Why we love Samgyupsalamat: Unli Korean BBQ restaurant review

Samgyupsalamat Korean Restaurant review

During the recent months, we’d already been to Samgyupsalamat about 4-5 times. As of this writing, it remains my favorite unlimited Korean BBQ restaurant. Let me tell you why in this Samgyupsalamat review. Samgyupsalamat review Samgyupsalamat is one of the most popular unlimited Korean BBQ restaurants, with over 30 branches all over the metro. Our […]

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In Love with Samgyeopsal at Romantic Baboy

Cheese dip in Romantic Baboy

We’d been hearing about Romantic Baboy for a while now, but up until this November there weren’t any branches in the south. They’d just recently opened one in BF Homes Paranaque, so Hali and I went there for dinner! Let me just say something before proceeding. Our drive to Romantic Baboy – Paranaque made me […]

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