Best restaurants in Albany Western Australia
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10 Best Restaurants in Albany, Western Australia

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Are you heading to Albany soon? This city is a great option for weekend and holiday trips, as it’s a modern regional city but also not far from the coast. It also offers various activities especially for those who love watersports, interesting historic landmarks, and great art, food, and music scene. Here we’ve written about the best restaurants in Albany, Western Australia, that you should try on your trip!

What to expect in Albany

Whether you’re looking for a laid-back café or a fine-dining restaurant with panoramic views, Albany has it for you! This coastal city serves everything from classic and contemporary Australian cuisine to fresh seafood, Asian delicacies, and more. One thing that distinguishes the food in Albany is that the city’s restaurants emphasize the use of fresh, local ingredients gathered from the region’s abundant produce.

Here are the culinary highlights in Albany:

  • Fresh seafood: As a coastal town, Albany enjoys an abundance of fresh seafood, such as fish, mussels, oysters, and crayfish (lobster).
  • Wine tasting: Albany is located in the Great Southern region, known for its wine production. So you can explore local wineries and cellar doors to sample top-quality wines, such as Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Shiraz.
  • Farm-to-table dining: Albany’s surrounding region is abundant in agricultural product such as fruits, vegetables, and meat (beef, lamb). You’ll find many restaurants in Albany offering farm-to-table dining, serving dishes made from locally sourced ingredients.

As you explore Albany, you can easily find establishments highly rated for both food and ambiance. Many lists already exist online that highlight the best restaurants in Albany, providing travelers with great options when it comes to where to start. Consider this list a general overview of the best restaurants in Albany especially for first-time visitors.

Most Popular Restaurants in Albany

Grab your spoons and forks — here are the top restaurants in Albany that have locals and travelers raving!

1. Liberté

Liberté is a Parisian-inspired restaurant nestled inside the historic London Hotel. Their menu is a love letter for French-Vietnamese fusion and the restaurant itself is perfect for those looking for a great dinner spot with great cocktails.

They have a diverse menu so you can try a lot of different flavors, but if you’re looking for popular items, try the bao buns, dumplings, seafood steamboat, chilli crab noodles, and yellow curry.

This Albany restaurant is on the pricy side, and reservation is highly recommended.

2. Due South

There’s a reason Due South remains one of the popular restaurants in Albany: they offer consistent, fantastic meals. The location is also great, with waterfront views and large seating easily available for groups.

The food here is served with generous portions and reasonable prices. Try their famous chilli mussels, as well as mozzarella pizza and garlic pizza, chicken wings, and ribeye steak. Cap off your meal with a cold beer and you’re good to go!

Finally, let’s talk about the vibe — it’s laid-back, full of laughter, and undeniably feels like Albany. Don’t miss it when you’re in the area!

3. Loft 22

Loft 22 is that cozy corner of the world you stumble upon and can’t stop telling your mates about. This wine bar is definitely the place to be for nice meals, and the great thing is the ambiance is perfect for anything — whether it’s casual meals, romantic dates, or just meeting up with friends.

Try different tapas, including char-grilled asparagus, grilled octopus, chicken dumplings with coconut sauce, beef sliders, and pork belly for a cacophony of flavors. You’ll also be given non- and alcoholic options to pair it with.

4. Garrison

Garrison is one of the top-reviewed places to eat in Albany. This fine-dining restaurant is the real deal — perched on top of Mount Clarence, it’s got a view of the ocean that will knock your socks off and a menu that will keep ‘em off. It’s also located next to the ANZAC Museum, hence the name.

The menu mainly consists of contemporary and fusion Australian dishes. Some of the popular items include the Sunday roast, duck and lamb confit, pork belly, truffle pasta, and more. There’s also a wide selection of cocktails and other drinks for pairing.

Aside from the food, another reason to visit Garrison is that it offers a different experience everytime you visit! Enjoy the delightful view of the ocean in the afternoon, a beautiful sunset later on, and a relaxed evening with your significant other or friends at dinner.

5. Ocean and Paddock

A list of the most popular restaurants in Albany won’t be complete without a mention of Ocean and Paddock, known for their fish and chips. In fact, they have been voted the best Fish and Chips in Western Australia for years 2017-2019.

This restaurant uses fresh ingredients from farmers, butchers, and fishermen to create a daily-changing seasonal menu. Aside from the fish and chips, some of their bestsellers include the Fresh Albany Oysters, Society Chutney Chili Squid Salad, and Buffalo Chicken Burger as well as Harvey Beef Burger.

Ocean and Paddock is also known as a family-friendly dining option, with great service and ambiance.

6. The Earl of Spencer

Established in 1884, this historic inn offers great food, great beer, and a nice traditional English pub-style ambiance that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into England. Perfect for when you’re craving comfort meals and a variety of drinks.

This restaurant’s menu is nothing extra-ordinary but guaranteed that you’ll get your money’s worth. A few crowd-favorites include the beef BBQ ribs, chicken wings, and home-made steak pie. There are also plenty of local drinks on tap and a balcony for those who wish to enjoy their meal with a view.

7. Albany Indian Tandoori Restaurant

If you love Indian food, then one of the restaurants in Albany you should try is the Albany Indian Tandoori Restaurant. Once you enter the restaurant, you’ll be welcome with a delicious smell of Indian spices to ramp up your appetite.

This restaurant offer authentic Indian dishes such as biryani, butter chicken, tikka massala, and naan, among others. There are also different curries, and you can have them mild, medium, or hot. Mango lassi is a must, or alternatively you can order a local drink for your meal.

This Indian restaurant is also notable for its quiet, cozy ambiance and proximity to the nearby Hilton Hotel.

8. Monty’s Leap

About 20 minutes drive away from Albany, you’ll find an amazing boutique vineyard perfect for a lazy afternoon of great food and wine tasting.

Monty’s Leap offers modern Australian cuisine, made from locally sourced ingredients. They also offer a wide selection of wine and wine tasting at different price points. Enjoy the dining experience with the surrounding lush views and let the children play at the small playground for family-friendly experience.

9. Majuba Bistro

One of the best regional restaurants in the Western Australia, Majuba is a French-style bistro offering European-inspired cuisine and the best wines in Australia.

Have a plate of juicy ribeye steak or lamb rack, a bowl of bouillabaisse, or perhaps the fish for the day while you listen to French jazz and enjoy the restaurant’s delightful ambiance. You’ll also find a comprehensive list of local drinks to suit your preference.

10. Emu Point Café

For breakfast, nothing beats the food — and the view — at Emu Point Café. This iconic breakfast joint offers unspoiled views of the bay, with plenty of shade so you can enjoy outdoor seating if you wish.

This restaurant has a wide array of breakfast options, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. Some of the items you might want to try include their breakfast waffles, ham hock eggs benny, and pancake and eggs with Turkish bread.

Take note that it tends to be busy, as it is popular among locals as well, so it’s recommended to make reservations in advance.


  • Award-winning restaurants: Monty’s Leap is a notable establishment, offering a modern Australian menu with a focus on fresh, local produce. This vineyard restaurant is not just winning accolades for its premium wines, but also for its innovative dishes and exceptional service. Lime 303 is another great option. This hotel restaurant serves a menu consisting of modern Australian cuisine and fresh seafood.
  • Waterdining options: Ocean and Paddock and Due South offer not just stunning ocean views but also a menu filled with delicious seafood and other dishes.

What to do in Albany

Albany Wind Farm
Albany Wind Farm.

Is it your first time visiting in Albany? Here are some of the must-do sights and activities for first-time visitors!

  • The Gap and Natural Bridge: Brace yourself for nature’s power on display. The roaring sea, the spray, the sheer drop — it’s Mother Nature showing off.
  • Torndirrup National Park: Lace up for hikes and discover rugged coastal landscapes, beautiful beaches, and native wildlife at the park. Also don’t forget to enjoy that good dose of fresh, salty air.
  • National Anzac Centre: One of the famous attractions in Albany, this place plays tribute to the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) troops deployed during World War I.
  • Albany Wind Farm: Whether you prefer taking a scenic drive or hiking to get here, the wind farm won’t disappoint with its panoramic views of the ocean and the giant turbines that harness wind for renewable energy.
  • Emu Point and Middleton Beach: There are plenty of beaches in Albany, and two of the notable ones are Emu Point and Middleton Beach. Both are ideal for kid-friendly swims, picnicking, and watersports such as kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding.
  • Whale watching tours: Jump onboard and get ready for a splashy hello from the gentle giants of the deep blue. It’s a magical dance you won’t forget.

Albany may be a long way from culinary giants like Sydney or Melbourne, but it’s still home to many great restaurants and pubs/bars. What restaurant in Albany do you recommend? Let us know in the comment  section below!

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