Cheese dip in Romantic Baboy

In Love with Samgyupsal at Romantic Baboy

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We’d been hearing about Romantic Baboy for a while now, but up until this November there weren’t any branches in the south. They’d just recently opened one in BF Homes Paranaque, so Hali and I went there for dinner!

Here’s our review of Romantic Baboy samgyupsal restaurant.

Unli Korean BBQ at Romantic Baboy

We arrived just before 6PM in Romantic Baboy – Paranaque and there was still a lot of empty tables. This was a plus point for me because last time Hali and I went for samgyupsal (specifically in Samgyupsalamat in Alabang Town Center), we had to wait an hour and, by the time we were seated, I was already ravenous and grumpy.

Katherine in Romantic Baboy

The setup here is just like other samgyupsal restaurants — there’s a huge grill in the middle, small plates of side dishes and a basket of lettuce. Romantic Baboy is a bit different in that the grill here also has section for kimchi, egg and cheese.

Romantic Baboy menu

Romantic Baboy’s menu is pretty similar to other samgyupsal restaurants. Most meat flavors are also available elsewhere.

For P499, you get unlimited choice of 8 types of pork and beef, which includes plain and marinated flavors. You can choose from the following:

  • Herb samgyupsal (herb-flavored pork belly)
  • Woo samgyup (thin slices of beef brisket)
  • Moksal (seasoned pork neck)
  • Daepae samgyupsal (thin slices of pork belly)
  • Yangyum galbi (marinated pork ribs)
  • Bulgogi (sweet marinated Korean-style beef)
  • Spicy beef (thin slices of beef dipped in spicy sauce)
  • Curry beef (thin slices of beef dipped in curry sauce)

Here are photos of some their meat selection:

Herb-flavored pork belly in Romantic Baboy
Herb-flavored pork belly.
Beef brisket in Romantic Baboy
Beef brisket.
Marinated pork ribs in Romantic Baboy
Marinated pork ribs.
Spicy beef in Romantic Baboy
Spicy beef.

For the banchans, the spread includes kimchi, coleslaw salad, scallion salad, fish cakes and jap chae. I read that other branches of Romantic Baboy also serve fried chicken, but it wasn’t as option when we dined in.

Aside from these, samgyupsal staples are readily available: rice, lettuce and gochujang jiggae (spicy soup).

Our food experience

We tried to order as much in one sitting — or as much as 2 people could eat anyway.

Romantic Baboy review

Let’s start with the banchans. I like the steamed egg in the side grill. It was light, fluffy and creamy and it neutralizes the strong flavor of samgyupsal in the mouth. Hali didn’t have any favorites but he loved the melted cheese dip which is also served on the grill. He asked for 2 refills, while I don’t care for it much. I like cheese as much as other people, but I feel that a lighter-tasting cheese would be a better fit because this one overpowers the meat taste rather than complements it.

I also like the soup — the flavor and spiciness is just right.

Now, let’s move on to the star of this restaurant: the meats. We like herb samgyupsal and spicy beef the best. The herb samgyupsal is given as a thick slab and so it cooks longer, so if you’re already hungry you might want to leave it for last. The spicy beef isn’t spicy at all and it’s very delicious.

Yangyum galbi is sweet and okay-tasting and the beef brisket is average.

I actually wanted to order more flavors, but at the end we played it safe and just ordered more spicy beef. After an hour, we were so full we couldn’t stand up.

Unli-Korean BBQ in Romantic Baboy
Grill with side sections for egg, cheese and kimchi.
Cheese dip in Romantic Baboy
With melted cheese dip.
Grilling meat in Romantic Baboy
Grilling spicy beef – the meat that we liked best.
Hali eating in Romantic Baboy

Overall, we had a nice meal here at Romantic Baboy. Like I said, it’s a huge plus that we got seated early and the queue here wasn’t long. I think it’s important to choose a buffet or other unli-dish restaurant that offers a relaxed ambience so you can pace yourself when eating, and this fits the bill.

Service-wise, they give refills quite fast and they are very attentive. It’s easy to get the attention of the staff. At the end of our meal, we were given a rose. How romantic! (We gave it to our cat, Mingming, at home.)

Couple shot in Romantic Baboy - BF Homes Paranaque
With Hali.

About Romantic Baboy

Romantic Baboy is a popular unli samgyupsal restaurang with several branches across Metro Manila.

Romantic Baboy offers unlimited options (8 types of pork and beef). It also has ala carte items including ramyun, rabboki, samgyup rolls, fried rice and jiggae. The ala carte items come with one round of side dishes.


(Updated as of 2022) The current Romantic Baboy price is P549 per person. Occasionally, this restaurant also offers promos (e.g., birthdays) in limited periods only.


There are several branches for Romantic Baboy in Metro Manila. The one we went to is located in BF Homes, Paranaque. It has a small parking lot.

Romantic Baboy branch in BF Homes Paranaque

Address: 319 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque (across McDonalds)
Operating hours: 11AM to 12 midnight

Contact: Romantic Baboy – Facebook

Have you tried eating in Romantic Baboy? What was your experience? 🙂

Romantic Baboy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  • Jessica Lange

    I love how detailed your post is. This is the most helpful blog I’ve seen about what I am looking for regarding Romantic baboy. It’s because I’m skeptical of trying it there until I read your work.

  • Danica Airelle Marasigan

    The struggle with Samgyupsal restaus would always be the long queue. That is why I also consider it a good deal pag maikli lang yung pila pero masarap din yung food. At least they have diff marinated meats- not only simple pork and beef. Try also All4u, they have shrimps and shabu shabu naman.

  • Anne

    Sabi nga nila mas masarap daw Romantic Baboy over Samgyupsalamat. I wanna try na though para magkaalamanan 😉 Pero napansin ko ang thicc ng meat nila! Grabee I wanna try 😀 How about the side dishes masarap ba?

    • Katherine Cortes

      Actually, for me mas masarap yung meats sa Samgyupsalamat. Kaso nung punta kasi namin 1 hour kami pumila. Na-off ako. Haha. Gutom na ko pagpasok tapos nakakaconscious pa magtagal kasi ang haba pa rin ng queue sa labas. Ease and ambiance wise, mas bet ko Romantic Baboy.

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