Best Anilao beach resorts in Mabini, Batangas

15 BEST Anilao Beach Resorts (Beach Bumming, Snorkeling, and Diving)

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Anilao is one of the greatest treasures of Batangas Province. Located in the municipality of Mabini, this coastal town faces Balayan Bay, which is part of the Verde Island Passage, considered the “global center of marine biodiversity.” It is home to various marine species, as well as different kinds of corals.

With over 40 dive sites, it is visited by scuba divers from all over the world. Some of the popular dive sites include Sombrero Island, Maricaban Island, Mapating, and The Cathedral, which is said be to the best-known Philippine dive site. Other notable ones are Mainit Point, Eagle Point, Arthur’s Rock, Devil’s Point, Beatrice Rocks, and Twin Rocks.

That saying, this coastal paradise is not just for scuba divers. Located just 2.5-3 hours away from Manila, Anilao is also popular among casual tourists especially during summer and weekends. Pockets of white-sand beach and pebble beaches make it a decent option for swimming. Moreover, it offers activities such as island hopping which everyone can enjoy.

Here we’ve compiled the best Anilao Beach Resorts ideal for diving, snorkeling, or just plain ole beach bumming.

1. Vivere Azure

Best beach resorts in Batangas - Vivere Azure Resort
Photo by Vivere Azure Resort

Built on a mountainside in Anilao, Vivere Azure is an oasis of rest and relaxation. It’s ideal for those who want to take a break in a nice oceanfront resort, with gorgeous suite rooms, an infinity pool facing the ocean, and a restaurant that serves home-cooked meals.

Each of its rooms features a unique interior and exudes a sense of openness, with floor-to-ceiling windows and leaning verandas where you can appreciate the view of the sea and sunset. There are 8 suites at the main house, and 3 more suites at the villa.

This Anilao beach resort has a rocky shore with clear, blue waters. You can snorkel or kayak to a marine sanctuary a few meters from the shore line, arrange an island hopping tour to Sombrero Island and Fortales Island, or go for a fun dive to see the corals and fishes in the area.

Vivere Azure Resort: Book discounted rooms here

2. Anilao Awari Bay

Anilao Awari Bay
Photo by Anilao Awari Bay

Located at the heart of Mabini, Batangas, Anilao Awari Bay is a luxurious beachfront resort that overlooks the Balayan Bay and is situated next to Matu Point, a famous diving spot.

It offers diving courses ideal for every level, starting from Intro Dive to more advanced courses such as Open Water and Advanced Water Dive Courses. They have professional diving instructors that can help you explore the underwater sceneries in the area.

Aside from diving, there are other activities you can do here including swimming in its three pools (an infinity pool, a kiddie pool, and a dive pool), kayaking, snorkeling, island hopping, and beach volleyball. Other facilities include a restaurant, a sky bar, and spa.

It offers different types of rooms depending on your needs, all fitted with modern amenities. They also have a Modern Ifugao House ideal for those who want to experience a more traditional kind of accommodation.

Anilao Awari Bay Resort: Book discounted rooms here

3. Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort

Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort
(Photo by Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort)

Considered one of the top Anilao beach resorts, Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort aims to offer a pleasant experience both ashore and during dives. It is strategically located in a mountainside, offering panoramic views of the ocean.

It has a dive center that offers different dive packages in and around Anilao, including Isla Verde and Puerto Galera. It also offers PADI certification for those who wish to take their diving experience to the next level.

Other resort facilities include an infinity pool with two sections so you can enjoy a casual swim or practice for a dive course, an open-air restaurant and bar, and outdoor and watersports facilities. The rooms here are top-notch, with options including the Deluxe Room, Suite Room, and Casitas Room.

Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort: Book discounted rooms here

4. La Chevrerie Dive Resort and Spa

Best beach resorts in Batangas - La Chevrerie Resort and Spa
(Photo by La Chevrerie Resort and Spa)

This 5-star resort in Anilao offers the ultimate luxurious tropical escape. Here you can pamper yourself with its top-quality accommodations and service and enjoy the underwater beauty of Anilao at the same time.

La Chevrerie Dive Resort and Spa only has 13 rooms to ensure that guests can enjoy privacy in the resort. Each room is designed with European luxury and comfort in mind. Other facilities include a beautiful swimming pool, a premium restaurant and bar with its own wine cellar, a spa, a gym, and a game room.

In line with its brand, it has a dive center employing SSI-certified dive instructors that can teach hobbyists and professionals different levels of diving, from Open Water to Advanced Open Water and Nitrox courses. Other activities include snorkeling, an island cruise with BBQ, and trekking to a nearby hilltop that offers an unobstructed view of grasslands and Balayan Bay.

La Chevrerie Dive Resort and Spa: Book discounted rooms here

5. Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort

Best resorts in Batangas - Eagle Point Resort
(Photo by Eagle Point Resort)

Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort is a large beachfront resort ideal for divers and non-divers alike, including couples, families, and friends who want a memorable time in Batangas.

It features a double-level swimming pool with a waterfall and slide where you can enjoy a swim with a pleasant view of the ocean, a restaurant that serves local and international dishes, a game room, a dive center, and access to a private beach cove called Sepoc Beach Center in Maricaban Island.

In terms of diving, Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort is one of the best resorts you can choose. It sits in the middle of a network of 30 dive sites, making it an easy jump-off point for diving adventures.

This resort has a range of accommodations including cottages, cabanas, suites, and villas. It also has a separate hotel that features room with private balcony, where you can enjoy a quiet time outdoors.

Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort: Book discounted rooms here

6. Planet Dive Resort

Planet Dive Resort in Anilao, Batangas
(Photo by Planet Dive Resort)

Planet Dive Resort is a beachfront resort conveniently located close to the Twin Rocks Marine Sanctuary, which is one of the best marine protected areas in the country. It’s an ideal choice for scuba divers and casual tourists who simply want to enjoy the shores of Anilao.

This resort features a spacious beachfront where you can relax and enjoy the beach view, an IG-worthy infinity pool where both kids and adults can use, an alfresco restaurant, and a scuba dive center with NAUI-certified diving instructors and masters.

Its rooms have a homey, rustic design but fitted with modern comforts, with upgraded rooms having ocean views. They also have a dormitory for large groups.

Planet Dive Resort: Book discounted rooms here

7. Dive Solana Resort

Dive Solana Resort
(Photo by Dive Solana Resort)

Dive Solana Resort is one of the underrated beach resorts in Anilao that you shouldn’t miss. This resort is perfect for diving or just enjoying the beach for swimming and relaxation. It is family-friendly, so you can bring children with you!

This resort offers Beach Front Rooms, Sea View Rooms, and the Solana Club Rooms which have their own private veranda overlooking the pool and the ocean. Each one is fitted with modern amenities and floor-to-ceiling glass doors for your pleasure.

Here you can swim at the pool or the ocean, snorkel, kayak, island hop, and of course go on a scuba dive. Its dive packages can take you from easy garden walls to more challenging sites and “bajuras” (reefs). Or you can also explore Solana’s home reef, which is home to blooming corals, fishes, turtles, and even baby sharks which stay at the shoreline in selected months every year.

This resort also has a dining cabana that serves buffet-style meals and massage services.

Dive Solana Resort: Book discounted rooms here

P.S. Check out this private villa beside Dive Solana Resort.

8. Aquaventure Reef Club

Aquaventure Reef Club Resort
(Photo by Aquaventure Reef Club Resort)

Aquaventure Reef Club is one of the first dive resorts in the Philippines. Even today, it remains a reputable destination for diving enthusiasts around the world.

This resort offers full service, which includes airport pick-up for international guests and accommodation at a hotel for late arrivals. It features Filipino-themed Ocean View Suites, a pool for swimming or practice dives, a restaurant that serves Filipino dishes and vegetarian options, and renovated grounds surrounded by nature.

It has different guided tours for diving that will take you to the best underwater spots in Anilao, including island excursions, reef tours, training or beginner dives, technical dives, and night dives. They also offer both PADI and SSI dive courses for all levels.

Other activities include local sightseeing, nature walks, and island hopping. Massage services are also available upon request.

Aquaventure Reef Club: Book discounted rooms here

9. Bentrina Diving Resort

Bentrina Diving Resort
(Photo by Bentrina Diving Resort)

Bentrina Dive Resort is a great option for scuba diving enthusiasts. They cater to both professional divers and beginner divers with tailor-made diving packages that will take you to the best underwater spots in Anilao.

This resort offers rooms fitted with modern amenities and ocean views, a pool that can be used for practice diving, a restaurant that serves Asian and Western dishes and with three-course dinner options, and a bar where you can enjoy alcoholic drinks after a long day at sea.

Bentrina Dive Resort: Book discounted rooms here

10. Sisid Anilao

Opened in 2021, this exclusive beachfront resort offers contemporary living by the sea. This 2000-sqm property features a wide beachfront; a modern building of concrete and glass, infused with local materials and “solihiya” (rattan weaves); and an infinity pool where you can swim and soak up all that beautiful sunlight.

It offers 10 Filipino-designed rooms including Beachfront Rooms, Premiere Suites, Regal Suites, and the sprawling Master Suite with 180 degree view of the sea. Other resort facilities include a café and bar, a restaurant that offers Filipino and international flavors, a lounge for events, a garden, and a viewdeck. Massage services are also available upon request.

Activities at the resort include swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, kayaking, and island hopping.

11. Camp Netanya Resort and Spa

Camp Netanya in Anilao in Mabini, Batangas
(Photo by Camp Netanya)

Camp Netanya Resort and Spa is one of the most recognizable beach resorts in Anilao, mainly due to its Greek-inspired architecture featuring white-washed walls and blue domes.

It offers 48 rooms including Deluxe, Superior, Family Loft, Villa, Premiere, and the 5-bedroom Master Villa. It also has a 25-meter lap infinity pool where you can swim and take IG-worthy photos, a restaurant, a poolside bar and a wine bar, spa, fitness center, music lounge, and souvenir shop.

It offers different diving packages and PADI courses, from Discover Scuba to Open Water, Advanced Open Water, and Rescue Diver Course. For families, there are boat tours that can take you to the hat-shaped Sombrero Island, the cave formations at Oscar Island, and nearby snorkeling sites. There are also watersports activities including kayaking, jetski, glass-bottom boat, and banana boat.

Camp Netanya Resort and Spa: Book discounted rooms here

12. Saltitude Dive and Beach Resort

Saltitude Dive and Beach Resort
(Photo by Saltitude Dive and Beach Resort)

One of the newest beach resorts in Anilao, Saltitude Dive and Beach Resort offers more than just diving. It also promotes other outdoor activities that you can do in Anilao including wind surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, freediving, trekking, and many more.

For those who simply want to relax, it has a spacious beachfront where you can beach bum. Hammocks and lounge chairs are also available for hanging out in late afternoons.

Of course, staying in this type of resort won’t be complete without a fun dining experience. Saltitude Dive and Beach Resort has an in-house restaurant that serves Batangueno dishes and other Filipino favorites. Saturday nights are reserved for outdoor grill and BBQ so you can enjoy good food under the stars. It also has a bar where you can enjoy all-day happy hour.

Saltitude Dive and Beach Resort offers modern accommodations, including Standard Huts, Standard Rooms, and Deluxe Rooms – each designed with a unique beach-themed adventure. There are also Family Rooms ideal for families or large groups.

Saltitude Dive and Beach Resort: Book discounted rooms here

13. Casita Ysabel

Best beach resorts in Batangas - Casita Ysabel
(Photo by Casita Ysabel)

Casita Ysabel is ideal for those who want a secluded resort to de-stress and unwind. This resort is located in a mountainside in Mabini, Batangas, surrounded by foliage and with overlooking view of the Balayan Bay. It takes a short hike to reach the beach, from where you can swim to the home reef – a marine sanctuary where you can spot fishes, sea turtles, and even black-tip sharks.

This resort features rustic-designed casitas, garden paths and private nooks, and an alfresco restaurant that serves healthy local and international cuisine. Spa services are also available for you to completely relax.

Of course, the best activity here is scuba diving. Aside from its home reef, the resort can help you arrange snorkel or scuba diving trips to more than 46 dive sites in Mabini and Tingloy. You can also go on a boat trip to Maricaban Island to enjoy its white-sand beaches along with a picnic lunch. For those looking for land adventures, there is 2-hour trekking to the peak of Mount Gulugod Baboy, which offers a 360 degree view of Batangas.

14. Lilom Resort

Lilom Resort Anilao
(Photo by Lilom Resort Anilao)

Cozy, homey, and laid-back – this beautiful family-run resort is everything you want for beach staycation! Lilom Resort is named after the local word “lilom” (shade), referring to the old-age trees in the property.

It has a rocky beachfront where you can swim and snorkel, sunset soak pools for cooling off or taking photos for your socials, and rustic rooms with a sea view. The rate for each booking already includes snacks, meals, and even sunset cocktail so you don’t need to do anything except lay down and relax.

If you’re looking for activities, you can simply swim in front of the resort to explore its marine sanctuary, which is also home to resident sea turtles. The resort also offers a boat tour and picnic to 2 nearby coves.

15. Paradiso Rito

Paradiso Rito
(Photo by Paradiso Rito)

Paradiso Rito is a cozy beach resort in Anilao ideal for those who want to enjoy a casual beach holiday or experience scuba diving in affordable rates.

It features minimalistic rooms including the Twin Sharing Room, Triple Sharing Room, Ocean View Room, and Forest Suite. It also has a rocky/sandy beachfront, an outdoor lounge with a view of the ocean on one side and the hills on the other, and a restaurant and bar that offers free-flowing barako coffee!

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced diver, this resort offers fun shore dives and boat dives that include amazing locations in Anilao. You can also snorkel at its home reef, which is teeming with various fishes and the occasional sea turtles.

Other activities offered include kayaking, paddle boarding, jetski, banana boat, and island hopping.

Travel Tips

Here are travel tips to Anilao before you go!

  • The dive season in Anilao starts from November to May. During the rainy months (from July up to September), you may experience choppy currents and poor visibility.
  • The general diving schedule in Anilao is 2 dives in the morning and optional dives in the late afternoon or at night. Night dives are said to be a must, with expert guides able to navigate the water and find excellent critters.
  • If you’re booking for a family, check the location of the resort carefully. Anilao resorts that are located in the mountainside often require guests to climb down a set of stairs to the beach, making them unsuitable for children and seniors.

That concludes our list of the top Anilao beach resorts in Mabini, Batangas! Do you have othe recommendations? Let us know in the comment section below!

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