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Bali Food Guide: 25+ BEST restaurants in Bali

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Bali features several of the best restaurants you can find in Indonesia! From ordinary warungs to specialty cafes and international restaurants, here we’ve compiled the best restaurants in Bali.

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Warung Gauri

By Swedish Nomad

Best restaurants in Bali - Warung Gauri

Warung Gauri is a traditional simple restaurant in Ubud. It is run by a local family, and you can also stay in their family home for a homestay experience.

While sitting in the restaurant, you will be overlooking a beautiful rice field in a tucked away part of Ubud, away from the crowds. Of all the places I had tempeh in Indonesia, this was the best place, so we kept coming back during our 3-week stay in Ubud.

Their other food is good though, and the prices are very reasonable, like 20K IDR for tempeh and rice.

Warung Biah Biah

By Highlands 2 Hammocks

Best restaurants in Bali - Warung Biah Biah
Photo by Warung Biah Biah.

There’s not a worry in the world when a nasi goreng is coming your way, and in Warung Biah Biah it is always on the menu. Right in the center of Ubud, nestled between expensive restaurants and clothing shops, you can find this local hidden gem.

Tuck into the classic Indonesian dishes that are on offer in this tapas-style warung and enjoy the buzz of the local chit-chat happening around you. With a huge selection of small portion, local dishes, costing around 10K IDR per portion, now is the perfect time to try some Balinese dishes while on a budget. Just make sure to buy one of the quirky “Nasi Goreng” t-shirts that the staff are wearing before you leave! Beats a Bintang top, I’ll tell you that!

One dish that we cannot recommend enough is the bregedel kentang with a side of peanut sauce. Oh, and of course an ice cold Bintang to wash it down!

Bali Buda

Mediterranean plate at Bali Buda, Ubud
Mediterranean plate.

Bali Buda is an under-rated restaurant near the city proper offering vegetarian and vegan dishes. It also practices sustainable practices, using zero-waste management and local farmers’ support.

We recommend getting an order of their Mediterranean Plate which comes with pita bread and a colorful array of hummus, babaganoush, and tabouli dips. The lasagna is also notable and will definitely convince that eating meat-free isn’t so bad. For dessert, you can’t go wrong with a carrot cake or blueberry cheesecake.

Seeds of Life

The Nomadic Vegan

Best restaurants in Bali - Seeds of Life

The Seeds of Life is a raw café and tonic bar located in Ubud on Jalan Gootama. It has gained a reputation as one of the best places for vegan food in Bali.

The lasagna, gnocchi and pizza are some of the stand-out items on the menu. And yes, all of those dishes are made raw! You’ll be amazed at what the chefs here can accomplish in the kitchen without even cooking anything!

All the desserts here are also amazing. If I had to choose just one, it would probably be the passion fruit cheesecake. They also offer lots of fresh juices and smoothies. While the emphasis here is on healthy food, that definitely doesn’t mean compromising on taste.

The vibe here is lovely too, especially if you sit upstairs and take in the fresh air. Just be aware that seating is limited and tends to fill up fairly quickly.


By With Husband in Tow

Best restaurants in Bali - Locavore

The food scene on Bali is increasingly catching the attention of food lovers from around the world. At the forefront of this trend is Locavore Bali, one of the top 50 restaurants in Asia. Lead by Dutch-born Chef Eelke and his team, Locavore prides itself on using locally source products with a commitment to sustainability.

The restaurant offers a tasting menu and an Herbivore menu for the vegetarians that descend on Ubud. Tasting menu prices range from $50-100 (700-140k IDR) per person. The “must eat” dish that makes Locavore a foodie destination is “Into the Sawah,” made with heritage rice, snails, garlic, a 64 degrees duck egg, frog, and wildflowers. The intent is to give the impression of dining on the famous Bali rice fields.

Locavore is on Jalan Dewi Sita in the heart of Ubud. Reservations are strongly recommended.


By Marquestra

Best restaurants in Bali - Bridges
Photo by Bridges.

There is no lack of excellent venues to get succulent meals in Bali. In Canggu alone, one can find fantastic healthy and organic options in the many cafes and warungs. But from all the fantastic places I’ve had the pleasure to eat around the island, the Bridges restaurant in Ubud is without a doubt, bar none, the most memorable. Starting with the breathtaking view of the jungle ravine with the river down below from the dining room. Oh. My. Lord. There is no other one like it.

Going at lunch is perfect to enjoy the spectacular view in addition to having the opportunity of sampling the Rijsttafel Lunch. This Indonesian sampler menu includes 6 tapas size mains with 6 side dishes with dessert for 270K IDR or 190K IDR without it. Considering the quality of the food, the upscale service and the fabulous venue, the value is unbeatable for the memory you will leave with.


By Fly Stay Luxe

Best restaurants in Bali - Dumbo
Photo by Dumbo.

DUMBO is possibly one of the best restaurants in Ubud — and I should know, I’ve visited Bali six times! Located on the main road heading out of Ubud into the northern jungle region, blink and you’ll easily miss the tiny cocktail bar entrance off to the right on Jalan Raya Sanggingan.

Don’t be fooled by the lack of people in the trendy downstairs cocktail bar, head on upstairs and you’ll find a massive contemporary designed restaurant, with a striking black and white mosaic tiled pizza oven and dozens of hungry diners.

DUMBO’s menu features a focus on organic fresh produce, paired with cheese, cheese and more cheese. Perusing the delectable offerings, you’ll be hard pressed to pick just one dish. Best to order a few to share. It may take a while for you to realise that DUMBO is actually a vegetarian restaurant — but don’t let that put you off. I walked out feeling extremely full satisfied!

Highly recommended is the Soft Polenta, the Tempura Zucchini Flowers or the Melanzane Pizza. And you simply cannot go past the Pink Mimosa, Bellini cocktail, or any of the other fabulous creations served from the trolley, and artistically prepared right at your table.

At the time of writing, the price of a main meal at DUMBO runs between 80K and 120K IDR.

Copper Kitchen & Bar

By Fly Stay Luxe

Best restaurants in Bali - Copper Kitchen and Bar

Located of the rooftop of the uber-luxe Bisma Eight boutique hotel, the Copper Kitchen & Bar offers garden dining in an open-air setting with a view over the jungle canopy. Featuring it’s very own organic garden, where produce is picked and served fresh to order, Copper Kitchen & Bar offers an experience unrivaled anywhere in Ubud, Bali.

The flavors offer on Copper Kitchen & Bar’s extensive menu feature an ethically-sourced bevy of Indonesian and Western specialties with a modern twist. The restaurant even offers traditional Indonesian cooking and cocktail masterclasses on weekends.

Copper Kitchen & Bar offers all-day rooftop dining featuring a mixture of breakfast, lunch, supper, tapas and high tea dishes. My favorites were the Watermelon, Feta and Mint Salad, the Tuna Tataki Bowl, and the Seared Barramundi.

At the time of writing, the price of a main meal at Copper Kitchen & Bar was 125K to 350K IDR.

La View Restaurant

By Diapers in Paradise

Best restaurants in Bali - La View Restaurant

La View Restaurant, located at Kupu Kupu Barong Resort, really lives up to its name! The main restaurant is a split-level outdoor terrace with views overlooking a deep green valley below. The food is a delicious French-Asian fusion.

What really sets La View apart though is the variety of specialty private dining experiences available. You can make reservations for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in one of 2 “birdnests” hanging above the jungle: in the Eagle Nest with its view right over the river below or the Namaste private niche for an Indian dinner special.

If those options don’t sound romantic enough, instead reserve the Private Infinity Pool table. Surrounded by candles and flower petals in the center of a pool overlooking the valley, you’ll hardly notice the waiters slipping in to deliver your 5-course meal.

The regular restaurant set menus start at $35 (50K IDR) per person, on up to $85 (120K IDR) per person for the infinity pool dinner.

Cafe Lotus

By Eat Love Explore

Best restaurants in Bali - Cafe Lotus

Cafe Lotus is a beautiful restaurant located in Ubud, Bali. One of it’s best features is that it’s located right in front of a beautiful lotus pond and the Pura Saraswati Temple. It’s stunning during the day and night. You can also get some truly amazing photos here, “Do it for the gram!”

They offer delicious Balinese cuisine and Western options as well. To add to your experience, they have a range of traditional Balinese seating options like bamboo mats, traditional low tables and even private pavilions which are perfect for romantic trips. At night they sometimes have a traditional Balinese dance performance which you can enjoy from your table, so reserve a seat in advance to ensure a good view.

You can choose from their standard menu or opt for the set menu — either way you won’t be disappointed because the food was SO good! We had the Mini-Rijstafel Dinner which comes with a starter and all of this: Bebek betutu (smoked duck), chicken with sambal, prawns, chicken & pork sates, sayur urap, potato croquettes, tempe, tofu, yellow nasi tumpeng. Yup ,we love food 🙂 We got all of that for only $32 (450K IDR).

I think Cafe Lotus is definitely one of the best restaurants in Bali because they have an amazing atmosphere, delicious food, it’s affordable and you can’t beat the location. It’s a must-visit in Ubud!

Ubudian Cafe Bali

By Wandernity

Best restaurants in Bali - Ubudian Cafe
Photo by Ubudian Cafe.

Ubudian Cafe serves a variety of food: international pizzas, pastas, and soups, as well as more traditional food of Bali like rice with chicken, curries, and fish. It is a great option for a bigger group of people who have different preferences for food because everyone can find something to their liking.

One of the most recommended dishes is the smoothie bowl. Not only it looks great in Instagram pictures, but it is also healthy and satisfying. Don’t be fooled by seemingly small portion in a coconut – it actually is quite large and will keep you full for a long time.

Fair Warung Bale

By Our Kind of Crazy

Best restaurants in Bali - Fair Warung Bale
Photo by Fair Warung Bale.

The Fair Future Foundation has a great restaurant in Ubud called Fair Warung Bale. It’s a restaurant with tasty food and a great charitable purpose.

This restaurant has a wide variety of food selections on their menu. From cashew chicken, which we recommend, to ahi tuna salads, and chicken sandwiches and wraps. The food is very budget friendly, with plates averaging 65K IDR.

The whole restaurant is ran by volunteers. For every meal you purchase, you are helping 2 locals get a free medical consultation. So if you’re looking for a good restaurant to have a nice meal at and you want to help out the locals in need, you’ve gotta stop at Fair Warung Bale located on Jalan Sri Wedari.


By GoFam Travel

Best restaurants in Bali - Alchemy

Alchemy in Ubud is one of the best raw food and vegan restaurants in Bali. Located in the Penestanen area, this restaurant is beautiful with contemporary decor and has a hipster vibe to it. The friendly staff is very welcoming and helpful.

The Alchemy menu is almost overwhelming with so many delicious looking things to order, all made with organic and local ingredients. The salad bar is outstanding. Not only is it the quickest way to get lunch or dinner, but you get to choose from several fantastic toppings and dressings, and it is all served in a bowl made from banana leaves!

The mouth-watering desserts are displayed in a large glass case. From truffles to various pies, cakes, and brownies (all raw and vegan), any choice is a good choice. One of the most popular is the “snickers” pie. It was even better than it looked!

Alchemy is a must when visiting Ubud. It is so nice to eat healthily when traveling, and especially when the cost is less than half of what you would find in the United States!

Clear Cafe

By The Wanderlust Within

Best restaurants in Bali - Clear Cafe
(Photo by Clear Cafe)

The ethos of this all day eatery is all about clean and healthy food that isn’t boring. The organic menu is veggie centric, but fresh seafood is also available. However, what makes Clear Cafe special is that the entire menu is prepared using natural ingredients from local Balinese farmers, including cashews from the east, mangos from the north, and fish from the south of the island.

Despite this, everything on offer is under $5 (70K IDR) and the food isn’t the only reason to visit. The indoor fountains, comfy floor cushions, and incense wafting through the air, ensures this airy and tropical tree house remains a favourite in Ubud.


Nalu Bowls

Breakfast at Shelter, Seminyak
Big Bang breakfast.
Smoothie bowl in Nalu Bowls. Seminyak
Smoothie bowl.

If there’s one food you shouldn’t miss while you’re in Seminyak, it’s smoothie bowls. Nalu Bowls is the first ever smoothie bowl shack in Bali and today they have different branches in the island. Nalu Bowls branch in Seminyak sits below another restaurant called Shelter so you can order from both.

The smoothie bowl we ordered has grains and smoothie, with fresh slices of strawberry and dried coconut. It’s a foodgasm of flavors. It’s very Instagrammable too! We also enjoyed healthy breakfast plates and coffee/tea.


By Lifestyle Queensland

Best restaurants in Bali - Barbacoa

Bali is a regular holiday destination for my family and my favorite restaurant whenever we visit has to be Barbacoa. It holds a special place in my heart as my partner took me there to celebrate my birthday and the romantic atmosphere just made it so memorable. The restaurant itself looks pretty unassuming from the outside but when you walk in you’re hit by the beauty of the place. Everything is sparkling glass and elegant decor.

Instead of spreading themselves thinly over an extensive menu they do a few things and they do them expertly! Charcoal grilled meats are their specialty and you can see the whole spit roast pigs on the coals as you walk in.

We tried a selection of dishes including marinated olives, beetroot salad, burnt carrots and lemon paprika chicken but the standout had to be the 8-hour wood fired pork. Melt in the mouth tender it’s still to this day the best pork I’ve ever tasted.

My top tip would be to ask for a table outside when you book. The restaurant is beautiful but there is a small courtyard out the back which overlooks an idyllic rice paddy that is lit with spotlights at night and we were just blown away finding that in the middle of the city.

La Lucciola

By Lifestyle Queensland

La Lucciola’s in Seminyak has become a very popular spot for dinner and rightly so. The beautiful open air, thatched roof restaurant really makes an impression as you walk in and looks out on a beautiful stretch of the beach. Sunset there is spectacular so book early and make sure to ask for an upstairs table at the front to make the most of the view!

It’s certainly not style without substance here though. The food is just as impressive as the view and well worth the slightly higher price tag than you’ll find down at the local warung. The menu is seasonal and changes regularly so expect to find different dishes with beautiful fresh ingredients every time you visit.

We visited as a table of 6, all ordered different dishes and none of us could decide which we liked the most! I went for the grilled yellow fin tuna which like everything else was just perfect. My partner had a chicken dish which I thought might be dry when I read the menu but was actually incredibly moist!

My best tips would be not to fill up too early as the dessert platter really was a highlight for me and also make sure to sample something from the cocktail menu too!

What the Truck

By Food and Drink Destinations

Best restaurants in Bali - What the Truck

For food travelers to Bali, there’s always an interest in tracking down some of the most typical Balinese and Indonesian dishes, like Babi Guling and Beef Rendang. But there is only one place to eat in Seminyak that offers a contemporary version of these classic dishes in taco format.

What The Truck is a taco truck located at the entrance to the Courtyard Bali Seminyak, just on the way to the beach. It’s a food truck with an interesting story. The Courtyard Marriott sponsored a contest with a local hospitality school where the winner received a sponsorship for their unique food truck concept. The Indonesian tacos won and now it is an institution in the center of Seminyak. It’s a perfect place to stop for a quick bite on the way to enjoy a sunset on the beach in Seminyak.

Tacos cost 55K IDR and are fresh and tasty.

Warung Pantai

By Valeries Adventure Time

Best restaurants in Bali - Warung Pantai

In the 2 months I spent in Bali, Warung Pantai was definitely my favorite restaurant. The reason was not only their delicious food but also the absolutely ideal location of the restaurant. It is right at the beachfront and the perfect place to watch the beautiful Bali sunset with yummy food and drinks. This combined with the cheap prices made Warung Pantai hop to the top of my list of favorite restaurants in Bali.

A small Bintang or one of their homemade juices are about 30k IDR. The food is also pretty cheap and they do not charge any tax either. Personally, I really loved their salads but I tried several of their dishes and liked all of them.

You can easily reach it by scooter or Grab Taxi by searching their location on google maps. So make sure you visit Warung Pantai during your time in Bali and enjoy the beautiful view and chill vibe.


By Alajode

Best restaurants in Bali - NOAA

It’s not hard to find amazing restaurants and cafes in Bali, but there was one that stood out during the month I spent there: NOAA Social Dining. It’s not often that I return to a restaurant — especially when there are so many good ones around — but I ended up eating here daily. Yes, it was that good.

NOAA is a modern restaurant with streetside views and both indoor and outdoor seating. As far as the menu goes, it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. Rather than specializing in one type of cuisine, NOAA offers a thoughtful selection of Asian-inspired favorites. These include everything from poke bowls and sushi to spicy curries and noodle dishes. Personal favorites were the pork belly pizza and soft shell crab pad thai — unique flavors that just work well!


Shady Shack

By Two Wandering Soles

Best restaurants in Bali - Shady Shack

Whether you’re a strict vegan or simply like the occasional veggie-packed meal, Shady Shack will delight your with their extensive and creative menu. With salad bowls packed with plant-based proteins, a signature vegan lasagna, and vegetarian takes on local Balinese dishes, you won’t even miss the meat! Add to that a selection of superfood-packed smoothies and an array of vegan desserts that are hard to beat, and you’ve might find yourself coming back to this Canggu hotspot multiple times during your trip to Bali.

Located not far from Batu Balong Beach, Shady Shack is a popular spot at all times of the day. The boho-chic décor and open-air seating make for a perfect place to get your green juice on! While prices are higher than local warungs, or restaurants, when you consider the quality of ingredients and portions, the prices are actually very reasonable at around $5-7 (70-100K IDR) per main.

Warung el Passo

By Ecoconscious Traveller

Best restaurants in Bali - Warung El Passo

Warung el Passo has definitely got to be one of my favorite restaurants in Bali. The little restaurant is located in Canggu out of the main tourist area and overlooks beautiful rice fields. They have great wifi and is pretty quiet so it’s a great place to go to do some work if that’s one of the reasons you’re in Bali. The prices are also really reasonable and they have great dishes for every meal — breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The smoothie bowls are really great and come with the freshest of fruits! Their nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice) is only two dollars so the perfect snack for anyone on a budget. Their pastas and pizzas are also surprisingly good and the club sandwich and their burgers are really filling. If you are staying nearby it’s the kind of place you’ll keep coming back to without a doubt.

Milk & Madu Cafe

By Breathing Travel

Best restaurants in Bali - Milk & Madu
Photo by Milk & Madu.

If you visit Canggu on your Bali trip, you surely will have to indulge at all the beautiful cafes, foodie heaven anyone? Me please!

Milk & Madu Cafe in Canggu is a pretty cool spot to hangout for breakfast, brunch, lunch and yes, they also do dinners now! I discovered this cafe in Berawa as I wasn’t living far from it and it quickly became one of my favourite spots. Think freshly brewed coffee, eggs benny, colourful smoothie bowls, buttermilk pancakes and lots of other little treats. Definitely legendary for a delicious breakfast.

If you come later in the day, make sure to try their mouth-watering pizzas which are lava stone baked.

Milk & Madu is set within an open space surrounded by greenery and there is parking out the front. They also host plenty of awesome events, acoustic music nights, happy hour and events for the community, arts and crafts for kids and much more.

Crate Cafe

By German Backpacker

Best restaurants in Bali - Crate Cafe

The famous Crate Café in Canggu is one of Bali’s hippest and most popular restaurants. However, I always avoided eating there during my first few months in Bali since the crowded tables and the long queue always put me off. It took me literally 2 months living in Canggu to finally give it a try – and I deeply regret not giving it a try earlier! Sure, Crate Café is a little bit different than your typical chilled café in Canggu, where you can easily sit for hours working on your laptop while enjoying some snacks and drinks every now and then. Crate Café is very busy, during peak season it might even be difficult to get a table – but the food is probably the best I ever had in Bali!

This place is perfect to go for brunch or lunch, offering a variety of sweet and salty dishes such as poached eggs, salads, pancakes and delicious smoothies. Dishes are also surprisingly affordable, and a meal with a drink shouldn’t cost you more than $4-7 (55-100K IDR)! If you visit Canggu, this is a place you can’t miss!

ZIN Cafe

By Life From a Bag

Best restaurants in Bali - ZIN Cafe

Located just 2 minutes from the beach at the end of Jalan Nelayan in Canggu, ZIN Cafe is an open-air, bamboo-themed 3-floor restaurant and working space. From all-day breakfast options like the sunset smoothie bowl with fresh fruit and vegan granola — to a wide selection of vegetarian dishes and local Indonesian dishes with a twist — you can get it all at ZIN!

ZIN is a pet-friendly cafe and opens from 7 AM to 10 PM daily. They also offer the freshest of ingredients that are organic and locally sourced, including their in-house coffee blend from Kintamani Coffee Plantation in the magnificent Mt. Batur in Bali. If you’re looking for a great place to eat and work, ZIN Cafe is the best option in Canggu.



By Tips 4 Trips

Best restaurants in Bali - Massimo
Photo by Massimo.

It’s not often you can find a GOOD Italian restaurant in Bali. But I have found a restaurant that serves crispy based wood fired pizzas with oozing mozzarella cheese and a range of toppings, plus authentic homemade pasta with creamy and tomato based traditional sauces – you know it’s homemade – you can see it being rolled out on a table at the back of the large open air restaurant. Little wonder that every night there is a queue forming in Massimo Ristorante at the southern end of the main street in Sanur.

Then after dinner indulge in one (or two) of the many flavors of freshly made gelato; as you make your way back to your accommodation reflecting on the meal you’ve just enjoyed at one of the best restaurants in Sanur, if not all of Bali.



By Rolling along with Kids

Best restaurants in Bali - Cuca
Photo by Cuca.

Cuca in Jimbaran, Bali is hidden away in a quiet street and beautiful gardens surround the main restaurant building. You can chose to book a seat at the kitchen food bar overlooking the kitchen or the beautiful dining room with it’s huge amount of space between tables.

I highly recommend indulging in the fantastic value for money ‘Chef Tasting Meal’ which involves nine courses of the most delicious food. A couple of our favorite dishes are the Honey Roasted Baked Pumpkin Salad and the Rice Tempura Soft Shell Crab. The menu does change from time to time but the two times we have enjoyed the tasting meal, the yummiest dessert I have ever tasted has been on the menu. The Bali Breakfast appears to be a sunny side up egg but as you take your first taste, the flavors of whipped coconut, sweet runny mango and frozen passion fruit are such a delight to eat and leave you wanting more.

Nusa Lembongan

Ginger & Jamu

By Full Time Explorer

Best restaurants in Bali - Ginger and Jamu

Ginger & Jamu in Nusa Lembongan is one of my favorite restaurants in Bali. It’s located right on Jungut Batu Beach, which is one of the best beaches on Nusa Lembongan.

With it’s beautiful ocean views and the serene sounds of waves crashing on the sand, you really can’t go wrong. The restaurant has a boho chic vibe with brightly colored pillows lining the cozy couches.

The food has a focus on healthy eating, but don’t let that fool you. Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. I highly recommend their smoothie bowls which are as tasty as they are pretty. If you have dietary restrictions, they offer a number of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options as well. You can grab a snack or breakfast for less than $7 and an entrée with a drink for under $15 making it one of the best restaurants on Nusa Lembongan on a budget.


Il Tempio

By The Nomadic Vegan

Best restaurants in Bali - Il Tempio
(Photo by Il Tempio)

If you’ve had enough of Indonesian rice and noodles and are ready for something different, this Italian restaurant right in the heart of Kuta at the front of the Bali Garden Beach Resort is a fantastic option.

The restaurant’s name, which means “temple” in Italian, refers to the Hindu temple inside, where the staff say prayers and make offerings. As for the menu, there’s a wide selection of pizza, risotto and pasta dishes, as well as other Italian classics like bruschetta and minestrone.

Il Tempio prides itself on accommodating gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan visitors to Bali. They even offer gluten-free pasta and pizza! And Meat Free Mondays are celebrated with a 2-for-1 special on all veggie menu items. If you like spicy food, the pizza vegetariana arrabbiata is a great choice.

That concludes our list of best restaurants in Bali, Indonesia. Do you have other recommendations? Let us know in the comments below!

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