10+ Feel-Good Travel Stories that will inspire you to Live, Love, Travel

RLF eatery, Sorsogon

I had always been interested in reading about stories on the road. I believe that the most compelling reads are not the guides or itineraries but those that often go unmentioned, told only to friends and family (but rarely online). So for this year, I asked other travel bloggers for experiences that are positive and […]

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Koh Lipe: A beautiful prelude to Thailand

Koh Adang, Thailand

Just a little over a month before Christmas, Hali booked a ticket to visit me here in Malaysia. He was perfectly happy to stay at my home, but I was restless since I hadn’t traveled much the last few months. I talked him into spending the holidays somewhere else… And that’s how we found ourselves […]

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Best Places to Visit in Malaysia

Petronas Towers | Best places to visit in Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful Southeast Asian country — with rich culture and architecture, nature attractions, laid-back locals and cheap, delicious cuisine. It doesn’t have the long list of attractions the Philippines offers, but what it lacks in numbers it makes up for authenticity. There’s a lot of things and experiences you’ll only get in this […]

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I have a boyfriend and I still travel solo

View at Triad coffee shop, Larena

As Filipinos, being in a group is the norm. We live in packs. Back in the Philippines, I was always the odd one out. I’d frequently take lunches alone and people would get concerned and ask whether I was with someone. Sometimes I do feel defensive and give other reasons other than “I want to […]

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Cameron Highlands: Fields of Teas and Strawberries

Cameron Valley tea plantation in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

My housemates here in KL invited me to tag along to their trip to Cameron Highlands. Cameron Highlands has long been on my list because of its tea plantations. In fact, if I’d decided to come to Malaysia for leisure (as opposed to going here for work), I’d still include this in my schedule. Cameron […]

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