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15 BEST Beaches in Batangas (2-3 Hours from Manila)

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When you think of Batangas, one thing comes to mind — the beaches! This province has and will always be the go-to beach destination especially for those living in Manila including friends, families, and individuals who just want to get away and relax with the smell of salty ocean air and the feel of refreshing water.

There are more beaches in Batangas than Laiya, Nasugbu, and Masasa. In fact, you can find different kinds of beaches here, including white-sand beaches that can be compared to Boracay or Calaguas, soft brown-sand beaches, pebble beaches, and beaches that are strategically located close to marine sanctuaries.

Here we’ve compiled the best beaches in Batangas that you can visit for your next out-of-town trip, located about 2-3 hours away from Manila.

1. Laiya

Beach in Laiya, Batangas
Beachfront in Laiya.

Laiya Beach is one of the top beaches in Batangas. It features an ivory-sand coastline and is home to a number of resorts, ranging from casual beachfront resorts with native cottages and rooms to high-end resorts perfect for a relaxing vacation.

With its development over the years, the number of choices for accommodations in Laiya alone makes it a safe choice for couple staycations, friend or family getaways, and even company outings and team-buildings.

Book here: Acuaverde Beach Resort | Sabangan Beach Resort.

2. Anilao Beach

Located in the coastal town of Mabini in Batangas, Anilao is often said to be the birthplace of scuba diving in the Philippines. It is a declared marine sanctuary home to different fishes and marine life, as well as a variety of soft and hard corals.

There are around 40 dive sites in Anilao, with the most famous ones reachable by a short boat ride from the shore — Sombrero Island, Maricaban Island, Cathedral, and Mapating.

The length of Anilao Beach features different shorelines; some are sandy, and some are pebbly. There are different resorts in Anilao with dive shops, pools, and watersport activities. There are also budget-friendly beach hostels for casual snorkelers and freedivers. You can also find private beachfront or mountainside houses where you can enjoy a staycation and the warm waters of Batangas.

Book here: Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort | Altamare Dive and Leisure Resort.

3. Punta Fuego

Punta Fuego - one of the best beaches in Batangas

This is one of the prime beaches in Nasugbu, Batangas. It runs for about 2.9 kilometers into the South China Sea and overlooks Fortune Island, Nasugbu Bay, and Calayo Bay.

Historically, it was the site of the Battle of San Diego between the Spanish and Dutch armies in 1600. Currently, it’s home to a local seaside community and upscale resorts — Club Punta Fuego and Peninsula de Punta Fuego Resort.

Punta Fuego is a great choice for families and those who want a luxurious beach vacation in Batangas. Its shores are ideal for swimming and other activities such as snorkeling, banana boat, and wake boarding.

Book here: Club Punta Fuego.

4. Masasa Beach

Masasa Beach in Tingloy, Batangas
Dogs lazing at Masasa Beach.

Previously a secret known only among the locals, Masasa Beach has grown to be one of the most popular beaches in Batangas. Its main beach has fine, white sands and clear, blue water that is often compared to Boracay or Calaguas.

Aside from the beach, there are other things that endear Masasa Beach to the public. It’s easily accessible — you only need to get to Anilao Port, from which there are plenty of boats headed to Masasa. It also offers various activities including snorkeling, swimming with turtles, and visiting caves. You can explore the underwater beauty of Masasa Beach with just snorkel and fins, but if you want to discover the best spots, it’s better to join a tour instead.

There is a range of available resorts in Masasa Beach, including modest resorts and homestays with kitchen in case you want to do the cooking for your group.

5. Calayo Beach

Calayo Beach is an underrated beach in Nasugbu, Batangas. While most beaches in this area are privately owned, Calayo Beach is a public beach so it is open to everyone. It has a relaxing light-brown shore that’s perfect for swimming and water activities such as banana boat. It’s also the jump-off point for island hopping to Bituin Cove, Santelmo Marine Sanctuary, and other nearby beach coves.

You can find modest resorts in Calayo Beach. Some also have inflatable islands perfect for kids.

Book here: Calayo Beach Resort.

6. Verde Island

Located about 45 minutes off the mainland in Batangas City, Verde Island is home to pristine beach coves and snorkeling and diving sites.

Verde Island isn’t as popular as other locations in Batangas. Perhaps this is due to the fact that there are limited public boat schedules to the island or the standard options for accommodations, which mostly include modest beach resorts and camping grounds. However, those who can overlook these issues can enjoy one of the best beaches in Batangas!

The best activity in Verde Island is diving. It’s located along the Verde Island Passage, which is considered the “center of the center of the marine biodiversity in the world.” Non-divers can also enjoy its attractions through a boat tour, which includes snorkeling spots and the white-sand cove of Mahabang Buhangin. Cueva Sitio, a cave that leads to the other side of Verde Island, is also a must-visit spot.

7. Bituin Cove

Hali in Bituin Cove, Nasugbu, Batangas

Bituin Cove is a private beach cove located just several minutes away from Calayo Beach. This cozy spot is pristine and undeveloped, making it a popular choice for backpackers and beach campers. As there are no establishments here, you need to bring your essential camping gears including food and water. Some tour operators rent out tents for convenience.

It has a mix of sandy and pebbly shoreline, with a colony of small corals just a few meters away. It’s a great place for casual swimming and snorkeling.

Its distance from cities also makes it a good place for watching stars at night.

8. Fortune Island

Hali in Fortune Island
Hali at the acropolis.

Once an abandoned resort, Fortune Island is now a popular destination for day tours or overnight camping.

This island is located about 1-1.5 hour away from the mainland in Nasugbu, Batangas. Its highlights include a Greek-inspired acropolis, high cliffs for cliff jumping, and a beautiful white-sand beach.

Cottages are available for rent, but other than these there are no other establishments in the island. Prepare your essentials including food, water, and sunscreen and enjoy the raw beauty that this island offers.

9. Matabungkay Beach

Ask anyone who’s alive in the 80s or 90s and they can probably attest to the popularity of Matabungkay Beach in Lian, Batangas. Locals and foreigners flocked here to enjoy its white-sand shores. Over the years, the beach’s appearance has changed but it still remains a good option for family trips.

What makes Matabungkay Beach unique is the floating bamboo rafts (balsa) which are pushed out to the sea. You can bring your family into the raft to rest, eat, or jump straight to the surrounding water.

Aside from this, other things to do include snorkeling at a reef about 50 meters away from the shore, kayaking, paddleboarding, paddleboating, and more.

There are different hotels and resorts you can stay at in Matabungkay Beach. Some are designed for typical Filipino get-togethers with videoke, while others maintain a more tranquil environment.

Book here: Matabungkay Beach Hotel.

10. Malabrigo Point

Malabrigo Point isn’t as popular as other beach destinations such as Laiya or Nasugbu, but it’s a haven for those who want a quiet place to relax and unwind, as well as professional scuba divers.

This beach is located in Lobo, Batangas. From Manila, it takes about 3 hours of driving through mountain and beachside roads to get here. However, the drive is worth it as you’ll find a nice pebble shoreline with clear water and nearby diving spots such as the Submarine Garden, a marine sanctuary teeming with fishes and corals.

Here you can book at modest beachfront resorts, upgraded resorts with pools overlooking the ocean, or private beach houses for exclusive stays.

Malabrigo Point Beach is also close to the Malabrigo Point Lighthouse, which was built during the Spanish period and is currently one of the oldest working lighthouses in the Philippines.

11. Sepoc Beach

Sepoc Island in Batangas
Sepoc Beach Center.

Sepoc Beach is a private beach cove managed by Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort in Mabini, Batangas. Due to its exclusivity, it’s not as crowded as other similar beaches even in the summer.

Here you can swim at the white-sand beach or enjoy a sun bath. There are beachfront facilities here like a dining hall and restrooms; however, as of our visit they do not seem to be in use.

Sepoc Beach can be visited as a stop during island hopping tours in Tingloy. Guests at Eagle Point Dive Resort can also pay for a 15-minute boat ride to get here.

Book here: Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort.

12. Santelmo Cove

Wonder at the beauty of Santelmo Cove, a private beach accessible to guests booked at Pico Sands Hotel in Nasugbu, Batangas. This beach features fine, creamy sands and pristine water perfect for beach bumming and a viewing deck that offers an overlooking view of the island. It’s also close to a marine sanctuary where you can snorkel or freedive.

A package day tour to Santelmo Cove by the hotel includes free lunch and water, so you don’t have to worry about preparing food beforehand!

Book here: Pico Sands Hotel.

13. Manuel Uy Beach

With a gorgeous shoreline and affordable tents for rent, Manuel Uy is a backpacker’s dream. There are no establishments here except for humble toilet and shower stalls, so you need to bring or rent a tent and just enjoy the creamy-sand beach with shallow water typical of Calatagan beaches. You can also charter a boat for island hopping to Starfish Island and Sand Bar.

Kayaking in calatagan floating house
Floating cottage in Calatagan.

If you’re looking for something more comfortable, you can head to nearby resorts such as Aquaria Water Park and Stilts Calatagan Resort. There are also floating cottages in Calatagan that you can book if you want to experience staying in the middle of the ocean.

14. Sombrero Island

As common as its name is, Sombrero Island is still a worthwhile place to visit. This hat-shaped island in Tingloy, Batangas, features a small beach cove where you can beach bum and swim. However, it’s more often visited for its surrounding coral reef, which is said to be one of the best in the area.

15. Berlonggo Cove

Paraiso de Berlonggo
(Photo by Paraiso de Berlonggo)

Berlonggo Cove (or Paraiso de Berlonggo) is a private beach cove located in a 40-hectare property in the coastal town of Calayo in Nasugbu, Batangas.

With its pristine white sand and clear water, it offers a peaceful getaway for families. It’s also close to a snorkeling site that is part of the Isla Verde Passage.

Currently, it only has camping sites for overnight stays, but resort rooms are already in construction.

That concludes our list of the best beaches in Batangas! Do you have other recommendations? Let us know in the comment section below!

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