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10 BEST Filipino comfort food during rainy season

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If there’s anything that all Filipinos can agree on, it’s that we love to eat. This is especially true during the rainy season when we can enjoy a warm bowl of our favorite comfort food while tucked under the blanket listening to the rain splatter outside. Here we’ve listed the top Pinoy comfort food for rainy days!

1. Ramen


Instant noodles (or ramen) has always been a staple in Filipino households. Who can resist a lazy bowl of chicken- or beef-flavored noodles on a cold weather? Though it isn’t the healthiest, it sure is a guilty pleasure and there’s always the option of adding your own vegetables such as mixed veggies.

Moreover, today we have more options than before. A lot of convenience stores now sell Japanese or Korean noodles including cheesy ramen, spicy kimchi, and bulgogi.

2. Sopas

Sopas (or macaroni soup) isn’t just a breakfast staple, it’s also one of the best food for rainy season in the Philippines! Filipino soup is made of macaroni pasta cooked with meat (usually shredded chicken, sliced hot dog, or pork) and vegetables in a creamy base. The consensus is the creamier the sopas is, the better.

Sopas is easy to make and can definitely make you warm and full.

3. Goto

The best gotos are topped with egg, chicharon and strips of meat. Order tokwa’t baboy and lumpiang shanghai on the side and you’re good to go.

The great thing about goto is that it’s easy to make and even easier to order. It’s not uncommon for neighborhoods to have a goto stall at night, so you can just walk outside for take-out.

4. Champorado

Filipino food - champorado

Champorado is every Filipino kid’s favorite, and during rainy season it’s one of the best Filipino comfort food you can find.

Champorado is a thick, chocolate-flavored porridge topped with evaporated or powdered milk. It’s so good you can just gobble up a whole bowl in minutes! Some people prefer it paired with tuyo (the regular or gourmet type).

If you’re looking for a little variety, there are now different flavors for champorado including ube.

5. Batangas lomi

Batangas lomi
Batangas lomi topped with egg, chicharon and seafood.

This Batangas dish is a favorite everywhere in the country. Thick noodles served in a flavorful thickened broth, often topped with chicharong bulaklak and liver.

If you’re staying in Batangas, you may also find other variants such as seafood lomi.

6. Bulalo

Filipino food - bulalo

Bulalao is another Filipino comfort food perfect for rainy days. The beef-flavored broth does a great job of warming up our insides and there’s an added joy of slurping the meat out of the bone marrow.

It’s no wonder it’s a staple in Tagaytay, which enjoys a cool weather all year round. That saying, there are also various restaurants in Manila specializing in bulalo.

7. Sinigang

Filipino food - sinigang
Sinigang cooked in palayok.

Though Filipinos have different tastes when it comes to food, sinigang will always be that one dish that everyone loves. On rainy days, rice and sinigang is the perfect meal to warm up your insides!

Sinigang is a soup made with pork and lots of vegetables such as gabi (taro corms), labanos (white radish), talong (eggplant), and kangkong (water spinach). The soup is flavored and rendered sour with addition of sampalok or other fruits. Just the thought of it can literally make you drool!

Sinigang is perfect on its own, but of course we Filipinos need to have it with rice. Yes, extra rice please!

8. Dinuguan and puto

This hearty blood stew paired with puto is a great rainy day snack! Some restaurants such as Kanin Club makes it extra special by making the meat crispy, perfect with a cup of rice.

9. Ginataang bilo-bilo

Filipino merienda: bilo-bilo

Some would say that ginataang bilo-bilo is the “warm” version of the classic halo-halo dessert and it actually makes sense. Ginataang bilo-bilo is made of fruits such as saba, jackfruit, sweet potatoes and taro, as well as rice balls, served in a thick coconut milk base.

Often served as a merienda, it’s hard to say no to a delicious bowl of ginataang bilo-bilo when it’s raining outside!

10. Coffee and pandesal

Filipino breakfast - kape at ube pandesal

Finally, sometimes something as simple as a hot coffee and pandesal combo is enough to warm up our tummies! Freshly baked pandesal are the best, but a day old will also do. Dunk it in the coffee and enjoy the moist caffeine-flavored bread in your mouth.

If you’re not a coffee person, hot chocolate will also do.

What’s your favorite Filipino comfort food during rainy season? Did we miss anything in this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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