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Landingan Viewpoint: Quirino’s Most Scenic Spot

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Perhaps by now you’ve heard of Landingan Viewpoint. It’s one of the most popular destinations in Quirino Province.

Landingan Viewpoint is located atop a hill in Nagpatungan, Quirino. It offers a majestic view of the town, the Cagayan River which cuts through the land, and the surrounding hills including Toblerone Hills from afar. The rolling hills are one of the prominent geographical features of Quirino.

However, did you know that this area used to be bare? Yup. In 2015, a view deck was constructed so people can come here to enjoy the view. Today, there are a few cottages built to make your stay more comfortable.

I went here with friends during our 2-day trip in Quirino.

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Our visit to Landingan Viewpoint

It was early in the morning and lightly raining when we visited Landingan Viewpoint. At first, there were fogs surrounding the hill, which then cleared up after a while.

There were local families visiting with us and they set up food at the cottages. There wasn’t really anything for us to do except admire the view and take pictures. There were fogs surrounding the hill which cleared up a little after a while, at which point we were able to see the fields below.

Landingan Viewpoint - overlooking view
Overlooking view of green fields, river, and the surrounding hills.
Landingan Viewpoint - flowers

We placed our things in the cottage area and took photos in the surrounding flower patches. This area is the reason why Landingan Viewpoint is sometimes likened to Sirao Farm in Cebu. There is also a small slope nearby — this is in my opinion the best spot to take pictures in Landingan Viewpoint. There were a lot of us so we had to take turns in specific spots, but generally the place is wide enough for small groups.

Landingan Viewpoint in Quirino Province
Landingan Viewpoint in Quirino Province

Here are my photos courtesy of Jan Darren (Kapampangan Traveller).

Kat in Landingan Viewpoint
Admiring the flowers. (Photo by Jan Darren – Kapampangan Traveller)
Kat in Landingan Viewpoint
(Photo by Jan Darren – Kapampangan Traveller)

Afterwards, we went to our next destination: Diamond Cave which is also located in Nagtipunan.

How to get to Landingan Viewpoint

Here’s how to get from Manila to Quirino via public transport:

By land:

  • From Sampaloc or Cubao, ride a bus bound for Maddela (Quirino). Travel time is about 8 hours.
  • From Maddela Terminal, ride a jeepney bound for Ponggo.
  • Once in Ponggo, charter a habal-habal or tricycle to your destination in Nagtipunan.

Transport going to/around Quirino is somewhat limited, so I highly advise bringing your own car instead.


Here are the current rates (Updated as of January 2021):

  • Ecological fee: P25 per person
  • Cottages can be used for free.

You can also hike the Landingan Circuit, which is a 13-km hiking trail. Fee is P250 per person.

Other places to see in Nagtipunan

Here’s a list of tourist attractions you can find in Nagtipunan, Quirino:

Tourist sites in Nagtipunan, Quirino Province
Photo credit to Choose Nagtipunan.

Reminders and Tips

  • Landingan Viewpoint is a family-friendly destination.
  • You can visit on sunrise to witness the sea of clouds. Blue hour to sunset are also good visiting hours.
  • There are no stores in the area. You can bring your own food and drinks.
  • Make sure to follow the LNT principle. Do not pick the flowers and take your trash with you when you leave. Stay on the established path to avoid ruining the foliage.


For inquiries, you may contact:

  • Tourism of Nagtipunan (Quirino): Facebook

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