Why we love Samgyupsalamat: Unli Korean BBQ restaurant review

Samgyupsalamat Korean Restaurant review
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During the recent months, we’d already been to Samgyupsalamat about 4-5 times. As of this writing, it remains my favorite unlimited Korean BBQ restaurant. Let me tell you why in this Samgyupsalamat review.

Samgyupsalamat review

Samgyupsalamat is one of the most popular unlimited Korean BBQ restaurants, with over 30 branches all over the metro.

Samgyupsalamat Korean Restaurant review

Our first visit to Samgyupsalamat actually wasn’t good. We went to Samgyupsalamat in Alabang Town Center on a weekday. We waited for a full hour and, by the time we were seated, we were already grumpy and hungry. I wasn’t happy with the limited banchans (side dishes) and the service was poor – not every item was provided. We forgot to ask for cheese and gravy tips and the servers don’t provide for them unless asked.

A lot of my friends & acquaintances vouch for Samgyupsalamat and are usually willing to wait for even 2-3 hours, so I decided to give it another chance.

I learned about Samgyupsalamat’s branch in BF Homes and Hali and I went there on another weekday. This visit finally convinced me why Samgyupsalamat is one of the best unli Korean BBQ restaurants in Metro Manila.

What we like

Wide meat selection

Some samgyupsal houses offers only plain pork and beef slices, but Samgyupsalamat has 5 types of pork and 5 types of beef slices.

Options for pork:

  • Daepae samgyeopsal (sliced fresh pork belly)
  • Buljib samgyeopsal (herbed pork belly)
  • Yangnyum daepae samgyeopsal (sliced pork belly with seasoning sauce)
  • Gochujang samgyeopsal (sliced pork belly with sweet & spicy sauce)
  • Yangnyum moksal (pork neck bone steak with sweet seasoning sauce)

Options for beef:

  • Beef samgyeopsal (sliced beef short plate)
  • Yangnyum beef samgyeopsal (sliced beef short plate with seasoning sauce)
  • Beef bulgogi (Korean BBQ beef in sweet soy sauce)
  • Gochujang beef samgyeopsal (sliced beef short plate with sweet & spicy sauce)
  • Salsa beef (beef with sweet-style Filipino sauce)
Samgyupsalamat menu - yangnyum beef samgyupsal
Yangnyum beef samgyupsal.
Samgyupsalamat menu - yangnyum moksal
Yangnyum moksal.
Samgyupsalamat menu - gochujang samgyupsal
Gochujang samgyupsal.

Aside from the wide meat selection, we also appreciate the fact that Samgyupsalamat doesn’t compromise on the quality of their meat so it’s always fresh and good tasting.

Among this list, our favorite would be yangnyum beef samgyeopsal. We can do one seating and eat just this one order. We also like beef bulgogi and buljib samgyeopsal.

More dips

Aside from the usual dips for the meat, Samgyupsalamat also offers unlimited cheese fondue and gravy. The cheese is sooo good, in our last visit I almost ignored the lettuce in favor of this one. I like their cheese better than Romantic Baboy because it’s light and doesn’t overwhelm the taste of the meat.

Samgyupsalamat menu - banchan and dips
Dips and banchan.
Samgyupsalamat menu - cheese fondue and gravy dips
Grilled meat with cheese fondue and gravy.
Samgyupsalamat - cheese fondue
Cheese fondue.

Good side dishes

Samgyupsalamat doesn’t have that many side dishes compared to other Korean samgyupsal restaurants, but I like the choices and taste of their spread.

There’s lettuce, rice, steamed egg, soup (called sundubu jjige or spicy tofu stew) and side dishes including kimchi, marbled potatoes, pickled radish and more.

Samgyupsalamat menu - steamed egg
Steamed egg.

Side dishes are important to me because they let me refresh my palate. I can’t eat lots of meat without having other items to munch on. I like the steamed egg and the spicy tofu stew in particular.

Affordable rates

For P499 per person, we can eat samgyupsal to our heart’s desire. This rate is very affordable and cheaper compared to ordering ala carte in other Korean restaurants. Samgyupsalamat has moved Korean samgyupsal closer to the hearts of the Filipinos with their reasonable rates.

Couple shot at Samgyupsalamat

What we don’t like

Inconsistent service

We notice that service is inconsistent among their branches. We’d been to ATC and BF Homes, and I can say that BF Homes is definitely better. The service in ATC is subpar and, on both occasions that we’d been there, the servers failed to give us all items without prompting. We have to ask for utensils, cheese and gravy dips, soup, egg, etc.

I hope this is something that this restaurant brand improves on.

About Samgyupsalamat

Samgyupsalamat is an Korean BBQ restaurant with an affordable & delicious menu. With its many branches in Metro Manila, you’ll likely find one near you!


Samgyupsalamat offers unlimited options (5 types of pork, 5 types of beef) and also ala carte menu.

  • Unli pork: P399 (11AM to 3PM) / P449 (3PM to 2AM)
  • Unli pork and beef: P449 (11AM to 2PM) / P499 (3PM to 2AM)

Samgyupsalamat also has ala carte items.

Things you have to know

Here are other things you need to know about Samgyupsalamat:

  • A minimum of 2 people is required per table. If you’re alone, you’ll still need to pay for 2 people.
  • Only 2 plates of meat at a time.
  • Most branches have a long queue. Expect to wait for at least 45 minutes to get seated.

To avoid waiting times, I suggest looking for a branch outside of malls and, if possible, go on weekdays.


Websites: Official website | Facebook page


Have you been to Samgyupsalamat? What are your thoughts about it?

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  1. We have Samgyupsalamat here in Pampanga but haven’t tried it yet because of the long queue. I hope we can be seated earlier next time. Most of the time, we are number 20+++ so I don’t want to waste that long time just to be seated.

    1. Ikr! Some of my friends told me they waited 2-3 hours to get seated. Bf and I are both impatient so probably aalis na lang kami if we’re told we’re in queue 20+.

  2. My husband has been raving about samgyeopsal for a while now, pero hindi kami makatiyempo ng time.
    Will take note of the BF branch over ATC (although mas madaling puntahan ang ATC, hehe)

  3. Haha. Sino ba naman ang hindi maiinlove sa Samgyeopsal 🙂 At the rate I am going, I think I might be able to try all Samgyupsalamat branches in Manila haha!

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