3 Days Itinerary to Port Barton (San Vicente, Palawan)

Kat in White Beach, Port Barton
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This is our 3 days itinerary to Port Barton in San Vicente, Palawan. You can use it as a rough guide when you’re planning a trip to Port Barton.

How to get here

From Puerto Princesa Airport, there are vans going to Port Barton (P500 per person).

A cheaper option is to ride a tricycle/jeep from the airport to San Jose Terminal. From the terminal, there are air-conditioned buses (P300, 4 hours) or vans going to Port Barton (P350, 3 hours).

Schedule of vans start at 6AM to 6PM. Here are the van operators for the PPS-Port Barton route.

  • Recaro: 0905 4858 597, 0909 3513 037
  • SBE: 0919 4455 021, 0995 1629 155

You can reserve a slot for the vans. You can also schedule pickup from the airport for an additional fee.

When is the best time to visit

The best time to visit Port Barton is from March to June (dry season), but island hopping tours can be done all-year round.

Peak season is from December to February, which is the time when foreign tourists flock to San Vicente in general.

3 Days Itinerary to Port Barton

Without further ado, here’s our 3 days itinerary to Port Barton.

Day 1
– Morning arrival at Puerto Princesa Airport
– Ride a van from San Jose Terminal to Port Barton (3 hours)
– Check in at accommodation
– Free time at Port Barton Beach/White Beach

Day 2
– Island hopping in Port Barton

Day 3
– Morning trek to Pamuayan Falls (15 min tricycle ride, 15 min trek)
– Check out at accommodation
– Travel to Poblacion (1 hour) / lunch in town
– Ride a trike to the Long Beach
– Ride a van from Poblacion Terminal to Puerto Princesa (2-3 hours)
– Night departure from Puerto Princesa Airport

As said above, consider this a rough itinerary. Originally, we planned on staying at Port Barton for the duration of our trip, but after a discussion, we decided to take a short visit to Long Beach as well. This works if your return flight is scheduled at night. Otherwise, it’s better to skip the Long Beach or alternatively extend another day.

Port Barton

Port Barton is a quiet coastal community in San Vicente, Palawan. It’s composed of 12 islands, which is endowed with pristine beaches, snorkeling areas and other natural attractions.

Port Barton is one of the quieter destinations in Palawan so it appeals best to those who want a relaxing vacation. Similar to El Nido, this place also offers island hopping activities.

Here are the things to do in Port Barton.

Island hopping

There are different island hopping tours in Port Barton: A, B, C, D and E. Rate is P1200 per person (inclusive of lunch and miscellaneous fees). If you’re going to choose only one of these, I suggest Tour A because it’s the most popular.

  • Tour A (Essential Tour): Twin Reef, Turtle Spot, Inaladelan Island, Smart Island, Starfish Island
  • Tour B (Fishing Life): Paradise Island, Exotic Island, Sanctuary Reef, Albaguin Village, Starfish Island
  • Tour C (Tribal Life): Aquarium Reef 1 and 2, Reef #5, Bunuanguin Town, Luli Beach Island, White Beach
  • Tour D (Waterfall Life): Inaladelan Island, Reef 1, Lagoon Reef, Bigaho Falls, Pamuayan Beach
  • Tour E (More Reefs and Islands): Paradise Island, Maxima Island, Wide Reef, Capsalay Island, Fantastic Reef, Starfish Island

Island hopping starts at 9AM to 4PM.

It’s also possible to avail of a private tour, inclusive of lunch, masks and miscellaneous fees. Rates are as follows: P5000 for 2 pax / P7000 for 3-5 pax, additional P1300 per person.

Port Barton Beach, Palawan
Port Barton main beach.

We asked the staff in our accommodation Westpoint Inn to assist us in securing a boat for island hopping. We visited Twin Reef, German Island, Pina Plata (where we had lunch), Maxima Island and Exotic Island, Wide Reef and Starfish Island.

Read more about our island hopping experience in Port Barton.

Port Barton island hopping - Twin Reef
Fish feeding in Twin Reef.
Port Barton island hopping - Wide Reef
Corals in Wide Reef.
Sea turtle in German Island, Port Barton
Sea turtle in German Island.
Group shot - Port Barton island hopping tour lunch
Sumptuous lunch included in our island hopping.
Port Barton island hopping tour lunch
Kat in Pina Plata, Port Barton
Me in Pina Plata Island.

White Beach

White Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Port Barton. This is a place where you can relax, swim and just beach bum.

Port Barton - White Beach
White Beach.

There are different ways to get here. It can be included in your island hopping tour (joiner or private). Or you can get a boat service from the Port Barton Beach for P150 per person. There is an entrance fee of P50 per person.

Pamuayan Falls

Pamuayan Falls is an 8-meter high waterfall in Barangay Pamuayan, Port Barton. There is a small basin where you can swim. There are also cottages where you can leave your items.

Pamuayan Falls in Port Barton, Palawan
Pamuayan Falls.

There is a required donation upon registration to Pamuayan Falls. Guide fee to the waterfall is P300. In our case, our tricycle drivers simply went with us.

To get here, you can trek from the town proper to the waterfall for 1.5-2 hours. Or you can rent a habal-habal or tricycle (tricycle rent – P750) for 15-20 minutes and then trek the rest of the way to the waterfall (15 minutes).

If you can drive, you can rent a motorcycle for a whole day (P500, excluding gas) to visit Pamuayan Falls and another falls called Bigaho Falls.

Some things to note:

  • The waterfalls in Port Barton may be dry during summer. Ask around first before visiting so you don’t waste your time.
  • During rainy season, a habal-habal or motorcycle may not survive the roads going to Pamuayan Falls. In this case, it’s best to get a tricycle instead.
  • Cliff diving is not allowed in Pamuayan Falls due to accidents. Our guide told us that a handful of foreign tourists have died in the past months leading our visit since they did ignored the warnings. Take note that Port Barton has only 1 small clinic.


Poblacion is another town in San Vicente. Here is where you can find the famous Long Beach.

To get here, you can either take a direct flight from Manila to San Vicente. If you’re coming from Port Barton, you can ride a van (2 hours) or rent a boat (boat rent – P3000, 1 hour) to get here.

From Poblacion, you can also go on an island hopping tour to the islands in Port Barton (P1800 per person, 2 hours away).

Long Beach

Long Beach is the longest white-sand beach in the Philippines, at 14.7 kilometers. It’s one of the rising destinations in Palawan.

Long Beach in San Vicente, Palawan
Long Beach in San Vicente, Palawan.

To get here, you can ride a tricycle from the town (P50 per person).

To be honest, Long Beach isn’t the best beach for swimming because of regular strong waves. This is one of the reasons why we only chose to drop by here before going back to Puerto Princesa. Bucket list item checked off.

Irawan Beach and Bato ni Ningning

This is another spot that you can visit in Poblacion. Bato ni Ningning features a distinct rock formation (similar to that in Sambawan Island in Biliran) and an overlooking view of the Long Beach.

To get here, you can charter a habal-habal (P300-400 round trip per person, 45 minutes one way from the Long Beach).

Things to know before you go

  • There are no banks or ATMs in Port Barton. Bring every cash that you need before you go.
  • Port Barton only has 1 small clinic. Exercise caution whenever you go to avoid accidents.

Where to stay in Port Barton

There are different resorts in Port Barton. If you’re on a budget, you may want to book on an inland accommodation instead of a beachfront resort.

We stayed at Westpoint Inn which is 5-10 minutes walk from the main beach (off-peak rate: P1000 per night, double-bed room good for 4 people).

Westpoint Inn
Book discounted rates here

Other recommended stays in Port Barton:

Ausan Beach Front Cottages
Book discounted rates here

Deep Moon Resort
Book discounted rates here

You can also book discounted rates for other resorts in Port Barton here.

Budget and expenses

Here’s a summary of expenses for Port Barton:


  • Van from San Jose Terminal (PPS) to Port Barton (San Vicente) – P350 per person
  • Boat from Port Barton to Poblacion (Long Beach) – P3000 boat rental
  • Trike from Poblacion town to Long Beach – P50 per person
  • Van from Poblacion (San Vicente) to San Jose Terminal (PPS) – P300 per person


  • Island hopping in Port Barton – P1200 joiner tour per person/P5000 private boat rental
  • Misc island hopping fees – German Island entrance fee P100 per person
  • Boat ride to White Beach – P150 per person/P50 entrance fee per person
  • Tricycle service to Pamuayan Falls – P750 per tricycle (round-trip, good for 3-4 people)


  • Accommodation in Port Barton – P600-1000 per room


  • Environmental fee in Port Barton (valid for 10 days) – P50 per person

There were 5 of us and our budget was approximately P5500-6000 per person.

Group shot - Port Barton dinner by the beach
Dinner by the beach in Port Barton.


Has this 3 days itinerary to Port Barton been helpful to you? If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments below!


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