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10 TOP Batangas Beach Camping Spots for Summer Escapades

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If you’re starved for that salty breeze tangled in your hair and the soft, sandy beds only nature can provide — guess what? Batangas is your next pin on the map. That’s right — Batangas is home not just to beach resorts and dive centers but also to beach camping sites perfect for those who love the outdoors. These spots are also ideal for those on the budget, where you can enjoy the sea without spending a lot.

Without further ado, here are the best Batangas beach camping spots you should visit during the summer days.

1. Fortune Island

Hali in Fortune Island
Hali at the acropolis.

At the top of our best Batangas beach camping sites is Fortune Island — a secluded island with Greek-inspired columns and statues, stunning cliffside views, and a white pocket of beach that beach bummers love.

Fortune Island has an interesting history. It was once a luxury resort, but it has since been abandoned and is now a favorite beach destination near Manila. It’s a great spot to enjoy camping under the stars while overlooking the azure waters of the West Philippine Sea.

Don’t forget to bring essential travel items like food, snacks, and sunscreen. There are no commercial establishments at the island — it’s just you, the sea, and the sun.

Location: Nasugbu

2. Manuel Uy Beach Resort

Manuel Uy Beach Resort
(Photo by Manuel Uy Beach Resort)

Despite the name, Manuel Uy Beach Resort is an exclusively camping ground. You can either bring your tent or rent one from the staff owners.

This Batangas beach camp is the essence of simplicity with its humble accommodations, long sandy shores, and beautiful sunsets. You can come here to chill out, breathe, and just be. But don’t worry — the resort still has shower and toilet facilities, so you can still freshen up after a day or two at the beachside.

Location: Calatagan

3. Masasa Beach

Masasa Beach in Tingloy, Batangas
Dogs lazing in the beach.

Masasa Beach is one of the most budget-friendly beach destinations near Manila. While camping along Masasa Beach itself is prohibited, you can still camp at designated spots in Tingloy Island where it is located.

There are plenty of things to do at Masasa Beach. You can take a stroll along its powdery white sand shore and swim at the clear turquoise waters. Or hop on a boat to see the other island attractions and — if you’re lucky — swim with sea turtles.

During the summer months, local tourists flock to the island for a bit of summer fun. While it isn’t for those looking for quiet, it’s still one of the best Batangas beach camping sites for its gorgeous beach, fun water activities, and affordable rates.

Location: Tingloy

4. Bituin Cove

Hali in Bituin Cove, Nasugbu, Batangas

Next up on our list is Bituin Cove (also called Angara Cove), a small beach cove tucked away in Calayo, Batangas.

Bituin Cove is the kind of place where you can pitch your tent, kick back, and just forget away your troubles (at least for a while). The cove’s secluded beach offers an unspoiled view of the stars. By day, the clear waters invite you to explore, swim, and snorkel around its home reef.

From Bituin Cove, you can also go on an island hopping tour to see other nearby attractions, including Santelmo Cove, a marine sanctuary with colorful corals, giant clams, and a variety of fishes.

This spot is a great escape for those seeking a little magic by the sea. Bookmark it the next time you’re looking for beach camping sites in Batangas!

Location: Calayo

5. Agapeng Cove

Agapeng Cove
(Photo by Agapeng Cove)

Similar to Bituin Cove, Agapeng Cove is a beautiful beach cove tucked away in Calayo. This spot is so secluded and serene, it feels like you’ve stumbled upon your own private patch of paradise.

With its creamy, white sand and breathtaking clear waters, Agapeng is the kind of place you’ll want to keep all to yourself — but hey, sharing is caring, right? There are tiny cottages in the island for day use and tents for camping in at night. It’s perfect for those who crave a moment of peace away from the crowds.

Aside from beach bumming, other activities at Agapeng Cove include snorkeling, fishing, and island hopping.

Location: Calayo

6. Sawang Dive Camp

Sawang Dive Camp Resort - one of the most affordable beach resorts in Batangas
(Photo by Sawang Dive Camp Resort)

For those who love snorkeling and diving, Sawang Dive Camp is one of the best camping sites in Batangas that you should check out!

Sawang Dive Camp is located in Isla Verde, about 1 hour of boat ride away from mainland city of Batangas. It offers various accommodations — including airconditioned rooms and a camping spot that overlooks turquoise waters. The resort also makes a good home base for exploring the island, allowing you to visit the white-sand beaches, snorkel, and do fun dives.

Ready to take the plunge and explore the wonders beneath the waves? Sawang Dive Camp is calling.

Location: Batangas City

7. Kawai Beach Camp

Kawai Beach Camp
(Photo by Kawai Beach Camp)

Do you want to experience the outdoors but can’t let go of creature comforts like airconditioning? We got you!

Located in Lobo, Kawai Beach Camp offers glamping tents complete with airconditioning, comfortable bed, and access to shower and toilet with complimentary toiletries like soap and shampoo. The camp also offers free breakfast and can do the rest of your cooking for you for an additional fee. Talk about feeling like royalty!

Kawai Beach Camp is located along a pebble beach, perfect for those who want to slow down and beach bum. At night, you can relax alongside a bonfire and the lull of the ocean waves.

With its great facilities and quiet location, Kawai Beach Camp makes it to our best Batangas beach camping sites.

Location: Lobo

8. Damaso Beach Camp

Damaso Beach Camp - one of the best Batangas beach camping sites
(Photo by Damaso Beach Camp)

Looking for beach camping sites in Batangas for your barkada getaway? Check out Damaso Beach Camp in the beach town of Lian.

Damaso Beach Camp offers cottages and tents for overnight guests, with a whitish-sand beachfront filled with shallow water. The water makes it a great spot for kids to take a dip in, while adults can enjoy other activities like volleyball, kayaking, and snorkeling.

And when it’s time to wind down? There’s nothing quite like gathering around a campfire, sharing stories and laughter under a canopy of stars.

Location: Lian

9. Kuya Indo Campsite

Kuya Indo Campsite - one of the best beach camping in Batangas
(Photo by Kuya Indo Campsite)

There’s a little slice of beach haven that’s still under the radar for many — Kuya Indo Campsite. This campsite is located on the southernmost cape in Calatagan, with a serene beachfront perfect for those who love the sea but crave a quiet corner away from the crowd.

Kuya Indo Campsite offers various types of accommodations, from tents to cottages and airconditioned rooms. There is also a designated car camping area for those who wish to experience a unique kind of camping.

This Batangas beach campsite also has basic restrooms, as well as a kitchen and grill — so you can enjoy delicious barbecues while looking out to the sea.

Location: Calatagan

10. Camp Felizar Talim Beach

Camp Felizar Talim Beach
(Photo by Camp Felizar Talim Beach)

Hold up — we’re not done making you dream of nights under the stars and days filled with sunshine just yet. Next stop? Camp Felizar Talim Beach in Lian, Batangas.

Camp Felizar Talim Beach is a great option for those looking for an uncrowded beach camping site. They offer cottages, tents, and table with umbrella for those stopping in for a quick dip.

The beachfront here is shallow and rocky, so it’s best to wear aquashoes when going for a swim. You can also avail of other watersport activities to fully enjoy the beach in Lian, including snorkeling and island hopping.

Location: Lian

That concludes our guide to the best beach camping sites in Batangas you should visit! Remember, with great camping comes great responsibility. Keep it clean, keep it respectful, and leave only footprints.

Do you have other Batangas beach camping sites and resorts to recommend? Let us know in the comment section below!

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