Sorosoro Spring Mountain Resort in Ibaba, Batangas

Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort: Staycation and Team-building in Batangas

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I’d been visiting a lot of beach resorts recently that I’d almost forgotten how wonderful it is to stay and relax up in the mountains, to enjoy the cool mountain breeze and take in breathtaking views. Recently I’d rediscovered this pleasure when one of my blogger friends, Allan of The Filipino Rambler, invited me on a blogger trip to Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort which is located in Barangay Sorosoro in Ibaba, Batangas.

Here’s our experience + everything you need to know about this resort!

My experience at Sorosoro

From Manila, we traveled for about 2 hours to Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort. It’s a sprawling 2-hectare resort with 6 swimming pools filled with natural spring water, an open ground for team-building activities, hanging bridges that connect it to the other side of the mountain which is also an extension of the resort.

Sorosoro Spring Mountain Resort in Batangas
Sorosoro Spring Mountain Resort.
Sorosoro Spring Mountain Resort - camping site
Camping site.

Initially, I wasn’t really impressed with Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort because it isn’t as “glam” as other resorts I’d been to. However, this is the kind of place that grows on you.

Our first task for the day was to experience the food offered in the resort. We were served a boodle fight with chicken, grilled tilapia, shrimps, baby backribs with BBQ sauce and rice/pancit. The serving was generous and we were immediately full.

Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort
Boodle fight.

Next, we toured around the resort. We went to the swimming pools, which are built both for kids and adults, located in different spots around the resort. But my favorite would be the one up in the mountain cabins.

Sorosoro Spring Mountain Resort - swimming pool
One of the swimming pools.
Sorosoro Spring Mountain Resort - swimming pool
Adjoined swimming pools for kids and adults.

To get there, we needed to cross a hanging bridge to the other side of the resort, where the camping site is located. Then it’s about 90 steps to the garden pool.

The garden pool by the cabins is long and narrow, about 4 feet deep. It has a nice mountain view, which we couldn’t get enough of. We went up there twice first to check out the rooms and then to swim and do photo-ops galore.

Sorosoro Spring Mountain Resort in Ibaba, Batangas
By the garden pool.
Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort - cabin rooms
Cabins in the highest point of the resort.

We also watched the sunset from there and then climbed down before it got dark.

Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort - garden pool
Swimming before sunset.
Kat in Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort
Kat in Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort
Enjoying the cool spring water pool.

There are other activities in the resort. There are 2 hanging bridges (a wide bridge and a “monkey” bridge) and an airbike. The mountain resort also has a zipline, although it’s currently closed down due to a new local regulation in Batangas.

Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort - monkey bridge
Monkey bridge.

The next day, we joined a team-building activity. Team building is one of the main activities offered in Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort. We first did various exercises inside the function room including building a tower using sticks and then physical activities in the open grounds. It ended with a game in the swimming pool where we all got wet. It was at this point that I was truly endeared with the resort and I wanted to stay here for a little longer.

Sorosoro Spring Mountain Resort - team-building activity
Team-building activity.

All in all, I like that we had the option to relax and stroll around the grounds. Being surrounded by a natural forest is one of the best vacations anyone can have. I also love the garden pool by the cabins, it certainly fills the “glam” factor I was looking for.

At the same time, there are plenty of activities in the resort to keep you occupied.

Group shot at Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort
With fellow bloggers.

This resort serves everyone who wants to unwind, as well as couples, friends and families.

Practical Info: Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort

Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort is ideal for families, friends, and teambuilding events.

How to get to Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort

Soroso Springs Mountain Resort is about 2 hours away from Manila.

Here are the commute directions:

  • From Manila, ride a bus to Batangas Grand Terminal. Then ride a jeep to bayan and get off at Hypermarket Balagtas. From there, you have 2 options.
  • (Option 1) Ride a tricycle to the resort (tricycle fare – P200).
  • (Option 2) Ride a jeep to Sorosoro and get off at SIDC and then ride a tricycle to the resort (tricycle fare – P50).

Shuttle service may also be provided to guests. Pick-and-drop is available up to 5 km max, rate is P500 good up to 10 pax. Just inform the resort in advance.

If you are going here via private vehicle, take note that the road going to the resort is steep.


Here are the facilities you can find in the resort:

  • 6 Swimming pools with natural spring water
  • 2 Hanging bridges, sky bike
  • Facilities for team-building


Here are the current rates (updated as of October 2019):

  • Day Tour: 8AM to 5PM | Rates: adults P150, kids (below 3 feet) P75
  • Night Tour: 2PM to 10PM | Rates: adults P200, kids (below 3 feet) P100

Here are the cottage rates:

  • Picnic hut (good for 5-9 pax): P700
  • Open cottage (good for 10-20 pax): P900


There are different types of overnight accommodation in the resort, for couples or groups.

  • Standard family room
  • Dorm
  • Casita
  • Chalet
  • Cabana

All rooms are airconditioned, with bath items and towels. Resort rates already include breakfast.

Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort - casita
Casita. This is my room during our stay.

Rates start at P2299 for a casita (good for 2 people).

If you want to book a room by the garden pool, get the cabana at P2599 (good for 2 people), although take note that you will need to do a short trek to get there since it’s located at the highest point of the resort.

Things to know before you go

  • This place is ideal for casual getaways, team buildings and even celebrations.
  • You can bring your own food. There is no corkage fee. You can also order food from the resort. Boodle fight starts at P1500 (good for 10 people).
  • There is a store/souvenir shop inside the resort where you can buy necessities.


For inquiries, you may contact Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort:

Facebook | Instagram | email:

Disclaimer: Thanks to Allan of The Filipino Rambler for the invite and Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort for accommodating us! As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you been to Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort in Ibaba, Batangas? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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