Visit Pamuayan Falls - one of the things to do in Port Barton
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Pamuayan Falls: Secluded Nature Spot in Port Barton

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Port Barton is known for its coastal area and island hopping tours. But did you know that there are waterfalls you can visit here as well? Here’s our visit to Pamuayan Falls in Port Barton, Palawan.

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Our visit to Pamuayan Falls

Pamuayan Falls is a hidden gem in Port Barton. Not a lot of people visit it — so if you’re looking for somewhere natural and quiet, this is a great spot. We visited it during our 3-day trip to Port Barton.

Our group chartered a tricycle to Barangay Pamuayan and then did an easy trek to reach the falls. We left our bags in the cottages before enjoying the falls.

Pamuayan Falls (also called Pawpawyan Falls) is 8 meters high with a small basin perfect for swimming. The water here is freezing cold, but refreshing. The current may be strong so you need to be careful in swimming. There is also a spot where you can cliff dive, but we’ve been told that it’s not allowed due to accidents.

Pamuayan Falls in Port Barton, Palawan
Pamuayan Falls.
Pamuayan Falls in Port Barton, Palawan

Our visit here was very relaxed. We were still tired from the island hopping trip the day before, so we just hang out at the cottage and took photos. One of our group started teaching us how to waterfalls photography so the water looks smooth, while I took a nap.

To be honest, there are way grander waterfalls in the Philippines, but Pamuayan Falls is still worth visiting simply because of how natural it looks and feels. There is something fulfilling about discovering a waterfall in the mountains. There were no other people during our visit and it’s likely you’ll experience the same too. It’s also a nice change from the sea view in Port Barton.

How to get to Pamuayan Falls

Pamuayan Falls is located in Barangay Pamuayan, Port Barton. Here’s how to get here:

  • Option 1: From town proper, trek for 1.5-2 hours to reach the waterfall.
  • Option 2: Another way is to charter a habal-habal or tricycle. Travel time is 15-20 minutes. From the registration area, trek for another 15 minutes to reach Pamuayan Falls.

If you are going to trek there, it’s best to get a guide who knows the way. You’ll have to cross rough roads, jungle, rice paddies, and streams.

The main road to the waterfall is still not paved. During rainy season, a habal-habal or motorcycle may not survive muds. In this case, it’s best to get a tricycle instead.


Here are the current rates (Updated as of 2020):

  • Tricycle (good up to 4 people) – P750
  • Rent a motorcycle – P500 excluding gas (bring your driver’s license)
  • Entrance fee – donation is required, but you can give any amount
  • Guide fee – P300

In our case, we went there early and the registration area was still closed. We didn’t acquire guides; our tricycle drivers simply went with us since they know the way.

Things to know before you go

  • Pamuayan Falls may be dry during summer. Ask around first before going there so you don’t waste your time.
  • There is another waterfall you can visit called Bigaho Falls. You may head there straight from Pamuayan Falls. Another option is to rent a boat to Bigaho Beach and then walk for 15 minutes to reach it. Bigaho Falls is also included in boat tours in Port Barton.
  • Cliff diving is not allowed in Pamuayan Falls due to accidents. Our guide told us that a handful of foreign tourists have died in the past months leading our visit since they did ignored the warnings. Take note that Port Barton has only one small clinic, so please don’t take your chances.

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