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Premier The Samgyupsal: Elevated samgyupsal experience

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I’d been to several samgyupsal restaurants already, and I’m at this point where ordinary no longer does it for me. I want a “premiere” experience: quality meat that I’d go back to, delicious banchans, and good service to complement the whole setup. A few weeks ago, we tried out Premier The Samgyupsal in BF Homes, Paranaque.

True to its name, Premier indeed offers high-quality meat that samgyupsal lovers will surely enjoy.

Location and ambiance

We dined in at Premier The Samgyupsal in BF Homes, Paranaque. This one is open 24 hours (yay!) and features 25 tables and a VIP room for groups. It’s spacious enough, which is always a plus point when it comes to samgyupsal restaurants.

Premier The Samgyupsal BF Homes, Paranaque
Premier The Samgyupsal in BF Homes.
Couple shot at The Premier Samgyupsal
Me and Hali.

There’s an LCD TV showing Korean music videos for KPop fans.

Each table has a built-in bell (producing a cow’s moo sound) so it’s easy to call the staff.


Premier The Samgyupsal offers unli mix (pork, beef, chicken) for P580 per person. In our visit, we opted to get ala carte items because I wanted to try other items in the menu that is not included in the unli option.

Each order (ala carte or unli) comes with 15 different side dishes and rice. They also include a seafood soup. I love the seafood soup since it has generous servings of clams and crablets and it’s a great palate cleanser. For the side dishes, I enjoyed the marbled potatoes and sweetened peanuts.

Premier The Samgyupsal - side dishes
15 side dishes and rice.
Premier The Samgyupsal - seafood soup
Seafood soup.

We ordered grilled thin pork belly (P380), beef loin (P380), and wagyu beef thin skirt (P880). These are the ones recommended by the staff. I’m surprised by the serving because it’s really sulit for the price — one plate is good for 2-4 people.

Premier The Samgyupsal - ala carte meats
Ala carte meats.

First of all, it’s easy to tell that the meat is high quality. I read that Premier The Samgyupsal uses aging refrigerators to make the meat more flavorful before serving. I also like that the cuts are a bit thicker; some restaurants have too-thin cuts that tends to stick to the grill. We didn’t have this problem here.

I also appreciated that our server helped us in cooking the meat. He arranged the slices in our grill so beautifully. We asked to take it from thereon. The grill burns evenly so the experience is easy. (As we try various samgyupsal restaurants, this is one minor thing that we take notice.)

Premier The Samgyupsal - grilling meat
Beautifully arranged.
Kat in Premier The Samgyupsal

I love the beef loin and the wagyu beef thin skirt. The plain pork isn’t as tasty so I suggest skipping this.

Of course, the samgyupsal comes with a cheese dip. So far, this is the best cheese dip I’ve had (followed by the ones in Bawooboy Grill and Fantastic Chef). It’s creamy, thick, very flavorful.

Hali in Premier The Samgyupsal
Premier The Samgyupsal - cheese dip
Cheese dip.

We were supposed to order another plate of meat but it’s a good thing that we didn’t because 3 ala carte plates were more than enough for us. We actually had leftovers.

We also had seafood and soft tofu stew (P380). This is one of my favorite Korean dishes and I always make it a point to order it. Like the seafood soup, this one has generous servings of clams, mussels, and vegetables. It also has a raw egg which makes it look very presentable. This stew is sweeter than I expected, but it’s still a good item to order especially if you’re a fan of this Korean dish.

Premier The Samgyupsal - seafood and soft tofu stew
Seafood and soft tofu stew.

Hali also had bibimbop (P380). This is delicious as well — I tried to grab it away from Hali but sadly he took it back. One bowl is good for 1-2 people, depending on your appetite.

Premier The Samgyupsal - bibimbop


Overall, this is one of the better samgyupsal restaurants we’d been to. I love the “premiere” quality of the meat and the serving sizes — moreover, Premier doesn’t scrimp on ingredients so if you order one of the ala carte items, you’re guaranteed your money’s worth.

Service wise, the staff is very attentive. They can help you with grilling, if you want. The built-in button for calling makes it easier for us to follow-up orders and ask for refills.

Finally, I like that the BF Homes branch has a lot of tables for its customers and it’s open 24 hours. We dined in on a weekday (after lunch time) and there were only a few customers with us. I don’t know if it gets full on weekends, but I’m happy that we didn’t get to wait in line to get our samgyupsal fix.

About Premier The Samgyupsal

Premier The Samgyupsal has a few branches in Metro Manila. We dined in at the BF Homes branch.

Address: 3F Coojing building, cor Aguirre and President’s Ave, BF Homes, Paranaque

Parking space is available.

Opening hours: 24 hours daily


For the unli samgyupsal, here are the rates:

  • Unli pork and chicken (6 kinds): P500 / P450 lunch promo (10AM to 4PM)
  • Unli mix (9 kinds): P580 / P500 lunch promo (10AM to 4PM)

All comes with 15 side dishes and rice.

They also have shabu-shabu.

  • Unli shabu-shabu: P580 / P500 lunch promo (10AM to 4PM)

Minimum of 2 people for any unli promo. No leftover and take out.


Premier The Samgyupsal – BF Homes here: Facebook

Disclaimer: Thanks Premier The Samgyupsal for feeding us! As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Have you been to Premier The Samgyupsal? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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