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How to Book Philippine Airlines Seat Sale: Tips and Tricks for 2024

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Ready for an adventure without breaking the bank? Discover the latest and greatest deals with Philippine Airlines seat sales and promos, offering you an affordable way to explore stunning destinations while experiencing top-notch service.

Whether you’re planning a solo excursion, a family vacation, or a business trip, these promo fares are designed to help you save money without compromising on comfort or convenience.

What is Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines (PAL), also known as Asia’s first airline, is the national flag carrier of the Philippines. The airline has a fleet that serves an extensive network of destinations within the Philippines, as well as across the world. As of 2024, PAL flies to 33 destinations in the Philippines and 39 destinations in other countries in Asia, North America, Australia, and the Middle East.

Renowned for its high standards of service, Philippine Airlines is your gateway to discovering the beauty of the archipelago and beyond.

Philippine Airlines Promo Fares

One of the first things you should know is that the Philippine Airlines is full-service airline catering mainly to middle- and upper-class, as well as business travelers. Passengers also prefer them for their good service, minimal delays, and perks like spacious leg room and free snacks on-board.

While ticket costs are expensive compared to budget airlines like Cebu Pacific and AirAsia, you can still score great savings on airfare across a variety of routes through Philippine Airline promos. You can enjoy discounted rates on both domestic and international flights.

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Some of Philippine Airline’s popular promos include “50% off,” “70% off,” and “PALmazing weekend sale.” Promos are also announced during special holidays such as Labor Day, Philippines Independence Day, Christmas, and New Year (Year End Sale). Also watch out for Philippine Airline’s anniversary promo (founding date at February 26), which usually runs from the last week of February to the first week(s) of March.

Philippine Airlines promo tickets often come with special conditions such as advance booking requirements, limited availability, and specific travel periods, so act fast to ensure you grab the best deals.

PAL is also a great choice for routes not covered by other airlines, such as international flights to the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and UK.

Philippine Airlines seat sale
(Photo by Philippine Airlines)

Here’s what you can expect with Philippine Airlines promos:

  • Discounted tickets: Get competitively priced tickets to your favorite destinations.
  • Early bird specials: Planning ahead has its perks, with advance booking promos available.
  • Last-minute deals: Spontaneous trippers can also reap benefits from unexpected seat sales and last-minute offers.
  • Exclusive online offers: Keep an eye out for online-exclusive deals when you book directly through Philippine Airlines’ website.

How to Find Cheap Philippine Airlines Seat Sale

Here are ways on how to find cheap Philippine Airlines seat sale and promo tickets:

Sign up for alerts

Subscribe to Philippine Airline’s newsletter and follow them in their social channels, especially Facebook and Twitter, to receive instant notifications about incoming promos and seat sales directly in your inbox or feed.

Manually search for promos

Head to Philippine Airlines website ( and visit their promotions page to see ongoing promo fares.

Use promo codes

Sometimes, Philippine Airlines requires promo codes to access discounted fares. Ensure that you have the correct promo code and enter it during the booking process to apply the discount. In some cases, promo codes are automatically populated, such as in PAL GCash Weekend Deals.

Check for credit card promos

For even greater savings on your travels, don’t miss out on exclusive credit card promos in partnership with Philippine Airlines. These special deals often provide additional discounts, installment payment plans with 0% interest, or bonus mileage points that can be redeemed for future flights.

To take advantage of these offers, keep an eye on announcements from your credit card provider and ensure your card is eligible for the promo.

Visit travel expos

Philippine Airlines often offer exclusive discounted tickets and packages during travel expos. These events frequently host a plethora of airlines, including Philippine Airlines, offering exclusive deals and discounts not found online or in agencies

Check with travel agencies

Check with travel agencies and aggregator websites that specialize in offering discounted fares. Sometimes they have access to exclusive deals not available elsewhere.

Join Mabuhay Miles

Mabuhay Miles is PAL’s frequent flyer program. Members sometimes get early access or exclusive discounts on fares. Moreover, you can earn miles every time you fly, and you can use the miles for free flights or upgrades in future travels. Promo fares still qualify for mileage accrual.

Tips and Tricks on Booking Philippine Airlines Promos

And here are tips on how to successfully book — and make the most of — your Philippine Airlines promos:

  • Act quickly. Promo fares are limited and in high demand. Once you find a promo fare that suits your travel plans, book it as soon as possible to secure the discounted rate.
  • Flexible dates. Being flexible with your travel dates can lead to significant savings. Promo fares may be available on specific days or during off-peak seasons. Adjusting your travel dates slightly can help you find the best deals. You can use the airline’s fare calendar to compare prices across different days.
  • Consider alternative airports: If your destination has multiple airports, check if promo fares are available for flights to alternative airports. You might get significant savings by flying into a nearby airport and taking ground transportation to your final destination.
  • Check restrictions. Promo fares may come with certain restrictions such as non-refundable tickets, limited seat selection, or no option for changes. Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before booking.
  • Be patient and persistent. Promo fares can be elusive, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t find a deal right away. Keep searching, be patient, and be ready to pounce when a good offer comes up. Also remember that airlines often stagger the amount of seat sales on different days — so if you miss a seat sale today, check back the next day.

FAQs about Philippine Airlines Promo Fares

How do I book a promo fare?

Booking can be done through the Philippine Airlines website, mobile app, ticketing offices, or authorized travel agents. Online booking is convenient and allows you to easily compare dates and prices to find the best promo fares.

What should I know before booking?

Promo fares are usually non-refundable and may have rebooking fee for changes or cancellations. Always check the terms and conditions tied to the promo offer before purchasing your ticket to ensure it fits your travel plans.

When is the best time to check for promo fares?

Promo fares are announced at various times throughout the year, especially during special events, holidays, or travel expos. Subscribing to newsletters, following Philippine Airlines on social media, and regularly checking their website will keep you updated on the latest sales.

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Are there any additional fees I should be aware of?

While promo fares cover the base ticket price, they often exclude additional charges such as taxes, airport fees, and optional add-ons such as check-in luggage. Be sure to review the total cost of your trip during the booking process.

Can I earn miles with promo fares?

Depending on the type of promo and fare class, you may still earn miles under the Mabuhay Miles loyalty program. However, some discounted fares may earn fewer miles or no miles at all.

Explore the beauty of the Philippines and other countries by purchasing Philippine Airlines promo tickets. The world awaits — and Philippine Airlines is here to take you there — with promo fares and seat sales that make travel more accessible than ever.

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