Pool in Lily Vacation Farm House, Rizal

Lily Vacation Farm House: Your Rustic Getaway in Jalajala, Rizal

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Ever experienced a farm staycation? Me neither! That is why I was so excited when Hali and I got invited for an overnight stay in Lily Vacation Farm House in Jalajala, Rizal. It was a totally new experience for us, and we had an amazing time! Here’s our experience including details on how you can book here too.

Lily Vacation Farm House is your definition of a modern-day rural escape. True to its name, it’s located in a huge farm with a wide grassy area and tree shades for cover. There is a guest house and a pool, and the whole premises overlooks Laguna de Bay and mountains in the distance.

Our stay at Lily Vacation Farm House

Hali and I stayed here for a bloggers’ event. We arrived an hour early from our meet-up time, so we get to explore the place on our own and take pictures.

We checked the house first and peeked at every corner. There’s chic, modern-style lounge area; rooms with comfortable beds, comforters and soft, soft pillows; an aesthetically pleasing kitchen. Everything was well and we were pleased with it. After we put our bags down, we went to explore the backyard.

Swing in Lily Vacation Farm House
Lily Vacation Farm House, Jalajala, Rizal
Lily Vacation Farm House.
Lily Vacation Farm House lounge area
Lounge area.
Lily Vacation Farm House kitchen

With all the open space and lush surrounding, we were very relaxed. We took a walk and tried to take it all in. We came across a horse grazing out and Hali tried to approach and pat it very carefully. Chelsea, the horse’s name, is friendly but it turns out she sometimes bite, so it was good sense that we took a step back when Chelsea showed her teeth.

We also went to the stalls to see the pot bellied pigs, as well as chickens and other birds.

Couple shot in Lily Vacation Farm House1
Horse in Lily Vacation Farm House, Rizal
Hali patting Chelsea. Chelsea flipping her mane in sass in response.
Pot bellied pigs in Lily Vacation Farm House
Pot bellied pigs. Cutie pies.

While we were doing our mini-exploration, the poolside area was being prepared for the night (theme: Bohemian Bloggers’ Night). There were outdoor tables with pillows as seats and a picturesque boho tent that served nothing but be our own Instagram spot. (In case you’re interested, I added the contact details of the catering/event organizing business below.)

Kat in boho tent
Me in this gorgeous boho tent.
Bohemian Bloggers Night at Lily Vacation Farm House
Our Bohemian-themed event.

People arrived and eventually we started the event. We introduced ourselves, played games and drank the night away.

Of course, Lily Vacation Farm House was the perfect venue for our gathering. From a rustic farm house, it transformed to a lively techno-color party venue thanks to lights & sound setup.

We retired late at night and used the super comfy beds. I’m serious, I love the beds in this farm house. Other staycations add the most rudimentary bedroom amenities and end up with crammed spaces and hard mattresses, but here the beds and comforters are uber soft. We woke up refreshed and had cups of coffee, rice and fried stuff.

We had no more planned activity for this day, it was basically our free time. Hali took a dip in the pool and then we both tried out the ATV rides. It was my first time and I was nervous that it would topple sideways even though the land is fairly smooth. Hali had a better time as he circled several times around the farm.

Pool in Lily Vacation Farm House, Rizal
Pool in Lily Vacation Farm House, Rizal

I also tried horseback riding. Chelsea was feeling lazy at the moment but she did let me ride on her back and carried me around for a bit, until I’ve had enough pictures to show people I’m brave. Chelsea is bigger than other horses I’ve ridden before.

Horseback riding in Lily Vacation Farm House, Rizal
Me with Chelsea the horse.
ATV ride in Lily Vacation Farm House, Rizal
Hali on an ATV ride.

Even though we’d barely spent 24 hours in the farm house, it felt like we’d been there for much longer. Our stay was very relaxing, but at the same time, it never gets boring. There were enough activities to do and sights to see. I believe this is what a rural escapade is like — going somewhere far away and having first-time experiences. This weekend was new to us.

For myself, I’ll cherish the first time I rode an ATV and saw pot bellied pigs (I’d been asking Hali to adopt one for our home).

Lake view from Lily Vacation Farm House, Rizal
Lake view.

All in all, we had an enjoyable time. When I got home, I gushed about this place to friends and immediately showed them pictures. Hopefully, I’ll get to come back here for a personal trip with family or friends.

About Lily Vacation Farm House

Lily Vacation Farm House is located in the lakeside town of Jalajala, Rizal. It’s ideal for family or barkada gatherings, team buildings and events.

It overlooks Laguna de Bay and Mount Makiling and Mount Banahaw in the distance.

How to get here

Address: 60 Companario Street, Sitio Campanario, Pagkalinawan, Jalajala, Rizal. It is near Pagkalinawan Elementary School.

  • (Option 1) From Starmall or EDSA Central Crossing, ride a jeepney to Tanay.
  • (Option 2) From Cubao, ride a jeepney going to Taytay and get off at the junction. Once at the junction, cross the street and ride a jeepney going to Tanay.
  • (Option 3) From LRT, go to Santolan station and ride a van going to Tanay.
  • When you get off at the Tanay PUV terminal, ride a jeepney going to Bongbong/Jalajala and tell the driver to drop you off at Lily Vacation Farm House.

Amenities and features

The farmhouse is good for 25 pax, with additional fee per added pax.

Here’s what to expect:

  • 3 airconditioned rooms with 2 connecting bathrooms (with soap and shampoo)
  • 2 outdoor cottages
  • Glamping tent is also available
  • Fully equipped kitchen, including utensils
  • Alfresco dining area
  • Grill with free 2 bags of charcoal
  • Hot and cold dispenser with free two 5-gallon purified water
  • Swimming pool, with 2 shower/restrooms

Check in is from 2PM to 12 noon of the following day.

Things to do in Lily Vacation Farm House

  • Swim in the hydro color pool
  • Play boardgames
  • Play in the basketball court (basketball, volleyball or frisbee available)
  • Horseback riding
  • ATV ride (2 units available)
  • Videoke
  • Outdoor movie night using WD movie box
  • Make bonfire at night
  • Meet and feed the animals
  • … and of course, relax!


For inquiries and reservation, you can contact Lily Vacation Farm House in their Facebook page.

You can also book via Airbnb.

Disclaimer: Thanks Lily Vacation Farm House for hosting us! As always, opinions are mine.

Have you been to Lily Vacation Farm House before or any other farm house in the Philippines? Let us know in the comments below!

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