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Weekend Buffet at Misto at Seda BGC

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If you like good-quality buffets, one restaurant that you should look into is Misto at Seda BGC. Derived from the Italian word “misto” (mixed), Misto serves local and international cuisines. Currently, they are the only restaurant in Bonifacio Global City offering weekend lunch buffet.

Hali and I came here on a Sunday. Here’s our foodie experience at Misto weekend buffet in Seda BGC!

Our experience at Misto

Misto is located at the ground floor of Seda BGC. It has over 200 seats, including a private dining room for 10 people and a semi-private area for 30 people.

I have high expectations about this buffet because I loved the breakfast spread in one of their other hotels (Seda Centrio in Cagayan de Oro). Up to this day, that was still the best breakfast buffet I’ve had in a hotel.

My boyfriend and I were immediately seated inside the restaurant. I liked the ambiance — there were large windows offering natural light and the atmosphere was generally relaxed. There were only a handful of tables occupied even though it was a weekend.

Kat and Hali at Misto at Seda BGC
Hali and I at Misto.

As with other hotels, Misto at Seda BGC has limited food stations, but what you’re really paying for is the quality (and the hotel ambiance).

There is a station for fresh fruits like pineapples, papayas, peaches (yay!), and watermelons. Next is a station for appetizers like ready-made salads, shrimp cocktails, cured meats, and blocks of cheeses. There are maki sushis, but no sashimi. Normally I would be disappointed since sashimi is the one I’m looking forward to the most in buffets, but I’m starting to realize from our recent visit to Cafe Eight that it isn’t a staple in hotel buffets. So I have somewhat tempered my expectations and I simply enjoyed the appetizers.

Seda Hotel Misto Buffet - breads
Bread station.
Seda Hotel Misto Buffet - shrimp cocktails
Shrimp cocktails.

There are also food stations for Indian food and grilled meats. I particularly liked the grilled prawns — they were large and pre-sliced in the middle so they weren’t messy to eat. Hali liked the beef short ribs and says it’s worth going here just for it.

Seda Hotel Misto Buffet - Indian food
Indian food.
Seda Hotel Misto Buffet - grilled
Grilled food like grilled prawns.

The carving station features roasted beef and pork, as well as vegetables. The quality of the roast beef here is good — definitely better than served in less expensive buffets.

Seda Hotel Misto Buffet - carving station
Carving station.

A long food station serves mains like fried rice and different viands and this is really where we came back for seconds. I loved the roast beef with its beautiful grill marks, the lasagna was divine, and the pizzas were gooey with cheese — normally I skip the pizzas in buffets because they are just so-so, but the pizzas here at Misto are a must-try. The shrimp tempuras were large and perfectly cooked and there were no queues to get them!

Seda Hotel Misto Buffet - pizza
Seda Hotel Misto Buffet - lasagna

The noodle station serves laksa and chicken soup. I tried the laksa and while it was better than others I’ve had elsewhere, it was too salty for my taste. I think this is the only dish that I didn’t like here.

Seda Hotel Misto Buffet - laksa

Lastly, there’s a large section for desserts, which include different cakes and sweets. I enjoyed this section because the desserts weren’t overly sweet, but just right. I tried different cake slices, tiny cups of mousse, and buko pandan which was good.

There is also gelato available. We almost missed it since it’s located near the entrance. I recommend getting the chocolate and pistachio flavors, they were my favorites.

Seda Hotel Misto buffet - desserts
Seda Hotel Misto Buffet - gelato

Here’s a summary of my review.

We both loved the buffet at Misto at Seda BGC. As I said above, there is limited selection but food quality is excellent. (Hali may have fallen in love with his plate of lasagna). I already had high expectations to begin with and I’m pleasantly surprised that they were met.

Seda Hotel Misto Buffet - plate
Carb overload.
  • Food. Less variety compared to other buffets, but food quality was great. Our favorite options are: grilled prawns, beef short ribs, roast beef, lasagna, and pizza.
  • Service. Food refills are quick, and staff immediately gets empty plates from the tables.
  • Value for money. The price for the weekend buffet is a little steep (at P1800 per person), but then again Seda Hotel deals with a different clientele (such as business people and travelers). If you’re someone who doesn’t mind few food options and prioritize good food, then I’d say this is a good value for money. You can also consider it as a weekend treat while having a staycation in the hotel.

Here’s a short clip of our visit:

About Misto at Seda BGC

Misto is the main dining restaurant of Seda Hotel in BGC, Taguig. They serve all-day dining options and lunch buffets (from 12PM to 2PM). Here are the current rates (Updated as of April 2023):

Weekdays (Mon to Fri):

  • One choice of main (grilled US beef ribs, grilled king prawns, grilled chicken, hickory baby back ribs, grilled stuffed squid, grilled salmon with crispy onion) plus unlimited breads, soup, salads, and desserts, plus sides
  • Rate is P999+ per person

Weekends (Sat and Sun):

  • Complete buffet with selected beverages, coffee, and tea
  • Rate is P1800 per person

It’s best to make reservations before you go. If you’re bringing a car, the hotel has a parking area and there are also other pay parking nearby. You can also book rooms at Hotel Seda BGC here.

Disclaimer: Our meal was complimentary c/o Misto at Seda BGC. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you tried the weekend buffet at Misto at Seda BGC? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments section below!

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