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6 Easy Tips & Tricks on How to Get Cheap Flights

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Traveling can be an enriching experience, but the costs associated with it often deter many from exploring new destinations. For Gen Z travelers, a striking 25% of their travel budget is consumed by flights alone, a substantial slice that could otherwise be allocated to experiences and accommodations. Recognizing this, it becomes essential to unearth the methods and practices that can shave dollars off your airfare. In doing so, not only do you stretch your travel budget, but you also unlock possibilities for more frequent or extended trips.

Let’s navigate through the strategies that can lead you to significant savings on your next flight.

1. Know when to book

Timing is essential when it comes to booking flights. In the quest for cheap airfare, it’s important to research the best days of the week to book flights in order to capitalize on reduced prices. For example, booking on a Tuesday or Wednesday can result in better deals, as airlines often adjust fares based on the inventory of unsold seats. During these mid-week days, if flights aren’t filling as forecasted, airlines are known to offer discounts to entice travelers.

Furthermore, securing your tickets within the prime booking window, typically between three weeks to four months before departure, can also lead to significant savings, especially if you avoid peak travel times like major holidays. Being strategic with timing can unlock lower fares and keep your travel budget in check.

2. Be flexible with your travel date

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Flexibility is a powerful tool in the quest for cheap flights. If you can arrange to depart a day earlier or return a day later, you may encounter a significant drop in prices. Flying mid-week is generally more economical than sticking to the weekend, as most travelers prefer to extend their weekends. Late-night or early-morning flights also tend to be cheaper since fewer people are willing to travel at these times.

3. Use flight comparison websites and apps

Flight comparison websites and apps are indispensable when hunting for affordable air travel. These platforms collate data from various airlines and booking sites, presenting you with a broad view of the available options. These tools can also unveil the least expensive days to fly to your chosen destination, allowing you to adjust your plans accordingly.

To stay ahead of the game, set up price alerts for your desired routes. This way, you’ll be informed the moment prices drop. Beware, though, as not all alerts guarantee a good deal. Sometimes, what seems like a price drop could be a baseline fare without checked bags or other essentials, so scrutinize the details before you book.

4. Consider alternative airports and routes

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Flying to a major airport isn’t always your cheapest bet. Alternative airports, which are usually smaller and a bit farther from major cities, can offer more attractive fares.

Furthermore, if you’re willing to embrace a layover, connecting flights can save you a chunk of change compared to direct flights. In some cases, a layover can provide a bonus mini-trip within your trip, giving you a chance to explore another city for a few hours or even a day.

5. Sign up for airlines’ frequent flyer programs and newsletters

Building a relationship with airlines through their frequent flyer programs can lead to significant savings over time. These programs are free to join and often offer member-exclusive deals or early access to major sales.

Additionally, subscribing to airlines’ newsletters might fill your inbox, but it also ensures you’re among the first to know about promotions and special offers. And don’t forget about airline alliances; these partnerships can offer a wider network of flights and potentially more opportunities to use your loyalty points.

6. Keep an eye out for airline mistakes and sale fares

Airlines, like all of us, can make mistakes, and these errors can lead to surprisingly cheap flights if you’re quick to catch them. Price errors can happen because of technical glitches, human error, or currency conversion mishaps. While it’s rare, fast-moving travelers can snag these deals.

Flash sales are a bit more common and can offer short windows of opportunity to book flights at heavily discounted rates.

Be vigilant, though, as mistake fares can sometimes be corrected by the airline, so it’s wise to hold off on booking your accommodation until the flight is confirmed.


Embracing these practices won’t just trim your expenses; it’ll expand your world. By knowing when to book, being flexible, utilizing the right tools, exploring alternative airports and routes, taking advantage of loyalty programs, and staying alert to pricing anomalies, you’re setting yourself up for cheaper flights and richer experiences.

Implement these tips, and your travel budget will take you further than you might think. Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge, it’s time to put it into action and let your adventures unfold.

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