face.

Heavy-duty sandals

Gifts for Filipino travelers - sandals
(Photo by Lamiran)

A pair of heavy-duty sandals can take you to places, from charming towns to the top of the mountains. For people who love adventuring outdoors, it’s important to invest in one that will last for a long time. Thankfully, there are local brands like Lamiran and Sandugo that offer reasonably priced, heavy-duty sandals that come in different designs.

Buy outdoor sandals from Shopee – Lamiran | Sandugo.

Action camera

Action cameras are a necessary item for those who want to capture their adventure outdoors. It’s particularly useful for watersports such as snorkeling, diving, and surfing; cycling in the city or mountains; hiking, and more. It’s also a good gift for a frequent solo traveler since it takes easy selfies.

There are budget-friendly action cameras such as SJCam, and there are more expensive brands such as GoPro for those who do not want to compromise the quality of their photos and videos.

Get the latest from Shopee – SJCAM SJ4000 action camera | GoPro Hero 12.

2-in-1 Travel pillow and hammock

Why bring a separate travel pillow and hammock when you can buy a 2-in-1 product? This innovative travel item is created by Hammock Republic. They offer various designs, some with an added mosquito net for overnight use.

Not only is this practical and useful, it’s also affordable.


This is the ultimate gift for someone who is into serious backpacking. A lifestraw can be used to safely drink water from streams and other unfiltered water sources, which comes in handy for people traveling in rural areas and off-beaten locations.

A lifestraw filters out bacteria, parasites and microplastics. A single lifestraw has a capacity of 4000 liters, so it can easily be used for years to come.

Buy a Lifestraw.

Microfiber towels

Gifts for travelers - microfiber towel

A microfiber beach towel isn’t for everyone, but it’s great for those who backpack or pack lightly. It’s lightweight and easy to pack. It’s also highly absorbent and dries quickly.

It’s a great item to bring to quick beach trips or during backpacking when you’re staying in hostels that do not provide complimentary towels for use.

Buy this NatureHike microfiber towel.

Travel headlamp

Gifts for travelers - headlamp

Anyone who’s a serious backpacker knows how important a travel headlamp is. It can be used for navigation at night in isolated islands and communities and even in times of emergencies.

Look for a headlamp that is also waterproof. Another thing you might consider is whether to buy one with batteries or rechargeable USB slot — both have pros and cons depending on how you want to use them.

Buy a rechargeable travel headlamp.

Gifts for international travels

Packing cubes

A lot of people swear by the usefulness of packing cubes. They make it easy to pack more stuff in your luggage for international trips and also helps in organizing your clothes. You can pack your tops, bottoms, and underwear separately and it’ll be easy to get them without making a mess.

Buy good-quality packing cubes.

Portable luggage scale

Gifts for travelers - luggage scale

This nifty item is a useful gifts for frequent fliers. A luggage scale can be used to weigh luggages up to 50 kg. Just the thing you need so you don’t have to pay unexpected excess baggage at the airport!

Buy a portable luggage scale.

Compression socks

Gifts for Filipino travelers - compression socks
(Photo by Anomeo)

Compression socks are a must-have for long international flights. They are meant to make your sitting more comfortable, by promoting circulation in your legs through application of pressure in the ankles. This is also used to help swelling post-flight.

Buy a pair of compression socks.

Other fun gifts for Filipino travelers

Philippines scratch map

Scratch maps are a fun way to keep track of the places you’ve visited! You can keep a scratch map for records or hang it proudly in the wall. It will certainly be appreciated by Filipino travelers who are taking the 81 Provinces Challenge in the country.

A scratch map also makes a great gift for couples who love to travel!

Buy this OTG Philippines scratch map.

Gift certificates

Sometimes, the best gift is the gift of experience. As such, you might want to consider buying a gift certificate for a day-tour pass to a museum or other city attractions or a coupon that can be used in booking websites such as Airbnb.

Do you have other gift ideas for travelers you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments section!

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