Sawang Dive Camp Resort - one of the most affordable beach resorts in Batangas

10 AFFORDABLE Beach Resorts in Batangas for A Weekend Escape

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Summer in the Philippines isn’t complete without a trip to Batangas. This province in the Calabarzon region boasts of numerous beaches — including the whitish-sand shores of Laiya, the aquatic-blue waters of Masasa, and the beaches in Anilao and Lobo which are ideal for snorkeling and diving activities.

Here we’ve compiled the best affordable beach resorts in Batangas — perfect for the budget-conscious traveler or those who just want to get away for a while without spending an arm and leg. These resorts offer rooms for around P3000 (and sometimes less).

Note: Rates may change without prior notice.

1. Manuel Uy Beach Resort

Manuel Uy Beach Resort
(Photo by Manuel Uy Beach Resort)

When it comes to affordability, Manuel Uy Beach Resort is at the top of the list. This is a budget-friendly beach resort in Calatagan, offering camping tents for overnight visitors. There are no regular rooms here, so it’s best for backpackers and those who are comfortable sleeping in tents and enjoying the outdoors. It’s a great option for quick getaways as well.

There are also no restaurants here, but there are grilling stations that you can use to make delicious inihaw. You can bring your own food or buy at the nearby Calatagan public market before coming here.

The best thing to do at this resort is to relax and enjoy the shallow water. Island hopping is also available.

Location: Calatagan

2. Nanay Rosie Kubo

Nanay Rosie Kubo is a popular accommodation in Masasa Beach in Tingloy, Batangas. It’s a favorite choice among families and friends due to its affordable rates and convenient location.

Here you can choose among transient rooms with fan, cottages, and even tent rental. You can also bring your own tent. The accommodations are pretty basic but have everything you need during your stay in Masasa.

This resort is sandwiched between a white-sand beach and a lagoon, so swimming is easy. You can also go on an island hopping tour where you can visit underwater caves and the snorkeling sites in the island, where you can see corals and even sea turtles.

Location: Masasa, Tingloy

3. One Laiya Beach Resort

One Laiya Beach Resort is one of the cheapest resorts you can find in Laiya, Batangas. They offer fan cottages, airconditioned rooms for small groups, and a house that can sleep up to 20 people. Day tour options are also available for those who just want a quick swim at the beach.

This resort is only 100 meters away from the beach, so you can easily go for a swim. They also offer other activities including banana boat, jet ski, parasailing, and flying fish. For those who’d like to see more of Laiya, there is also a snorkeling tour, underwater cave tour, and cave ruins tour that you can book.

Location: Laiya

4. Sawang Dive Camp

Sawang Dive Camp Resort in Batangas
(Photo by Sawang Dive Camp Resort)

Sawang Dive Camp is a beach resort located in Isla Verde — an island famous for its snorkel and dive sites. Despite its clear shores and plentiful reefs, this island is usually less crowded than other areas in Batangas and hence offers good deals for the budget-conscious traveler.

This affordable beach resort offers tent accommodations — you can bring your own or rent one. Cabanas are also available for small groups, for 2-4 and 4-6 people.

While at this resort, you can explore the beauty of Isla Verde. Take a boat tour to visit its white-sand beaches and have your snorkeling gears ready for colorful reefs exploration.

Location: Isla Verde, Batangas City

5. Summer Cruise

Summer Cruise Dive Resort in San Luis, Batangas
Summer Cruise Dive Resort.
Having coffee at Summer Cruise
After-activity coffee.

Summer Cruise is a budget-friendly dive resort located in San Luis, ideal for those who love snorkeling and freediving, as well those who’d like to try or maybe even get a certification in scuba diving.

This resort is close to a rocky shore, but guests don’t come here for that. Instead, they swim directly to its home reef – which is filled with different corals and fishes. A quick boat ride will take you to another spot where you can see sea turtles and jack fishes.

Aside from its snorkeling activities, this resort also has a swimming pool and a restaurant offering local and Japanese dishes.

Location: San Luis

6. Stardust Beach Hotel

This affordable beach resort in Batangas is perfect for families, as well as friends and backpackers. The hotel resort has a homey feel, with well-appointed rooms, a cozy swimming pool, a restaurant and a bar, a cottage, and veranda seating.

Stardust Beach Hotel is a few minutes away from the Matabungkay Beach, which is ideal for those who want to stay near the swimming area but away from the noise.

Location: Matabungkay, Lian

7. Pamana Beach Resort

Pamana Beach Resort in Nasugbu - one of the affordable beach resorts in Batangas
(Photo by Pamana Beach Resort)

Pamana Beach Resort is a cozy resort along the shores of Nasugbu, offering clean and affordable rooms ideal for couples or groups of families and friends. They offer a range of room options including double rooms, deluxe rooms, as well as bahay kubo and dormitories for large groups.

It has a beautiful beach perfect for swimming or just beach bumming. There is also an infinity pool, restaurants, a souvenir shop, function room, and events place. Other outdoor activities include watersports and island hopping to nearby islands in Nasugbu, including Bituin Cove.

Location: Nasugbu

Pamana Beach Resort: Book discounted rooms

8. Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club

Best beach resorts in Batangas - Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club
Photo by Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club

This may not be the first place to come to mind when it comes to Batangas affordable resorts, but Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club actually offers great value for money. It also has a private beach and top-notch amenities including swimming pools, leisure facilities, and restaurants.

This is a premium-membership resort, so you need to rent a room from residents thru booking websites. Rentals are usually a studio unit that can sleep up to 4 people, with en suite bathroom and kitchenette so you can just bring your own food for cooking.

At this resort, you can spend the day lounging at the pools or swimming at the kid-friendly beach. There are also man-made lagoons and other IG-worthy outdoor spots that you can visit.

Location: Nasugbu

Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club: Book discounted rooms here: here and here

9. Buceo Anilao

Buceo Anilao - one of Batangas affordable resorts
(Photo by Buceo Anilao)

Anilao is one of the busiest beaches in Batangas, so it’s rare to find an affordable resort in this area. Buceo Anilao Beach & Dive Resort offers a home for those who love snorkeling, freediving, and scuba diving. They also have a beautiful infinity pool, a restaurant, a sunset bar, a spa, and baby sitting services.

This resort offers 23 rooms. You can choose from the Standard Room, Sea View Superior Room, and Sea View Deluxe Cabana. Each booking comes with breakfast buffet. If you’re in a group, you can also ask for buffet setting or set menus for lunch and dinner.

Location: Anilao, Mabini

10. Lilom Resort

Lilom Resort Anilao
(Photo by Lilom Resort Anilao)

Lilom Resort is one of the best resorts in Batangas in terms of value for money. They offer airconditioned rooms starting at P4500 per person (or P3500 each for 2 people), which already includes all-day meals as well as snacks.

This beach resort is a great option for those looking for a beachside retreat. It is quiet, with cozy outdoor pools and a home reef where you can snorkel and freedive. Since the meals are already included in the rate, you don’t have to worry about having to go out — just breathe, relax, and enjoy your vacation.

Location: Anilao, Mabini

That concludes our pick for the most affordable beach resorts in Batangas! Do you have other recommendations? Let us know in the comment section below!

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