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Ultimate Guide to Using GCash: Your Wallet, Upgraded

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Ready to ditch the bulky leather wallet and harness the magic of your smartphone for all your money needs? Welcome to your friendly guide on using GCash, the game-changer in the world of digital finance straight from the Philippines.

GCash offers many uses in everyday life — it can do it all. We’re here to walk you through how to use GCash, from setting it up to making your life ridiculously easy with its features. Get ready to fall in love with the convenience!

Getting Started with GCash

Before anything else, you’ve got to get into the GCash bandwagon. It’s easy peasy!

  1. Download the app: Find GCash on the App Store or Google Play. Hit download and open it up.
  2. Sign Up: Input your mobile number and then fill in the required basic info — name, birth date, email, nationality, and a 4-digit MPIN.
  3. Verify yourself: For the full GCash power, verify your identity by uploading a valid ID and a selfie.
  4. Add money: Fund your wallet by visiting a partner outlet, doing a bank transfer, or getting a friend to send you some cash.

Uses of GCash

Here are the main features of GCash:

1. Sending Money

Going cashless when shopping

GCash allows you to send money to other GCash users or even to bank accounts and remittance centers.

Just tap “Send Money,” enter their number or select from your contacts, enter the amount, and hit “Send”

2. Paying Bills

Yes, we hate ’em, but they’re a fact of life. Pay them on your phone. No lines, no waiting — nothing but net!

With Gcash, you can pay your utility bills, credit card bills, and even government dues. Just select the “Pay Bills” option, choose the biller, and enter the necessary details.

3. Shopping

Wave goodbye at ATM runs. You can pay at partner merchants by simply scanning a QR code or using the app to send money. You can use this in malls, restaurants, and even tiangges — it is everywhere.

You can also use GCash as a payment method when buying from online shops or streaming services.

4. Mobile Load & Promos

Out of load? Don’t sweat it. Gcash lets you buy prepaid load for any network directly from the app. You can also subscribe to promos and data packages.

5. Investing & Saving

This is where GCash flexes its muscles.

  • Save Money: Yes, through the app! Earn interest on your savings with GSave, a savings bank account that you can open and maintain through GCash. Gsave is a collaboration between CIMB Bank and GCash. Unlike traditional bank accounts, it requires no initial deposit or maintaining balance.
  • Invest Money: If savings are too vanilla for you, GCash lets you invest via GInvest for as low as P50.

Tips to Keep Your Gcash Wallet Secure

Here are some pro safety tips to keep your GCash account safe:

  • Set a strong MPIN: Make sure to set a strong and unique MPIN for your GCash account to prevent unauthorized access. Don’t use birthdays or other numbers that are easy to guess. And don’t forget to keep your MPIN a secret!
  • Enable two-factor authentication: GCash offers two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security. Enable this feature to receive a one-time PIN (OTP) via SMS whenever you log in or perform sensitive transactions.
  • Keep your app updated: Always keep your GCash app updated to the latest version to ensure that you have the latest security patches and features.
  • Beware of phishing: No one legit will ask for your MPIN or OTP. Those are for your eyes only. GCash will never ask for these details via email or text message.
  • Monitor transactions: Regularly check your transaction history in the GCash app to ensure that there are no unauthorized transactions. See something fishy? Report it faster than you can say “GCash!”

Sending Money & Transaction Fees

(Photo by GCash)

Here’s how to transfer money using GCash, including the current transaction fees:

GCash to GCash

To send money from GCash to GCash, use the Express Send feature in the app. Select Express Send, enter the mobile number and amount you wish to send, and then check the confirmation box to confirm that details are correct. Tap send to finalize the transaction.

Fee: Transfering from Gcash to Gcash is free.

Gcash to bank account

To send money from GCash to a bank account, use the Bank Transfer feature in the app. Select Bank Transfer; enter the account name, account number, and amount; and then hit Send.

Alternatively, you can simply use a bank account’s QR code instead of manually entering the details.

Fee: You can send money from GCash to any of its partner banks for P15.

GCash to Paymaya

To send money from GCash to a bank account, use the Bank Transfer feature in the app. Select Bank Transfer and then scroll down and tap “Paymaya/Maya.” Input the Maya account details (the Maya account number is a mobile phone number), amount, and purpose of transfer. Click send.

Fee: GCash to Paymaya transaction fee is P15.

Withdrawing Funds/Cash in

To withdraw funds from your Gcash account, you can cash in through partner banks, convenience stores, pawnshops, remittance centers, and other Gcash partner locations.

Popular partner outlets include 7-Eleven, Cebuana Lhuillier, Palawan Pawnshop, Villarica Pawnshop, and many more.

How to cash in Gcash via 7-Eleven

7-Eleven is one of the most common cash-in outlets for GCash. Here are different ways to cash in via 7-Eleven:

  • CLiQQ kiosk: Visit any 7-Eleven branch and then use the CLiQQ kiosk. On the touchscreen, tap “E-Money” and then choose Gcash. Enter the Gcash number and amount. Get the printed receipt and then present it to the store cashier to receive the money.
  • CLiQQ app: Download the CLiQQ app in your phone from either Google Playstore or Apple App Store. Create an account. Tap “Add e-Money” and then enter the Gcash number and amount. Save or screenshot the 7-Connect Barcode and then present it to the cashier.

Using CLiQQ costs a standard convenience fee of 1% per transaction. To cash in your Gcash funds via 7-Eleven for free, you can try the method below:

  1. Download the CIMB bank app from either Google Playstore or Apple App Store and then create your account.
  2. Link your CIMB account to your GSave account via the Gcash app.
  3. In the CIMB bank app, tap on Payments > Cash-in > Over-the-counter cash-in and then select 7-Eleven. Enter the Gcash amount number and amount. Save or screenshot the barcode and then present it to the 7-Eleven cashier. Note: Maximum cash-in amount is P10,000 and maximum of 5 generated barcodes per day.

FAQs about GCash

Is GCash safe to use?

As long as you follow standard safety tips when using GCash, it should be safe to use.

How do I put money into my GCash?

Easy peasy! Visit any of GCash’s overloading partners nationwide — such as convenience stores, malls, and pawnshops. Or, transfer funds from your bank app directly to GCash in a few taps.

I sent money to a wrong account number. What should I do?

When you send money using GCash, you are given the chance to confirm the transaction details before hitting send. Once a transaction is finalized, it cannot be refunded.

I got scammed via GCash. What should I do?

It’s tough getting scammed, but it happens. GCash recommends filing a report via PNP or NBI immediately. You can also submit a ticket to get in touch with GCash’s support.

Unfortunately, GCash does not refund any amount from scam transactions.

In the future, you can avail of GCash Insurance: In 2023, GCash unveiled its Send Money Protect insurance, which provides a P30-day coverage for P15,000 worth of transactions for only P30. The insurance covers online shopping frauds and scams, but not wrong transactions such as sending money to an incorrect account number.

I got a problem. Who do I call?

You can reach GCash customer support through various channels:

  • In-app help center: You can access the Help Center directly within the GCash app.
  • Customer hotline: Call GCash customer support at 2882 (for Globe/TM subscribers) or (02) 885-2882 (for other networks).
  • Email support: You can also send an email to for inquiries and assistance.

That concludes our guide to using GCash! Whether you’re sending money to family, paying bills, or investing for the future, GCash offers a wide range of features to help you manage your finances conveniently and securely.

Do you have questions about GCash? Let us know in the comment section below!

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