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2 Days Itinerary for Niagara Falls for an Enchanting Weekend

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Niagara Falls is one of the most popular destinations in Canada, if not the most popular. If you are looking for a destination with fun nightlife, amazing food, and beautiful views, look no further than Niagara Falls.

Despite there being an almost limitless amount of activities you can do when visiting Niagara Falls, 2 full days should be enough to experience some of the most important highlights and truly experience what makes this location one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada.

This 2 days itinerary for Niagara Falls is split into two core locations that in my personal experience (after living in Niagara and visiting Niagara Falls) are the most enjoyable areas for everyone.

Niagara Falls in Canada

Day 1 will capture the beauty of the famous Horseshoe Falls and the fantastic dining and nightlife in Fallsview Boulevard. Day 2 will discuss Clifton Hill and activities that are suited for all ages. The itinerary is built for members of the age of 19 years (spoilers, for the casino), but I will also offer some family-friendly alternatives.

Day 1: Fallsview Boulevard and Niagara Falls


Enjoy views of Niagara Falls along Fallsview Boulevard

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls.

To start the day of your Niagara itinerary, you will want to grab a quick breakfast wherever you are and head directly to the falls. You will want to go there as early as you can before the mass amounts of people come in to block your view and make walking along the falls extremely difficult. This is a great opportunity to take some pictures while it’s not busy, with great lighting and a beautiful backdrop.

Be sure to take it all in, but don’t worry, we will return here later.

Niagara Parks Power Station

Niagara Power Station - a must-see in a 2 days itinerary for Niagara Falls

If you arrive early at the falls, you’ll have ample time to explore one of the area’s most fascinating attractions. The Niagara Parks Power Station, located at 7005 Niagara Parkway, Niagara Falls, Ontario, offers visitors a unique and immersive experience.

This historic power plant showcases hydropower’s evolution with interactive exhibits, restored artifacts, and fascinating storytelling​​​​. Visiting the power station gives you an entirely new perspective on the falls themselves. You will not only find yourself appreciating the beauty of it, but also see it as a mass source of energy.

One of my highlights is the 2,200-foot-long tunnel, accessible by a glass-paneled elevator, which leads to an observation deck at the river’s edge​​. From the elevator ride down where you can see the interworkings of every level and all that goes into making the power station function, to the walk of the tunnel ending with the best view you will ever get of the falls at just above water level. It is in my opinion one of the most amazing attractions Niagara Falls has to offer.

The station is open daily for general admission and guided tours, with admission priced at $28 for adults and $18.25 for children. Convenient parking is available at the Falls Parking Lot, and the site is fully accessible, with wheelchairs available on a first-come, first-served basis​​​​.


The Fun Zone

If you are travelling as a family or enjoy games, The Fun Zone is a perfect spot to visit in the afternoon.

The Fun Zone offers a classic arcade with redeemable tickets for rewards. It also offers a mirror maze to get lost in, a mini-put for a friendly competition or fun trick shots, laser tag to zap each other, and haunted hallways to get your heart beat up a bit.

Skylon Tower

Skylon Tower

If you are researching points of interest in Canada for your travels, you’ve probably heard about the CN Tower in Toronto. The Skylon Tower is Niagara Falls’s much smaller version of the CN Tower but is almost as impressive.

Once you work your way up the yellow elevator to the top, you can get tickets to the observation deck and experience a 360-degree view of Niagara Falls, including a birds-eye view of the horseshoe falls. If you want to know what makes Niagara Falls so special, visit the 3D/4D and watch “Legends of Niagara Falls” with an immersive experience, including special effects.

Lunch at Fallsview Boulevard

If you decide to end your afternoon at the Skylon Tower, grabbing lunch at Skylon Restaurant before you go is your best choice. Although on the expensive side, the revolving dining room offers some of the best food you will ever have and a view that simply can’t be matched while you dine. It is undoubtedly worth the cost.

If you want something cheaper, look for chain restaurants on Fallsview Boulevard or even slightly out of the way since restaurants typically increase their prices on Fallsview Boulevard.

Niagara Falls Adventure Theatre

You can visit the Niagara Falls Adventure Theatre to learn more about Niagara Falls and get into its rich history. The show here dives into the history of the Horseshoe Falls and offers reenactments of key events. In my experience, this show is one you should visit only if you have extra time after lunch or if you are interested in learning about Niagara Falls over the years.


Dinner dining spots

For dinner, I recommend two great restaurants: Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse and Big Texas.

Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse is my favorite for both the experience and the food. The restaurant’s interior is absolutely amazing, with live music and dancers (Friday and Saturday evenings). The restaurant features a buffet with endless sides and salads that are served in a serve-yourself style.

What sets this restaurant apart is its variety of meats, freshly sliced onto your plate. The restaurant features a unique ‘red light, green light’ system; showing a green coaster signals staff to serve you a selection of steaks, chicken, grilled pineapple, and other meats.

This restaurant is on the expensive side but is 100% worth it.

For those looking for equal amounts of entertainment and food, Big Texas is your place to be (especially if you are a country fan). They offer live music which is always a hit with the crowd, events that if you’re lucky enough to catch adds to the already amazing vibe of the restaurant.

But one of the biggest reasons this place is worth checking out is the mechanical bull. Weather you are looking to show off a bit, have a competition with friends and family, or just want to be immersed in the country vibe, it is really a must do for anyone.

The food here is great, offering classic bar foods like wings, chicken tenders, and fish and chips, all the way to smoked brisket, incredible ribs, and more. It is also very friendly on the wallet with great portions to give you the most bang for your buck. It’s where you can kick back, enjoy a good meal, and have a good time without spending a fortune. It’s all about casual fun and good vibes at Big Texas.

Fallsview Casino

Fallsview Casino
Fallsview Casino.

This is where your night really kicks off. Fallsview Casino is the place to be when day turns night. No matter what time you show up, it is always flooded with people trying to win big. But don’t worry, this place is HUGE, so you will have more than enough room to move around and won’t ever have to wait to get in a game.

If table games are yout thing, Fallsview has over 130 ranging from blackjack, poker, roulett, and so many more. Weather you are a high roller or on a fixed budget, there will be a table worth your while.

If you are more of a slots fan, be ready to be overwhelmed with rings, bright lights, and absurd concepts that make you question, “Who came up with this idea for a slot?” There are over 3500 slot machines in the building, so you can guarantee there won’t be a shortage of games you can bounce to if one machine just going your way.

If you aren’t much of a gambler, Fallsview is still for you! From shows at the OLG stage, to an entire shopping and dining hall, you don’t have to put money at risk to make this visit worth while.

Day 2: Clifton Hill and Nature’s Retreat at Niagara Glen

Morning – Niagara Glen

Niagara Glen
At the Niagara Glen.

If you want to start the day by immersing in Niagara’s nature, then a quick drive to the Niagara Glen (also known as the gorge) is well worth it. The hike is free, and you can often find free parking. It is not a difficult hike, with lots of signage to stay on the path, making it perfect for families.

If hiking isn’t your thing, grab a breakfast at one of the many local cafes in the area and get fueled up for your day.

Afternoon – Clifton Hill

Clifton Hill
Clifton Hill.

The day’s most exciting part will undoubtedly be delving into the multiple types of activities available at Clifton Hill. This vibrant area is a treasure trove of entertainment, offering diverse attractions to suit all tastes. From haunted houses to engaging arcades, captivating shows, and fascinating wax exhibits, Clifton Hill is where everyone can find something to enjoy.

Whether you’re seeking thrills, laughs, or unique experiences, Clifton Hill will surely be a memorable part of your Niagara Falls adventure.

Pro Tip: Look for parking at the top of the hill. It is not only extremely expensive to park in the heart of Clifton Hill, it is an absolute nightmare to drive in the thick of it with so many cars and people crossing the road without a light, or even a crosswork. Trust me, it is worth the extra 5 minute work for your wallet and your sanity.


Dinner in Clifton Hill

As evening approaches on Clifton Hill, it’s time to indulge in culinary delights.

For an upscale dining experience, Weinkeller, a wine bar and gastropub, is a superb choice. Ranked #5 out of 418 restaurants in Niagara Falls, it’s just a block northeast of Clifton Hill and offers an amazing food experience with a menu that includes Canadian specialties​​.

It is the perfect place if you want to feel immersed in local deliciousness. I am confident that not only the food, but the experience will be some of the best you ever had. It is on the more expensive side but yet, it is incredibly worth it.

If you are with a family or don’t want to stop the Clifton Hill activities while you eat, the head to Boston Pizza. This Boston Pizza is not like any other Boston Pizza I have been to. It goes beyond just a restaurant, there is full blown arcade both of the main floor and below where you can play before, during, and after your meal if you so choose, and you can redeem your tickets for some solid rewards.

There is also the Strike Rock and Bowl bowling ally in the building that I highly recommend hitting after you eat. When it gets late it becomes glow in the dark, and in my experience, it always sparks some friendly competition.

For those seeking a unique dining experience, Remingtons of Niagara offers a blend of seafood and steakhouse options. Located just a short distance from Clifton Hill, Remingtons provides a wonderful dining experience with a diverse menu that will satisfy various tastes​​.

With its array of dining options, Clifton Hill ensures that your evening in Niagara Falls will be as delightful and satisfying as the rest of your day. Whether you’re looking for a fine dining experience, a quick meal, or a fun family dinner, Clifton Hill’s diverse culinary scene offers something for every visitor.

Night activities

Niagara Falls at night
Niagara Falls at night.

To end the night, keep exploring Clifton Hill and hit the sky wheel while it is all lit up for a cinematic view of the beautiful Clifton Hill nightlife and Niagara Falls.

Finally, remember when I mentioned visiting the falls, that time is here. The horseshoe falls are illuminated beautifully at night, making it an entirely new experience you won’t want to miss. There is also sometimes a fireworks show, so I recommend checking the online schedule before you go.

Practical Tips for Visiting Niagara Falls

After countless experiences in Niagara Falls, here are my pro tips that you can use during your 2 days itinerary for Niagara Falls.

What to wear

Wear comfortable shoes, everything you do will involve lots of walking and exploration, so you do not want your feet to get sore or blister half way through the day.

Pack for all weather, the weather in Niagara Falls can be unpredictable, in addition, being next to the falls makes the temperature unpredictable. No matter what time of year you go, you will want to at least bring a sweater and probably a coat, the only exception is in the summer.

In the summer, still check the forecast and maybe bring a sweater but most of the time it is warm enough. Also, it never hurts to bring an umbrella.

Booking & Reservations

Another tip is to book your reservations ahead of time, especially at the high-end restaurants mentioned. These restaurants and very in demand, and risking coming in with no reservation can lead to a very long wait time. I suggest booking them at all your reservations because with this being a high tourist area, it is often packed everywhere.

If you plan on doing multiple activities, definitely check out the Wonder Pass and Fun Pass to group and save (a tip inside of a tip, check groupon and similar sites as these passes sometimes go on sale for really cheap there).

Other Tips

Final tip: Take pictures! Even though I have seen Niagara Falls so many times as a local, I always find there is something to take a picture of with so many photographic locations.

Best time to visit

Niagara Falls is a place you can visit year round depending on what you hop to get out of it. However, I recommend summer to early fall to ensure at least decent weather and the opportunity to do everything.

One note is if you decide to do winter between mid-late November to early-mid January, you can catch the Christmas Festival of Lights. The lights are beautiful and almost all of Clifton Hill and Fallsview Boulevard are decked out (no pun intended). However, I wouldn’t plan your trip around seeing these lights unless you are already planning to go in winter.

How to get around

Public transportation is reliable, with the WEGO bus system offering convenient access to major attractions. If you’re driving, be mindful of parking fees near popular spots. Exploring by foot is also a great option along the scenic pathways.

Final words

With that, your 2 days itinerary for Niagara Falls is set. Make sure to enjoy everything every activity and take lots of pictures. I can guarantee that this will be a memorable experience as you visit one of Canada’s most amazing destinations. I hope this itinerary inspires you to capture your own unique moments at Niagara Falls.

To explore another one of Niagara’s beautiful cities, Niagara-on-the-Lake, check out this article.

Has this Niagara Falls 2 day itinerary been helpful to you? If you have questions or comments, let us know in the comment section below!

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