Hali in seaside balcony at Eagle Point Resort

Eagle Point Resort: A Must-Visit Dive Resort in Anilao, Batangas

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Anilao is known for its snorkeling and diving spots. Recently, Hali and I stayed at Eagle Point Resort, one of the best dive resorts in Anilao, Batangas.

Eagle Point Resort is built in 6 hectares of seaside forest and boasts complete facilities for diving including its own dive center and saltwater pool. It has access to great underwater spots in Anilao, Batangas.

Our stay at Eagle Point Resort

We went here via private car, which is the easiest way to get here. From the main road in Bagalangit, we took a righ turn to the resort. The road was narrow and enclosed in a forest clump, so at first we were unsure if we were going the right way. Then we reached the parking lot and left our car there.

A shuttle took us further down the mountainside to Eagle Point Resort.

Our room

The check-in process was easy, and soon we were in our room in Eagle Point Resort’s Terrace Hotel. The Hotel features mediterranean-style rooms which overlooks the Balayan Bay. The rooms have balconies with either seaside view or jungle view.

Ours have a seaside view. It’s what I liked most about our accommodation. During our stay, I spent hours here reading an ebook or listening to music.

Eagle Point Resort - room with seaside balcony
Our room with seaside balcony.
Hali in seaside balcony at Eagle Point Resort
Hali in the seaside balcony.

Our room also has its own private bathroom, satellite TV and a small refrigerator. It is airconditioned, but ours wasn’t working well so what we did during the night was open the balcony doors to let the air in.


Eagle Point Resort has its own restaurant which serves Filipino and international cuisine. Again, I love the strategic location of the restaurant as you can have a corner table facing the ocean.

During weekends, buffet is offered in the resort. As we were there on a weekday, we had ala carte items.

The food is usually priced at P300-400 per dish good for 1 person. The food is okay, but there is still room for big improvement. We did enjoy selected items including the chicken plate with mango sauce, gamba, and for dessert calamansi cake.

We also liked the breakfast buffet, which is given in generous portions.

Eagle Point Resort restaurant - breakfast
Breakfast plate with hot chocolate.


We went here on August, and unfortunately for the 2 days we were there, the coast guard has cancelled any trips to the ocean. We weren’t able to try snorkeling which I was excited about or introductory scuba. The staff offered to let us experience scuba diving in the saltwater reef pool.

Eagle Point Resort - saltwater reef pool
Saltwater reef pool.

However, we decided to just hang outside and then later on swim in the pools.

Hali in Eagle Point Resort
Alfresco area.

The resort has a double-level swimming pool with a great ocean view.

Swimming pools in Eagle Point Resort, Batangas
Double-level swimming pool.

The pools are connected via waterslide. This is something I can imagine families will easily enjoy.

Kat in Eagle Point Resort
Upper pool with waterfall.
Swimming pools in Eagle Point Resort, Batangas
Lower-level pool.
Kat in Eagle Point Resort

We were still able to take a visit to Sepoc Beach Center, an exclusive beach cove owned by Eagle Point Resort in Sepoc Island. The Sepoc Beach Center has a nice beach with semi-white sand, surrounded by highstone cliffs. It also has an open-sided dining area, function areas, and a bar which is used for group activities such as celebrations and team building.

Sepoc Island in Batangas
Sepoc Beach Center.
Kat in Sepoc Island
Couple shot in Sepoc Island
Hali and I (Katherine).

Hali and I took a swim in the beach cove. We also snorkeled for a while. As the waves were still rough, our boatmen advised us we could only stay there for a limited time. As alternative, they asked us if we wanted to go to the other side of the island where the water is calmer, but unfortunately it’s not owned by the resort and we didn’t bring any cash for entrance fees so we just went back to the resort where we spent the rest of our time in the pools.

Final thoughts

Eagle Point Resort is huge. It’s highlight is its access to snorkeling and diving spots. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see those due to the weather. Prior to our visit, I had already rescheduled thrice because of typhoons and then during our stay the coast guard cancelled tours and activities. I suggest going here during the dry season/amihan season to make the most of your stay.

I like that they pools, so even if you’re not a snorkeler/diver yourself or you have kids with you, then there’s something you can do. Access to a private cove in Sepoc Island is also a plus point.

Our room was good — as I said above, I loved the veranda with the seaside view. It was relaxing to just stay there.

The food in the restaurant can be improved.

Overall, despite the weather, our stay here was good. I’d like to go back here to check out the house reef and try our the nearby diving sites.

Practical Info: Eagle Point Resort

How to get to Eagle Point Resort

Eagle Point Resort is 2.5-3 hours away from Manila. The easiest way to get here is via private car.

If you are commuting, here are the directions:

  • From Manila, ride a bus to Batangas Grand Terminal (about P165). From there, ride a jeep to Mabini (P40) and get off at the Crossing going to Eagle Point Resort. From the Crossing, charter a tricycle to the resort’s parking lot (P200).
  • From the parking lot, a shuttle will take you in the resort proper.


Aircon and non-aircon cottages are available. There are also rooms in the resort’s Terrace Hotel, which offers seaside or jungle views.


  • Double-level swimming pool connected via waterslide
  • Saltwater reef pool – for training on scuba diving and snorkeling
  • Game room – with billiard table and pingpong table
  • Eagle’s Nest Bar and Restaurant
  • Dive shop

Things to do in Eagle Point Resort

1. Kayaking

You can rent a kayak in the resort or Sepoc Beach Center. Kayak rental is P500 per hour.

2. Snorkeling

You can snorkel just in front of the resort, as long as the water is calm. The resort can also help you access other nearby snorkeling sites: Sombrero Island, Sepoc Island, and Cemetery Beach in Maricaban Island.

Eagle Point Resort - snorkeling
Photo credit to Eagle Point Resort.

Snorkeling gears rental is P225 per day.

3. Scuba diving

The resort has access to nearby diving spots such as The Cathedral, Kirby’s Rock, Koala, and Twin Rocks.

Eagle Point Resort - scuba diving
Photo credit to Eagle Point Resort.
Eagle Point Resort - underwater corals
Photo credit to Eagle Point Resort.

There are various diving packages available in the resort for beginners and licensed divers.

For beginners:

  • Try Scuba – P1680 per person
  • Intro Dive – P3360 per person

The Try Scuba is done in the saltwater reef pool, which is basically a large aquarium filled with marine fauna. Note: swimming is not allowed in the saltwater reef pool.

4. Other watersports

Other fun activities you can enjoy in the resort includes:

  • Banana boat – P1500 good for 5 people
  • Glass bottom boat – P7500 good for 12 people
  • Fishing – P225 per fishing line

5. Day trip to Sepoc Beach Center

Sepoc Beach Center is 15-20 minutes boat ride away from the resort. Here you can swim, snorkel, kayak, or simply enjoy an afternoon. You can also hike to enjoy a wide view including the Sombrero Island.

Rate for a small boat is P2700, good for 8 people.


You can contact Eagle Point Resort in the ff:

Website: https://eaglepointresort.com.ph/ | Mobile: +63 9178463958 and +63 9987940286 | E-mail: frontdesk@eaglepointresort.com.ph

You can also book discounted rooms here.

Disclaimer: Thanks Eagle Point Resort for the complimentary stay! As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you been to Eagle Point Resort in Mabini, Batangas? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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