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#BuyLokal: 25+ Local Filipino Gifts Perfect for Christmas

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Are you looking for gifts to share this year? Here we’ve compiled Filipino gifts by local businesses that you can give to family, friends, or significant others — including home displays, clothes, bags, and of course food!

1. Bethlehem Nativity Set from Papemelroti

Filipino local gifts - bethlehem nativity set
(Photo by Papemelroti)

This Bethlehem Nativity Set from Papemelroti is a nice reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. Perfect for home or office use or as a gift for the coming holidays!

2. Cute toys from Knitting Expedition

Knitted toys from Knitting Expedition
(Photo by Knitting Expedition)
Knitted toys from Knitting Expedition
(Photo by Knitting Expedition)

Looking for a gift for your pamangkins? Knitting Expedition is a local business that sells knitted toys, accessories, and woolly warmers, which are handmade by women in Ifugao. The knitted toys come in different designs and colors, which will surely make a kid’s imagination come alive.

3. Chocolate mini sampler box from Theo and Philo

Filipino local gifts - chocolate gift set
(Photo by Theo and Philo)

Can’t choose which chocolate you like the most? Then get this chocolate mini sampler box from Theo and Philo. It’s a perfect gift for someone who has a sweet tooth!

Theo and Philo is one of the leading chocolate brands in the country, known for their bean-to-bar processing. They work with farmers in Davao.

4. Tablea from Kablon Farms

Filipino local gifts - tablea
(Photo by Kablon)

Is there anything more comforting than a hot cup of pure tablea chocolate? Get your own tablea from Kablon Farms, a family-owned business in South Cotabato. Kablon Farms sells pure tablea and sweetened tablea which contains coconut sugar. They also sell chocolate bars and other food products.

5. Jam gift set from Pili & Pino

Filipino local gifts - jam set
(Photo by Pili & Pino)

Take your loved one on a culinary tour around the Philippines with a Taste of the Philippines jam gift set from Pili & Pino. The jams are made from locally grown ingredients sweetened with coconut nectar syrup and include delicious flavors such as Dulche de Coco Leche, Island Mango Preserve, and Barako Coffee Jam.

6. Queso de bola spread from Nanay Luisa’s

Filipino local gifts - queso de bola spread
(Photo by Nanay Luisa’s)

Queso de bola is a staple during Christmas and New Year. Now you can enjoy this goodness anytime you want. This Nanay Luisa’s queso de bola spread is perfect for toasts in the morning.

7. Scented candles by Pabango de Manila

Filipino local gifts - scented candles
(Photo by Pabango de Manila)

A scented candle is perfect for someone who wants to relax at home. Pabango de Manila creates different scented candles in alluring scents, including lavender mint, fresh bamboo, French vanilla, vanilla spiced with cinnamon, and Christmas fir. They use bamboo wicks, which produces less soot compared to traditional ones.

8. Reusable straws from Coffee N Tea

Filipino local gifts - reusable straws
(Photo by Coffee N Tea)

Not sure what to give your officemates? How about a set of reusable straws and brush? This gift is affordable and is practical, as it can be used for juices, milk teas, and other drinks! Coffee N Tea offers them in high-quality stainless steel or borosilica glass variants.

9. Journals by Jacinto & Lirio

Filipino local gifts - journals
(Photo by Jacinto & Lirio)

Write your hopes and dreams or whatever it is that’s going through your mind in this chic, vegan-leather refillable journal by Jacinto & Lirio. Jacinto & Lirio showcases Filipino innovation of plant leather with their leatherworks.

10. Face mask by Bibsisita

Filipino local gifts - facemasks
(Photo by Bibsisita)

The pandemic has taught us that a facemask is a necessity! Use it to protect yourself from the crowd during flu season or for yourself when you are not feeling well. These beautiful facemasks from Bibsisita do the job, and do it in style!

Bibsisita is a homegrown local brand that incorporates Filipino-themed artwork into everyday items, including face masks, pillows, and bags.

11. Organic skin care products from Human Heart Nature

Filipino local gifts - lip balms from HHN
(Photo by Human Heart Nature)

Human Heart Nature is a social enterprise offering great-quality, organic products — from soaps, shampoos, and conditioners to make up and home care supplies such as dishwashing liquid and detergent powders.

Some of their bestselling items are the tinted lip balms, sunflower oil, and skin shield lotion. They also have gift bundles, which are useful for holidays.

12. Baybayin Backpack from Legazy Street

Filipino local gifts - baybayin backpack
(Photo by Legazy Street)

Show off your Filipino pride in a Baybayin backpack by Legazy Street. These backpacks are locally made using premium-quality vegan leather and cotton, with prints in vinyl material that is designed to last for years. They come with pocket compartments, water-resistant fabric, and can be carried around in four different styles.

13. Witty Shirts and Hoodies from Linya-Linya

Filipino local gifts -
(Photo by Linya-Linya)

Linya-Linya is a clothing brand known for their witty and relatable shirts, featuring unique art created by local artists. Whatever it is you’re feeling at the moment — happiness, kilig, hope, or bare exhaustion from life itself, you can find a shirt reflecting your feelings perfectly.

Buy Linya-Linya shirts and hoodies.

14. OOTDs by Tayo Studio

Filipino local gifts - clothes from Tayo Studio
(Photo by Tayo Studio)

Looking for a local shop to buy your OOTDs? Check out Tayo Studio, a local business that sells inclusive clothing ethically made in Manila. Their clothing sizes accommodate everyone, even plus size. Choose from basics, signature dresses and jumpsuits, and coord sets that you can use for casual wear or photoshoots for your feed!

15. Necklace by Tala by Kyla

Filipino local gifts - necklace
(Photo by Tala by Kyla)

A simple yet chic necklace can elevate even the basic outfits. Tala by Kyla is a local brand offering necklaces, earrings, and rings. Their products are known for their affordable price points and hypoallergenic and non-tarnish qualities.

Aside from regular designs, you can also find jewelry that reflects some of the current trends including K-dramas and K-pop, Taylor Swift-inspired pieces, and horoscopes.

16. Wooden bowls from Luid Lokal

Philippine souvenir - wooden tableware
(Photo by Luid Lokal)

Level up your kitchen by adding stylish wooden bowls and utensils from Luid Lokal. Based in Angeles City, Pampanga, this company offers different kinds of bowls, including rice and salad bowls, calabash bowls, soup bowls, and sets that can be given as gifts.

Add to cart as many as you want — each bowl features distinct strokes and textures, so no two bowls are alike!

Buy Luid Lokal bowl set and dinner plate set.

17. Home furniture from Ilokana Handicrafts

Filipino local gifts - wooden furniture
(Photo by Ilokana Handicrafts)

Filipinos create the most beautiful wooden crafts. Ilokana Handicraft is a local brand that aims to help its local artisans and offer good-quality home items made from buri, abaca, and rattan. Shop everything from furniture to storage boxes, baskets, and wall decorations.

Whether you’re simply looking for a nice addition to your house or someone who is a dedicated #TeamKahoy, you’ll love the affordable products at Ilokana Handicrafts.

Buy Ilokana Handicrafts items.

18. Honey and bee products from Ilog Maria

Filipino local gifts - Ilog Maria bee products
(Photo by Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm)

Ilog Maria is a one-stop shop for organic bee products. They have everything from natural honey to honey propolis soaps, oils and lotions, shampoos and conditioners, mosquito repellants, and more.

Currently, Ilog Maria only has a physical store located in its farm in Cavite, but you can still buy its products from resellers online.

19. Leather bag from Our Tribe

Filipino local gifts - leather bags
(Photo by Our Tribe)

Our Tribe is one of the best leather product makers in the Philippines. Built in 1972, they create good-quality leather bags, sandals, and accessories.

A leather bag is an amazing gift for a sister, mother, or girlfriend. They are durable and classic timepieces that you can use any time of the year.

20. Marikina shoes from Mardini

Filipino local gifts - marikina shoes
(Photo by Mardini)

If there’s one thing that Marikina-made products are known for, it’s durability. Mardini is a Marikina footwear brand that sells genuine cow leather and suede boots and shoes, which come in a variety of colors and designs. A pair of these shoes will take you to places and add class to your outfit.

21. Bamboo sunglasses from Wodd PH

Filipino local gifts - bamboo sunglasses
(Photo by Wodd PH)

Wodd PH is an eco-friendly local brand offering sunglasses for men and women, as well as other bamboo products. Aside from using sustainable materials, it also commits to one bamboo tree replacement for every product sold.

The natural aesthetics of bamboo sunglasses makes it stylish and classy. It’s a great gift for everyday casual or office use.

22. Customized phone holder

Filipino local gifts - engraved phone holder
(Photo by Erinn Souvenirs PH)

A phone holder is one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you have one. It makes it easy to watch movies in your phone or leave it active at the background while busying yourself with something else. Erinn Souvenirs PH creates wooden phone holders in different designs. You can also have your own customized engraving.

This gift is affordable and perfect for buying for your group of friends!

23. Water bottle holder from Gab’s Happy Plants

Filipino local gifts - water bottle holder
(Photo by Gab’s Happy Plants)

We already know how important it is to stay hydrated throughout the day. Why not give someone a water bottle holder to help them carry their reusable travel bottles wherever they go? Gab’s Happy Plants is a local business that creates macrame products including water bottle holders, hanging plants holders, and bags.

24. Children’s books from Adarna House

Filipino gifts for children - Adarna books
(Photo by Adarna House)

Another great gift for your pamangkins — books! Cultivate their love for reading and learning with storybooks, big books, chapters books, and multilingual board books. This way, they will also learn about Filipino culture, folk stories, values, and more.

25. Laptop sleeve from Woven PH

Filipno local gifts - woven laptop sleeve
(Photo by Woven)

Work anywhere with your laptop in a beautiful, handcrafted woven laptop sleeve from Woven PH. They come in different designs so you can play mix and match with your outfit!

Buy woven laptop sleeves.

26. Retaso hats from Sudlan

Filipino local gifts - retaso hats
(Photo by Sudlan)

Looking for something fun and quirky? Sudlan is a small local business that uses upcycled materials to create colorful retaso sun hats and reversible bucket hats. Their hats will not only protect you from the sun, they are also a great addition to your outfits!

What other local Filipino gifts do you recommend? Let us know in the comments section below!

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