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9 BEST Tagaytay Camping Sites for Sleeping Under the Stars

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Welcome to Tagaytay, the perfect destination for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Nestled amidst stunning landscapes and cool climate, Tagaytay offers different types of accommodations, including hotels and resorts, private houses with pools, and even camping sites. Whether you’re someone who’s in a budget or who simply wants to enjoy sleeping outdoors, in this article we’ll guide you to the best Tagaytay camping sites and glamping sites.

While Tagaytay itself does not have many dedicated camping sites, you will find resorts with their own camping grounds and glamping tent options, as well as several nearby areas that provide the ideal backdrop for your outdoor adventure. So grab your tent, pack your gear, and get ready to embark on a camping experience like no other.

1. Tanawin sa Gulod

Tanawin sa Gulod restaurant - one of the best Tagaytay camping sites
(Photo by Tanawin sa Gulod Restaurant)

For spontaneous road trips with your significant other or family, head to Tanawin sa Gulod. This is one of the most accessible campsites in Tagaytay, offering an unobstructed view of Taal Lake and Volcano.

Tanawin sa Gulod is primarily a restaurant offering comfort food such as Tagaytay specialties: bulalo and crispy tawilis, as well as vegetarian options. Beside the restaurant is the camping ground where you can pitch your tent or camp in your vehicle. It is open 24/7, but it’s still best for you to reserve your spot since it is in a first-come first-serve basis. Common restrooms are also available for use.

You can bring your own food, or better yet, head to the restaurant for delicious local dishes or snacks with coffee while looking at the pleasant view of Taal.

2. Nature Discovery Camp

Nature Discovery Camp
(Photo by Nature Discovery Camp)

Nature Discovery Camp is one of the most popular Tagaytay camping sites. It is ideal for those who want a no-fuss getaway in Tagaytay. It features a large camping ground, outdoor cottages, and common restrooms.

Here you can enjoy the cool mountain air and engage in outdoor activities including hiking, biking, and taking a dip in the swimming pool. Families will also appreciate the spacious grassy where kids can run and play.

3. Nurture Wellness Village

Best resorts in Cavite - Nurture Wellness Village
(Photo by Nurture Wellness Village)

Want to experience glamping (aka glamorous camping)? Check out Nurture Wellness Village, one of the top resorts in Tagaytay offering not only Filipino-themed rooms but also luxurious glamping tents at the Sabila Campsite. Each glamping tent is equipped with mattresses and other essential comforts, an outdoor restroom, and access to the barbecue/bonfire area as well as other facilities in the resort.

This resort is the perfect choice for those who want to experience sleeping outdoors to breathe the fresh air of Tagaytay. Aside from the glamping experience, you can also take part in the resort’s ecotherapy program. Relax in the resort’s serene surrounding and avail of its wellness offerings, including Filipino massage and body treatments, activities such as yoga, and delicious farm-to-table meals.

4. 8 Suites by Fat Jimmy’s

8 Suites Tagaytay
(Photo by 8 Suites Tagaytay)

Undeniably one of the best camping sites in Tagaytay, 8 Suites by Fat Jimmy’s is a great option for those who want to take a quick break from the city. This small property offers gorgeous glamping tents with full hotel service amenities, so you can sleep under the stars in comfort.

Each glamping tent includes luxury mattresses, soft and fluffy pillows, woolen blankets, fairy lights, and a mini-bar. Booking also comes with complimentary smores to enjoy at night, coffee and tea, as well as breakfast.

At this glamping site, take the chance to enjoy a relaxing staycation, bring a book to read, or simply appreciate the view of Taal Lake. To make your stay more special, you can also ask for a picnic setup or romantic setup.

5. Camp Hiraya Tagaytay

Have a nature getaway at Camp Hiraya Tagaytay, one of the newest farm resorts/camping sites in Tagaytay. It features spacious grounds for camping, as well as rustic-designed cabins and cottages, where you can sleep comfortably for a well-deserved break from the city.

The best things to do at this resort is relax and commune with nature. There is also a heated pool to enjoy, as well as a children’s playground, an in-house restaurant and cafe, a fully equipped kitchen and grill area for those who prefer bringing and cooking their own food, and common toilets and bath with hot and cold shower.

Camp Hiraya Tagaytay is a great option for those who want to experience outdoor camping and at the same time have access to facilities to make your stay easy and comfortable.

6. Taal Lake Yacht Club

Taal Lake Yacht Club - one of the best camping sites near Tagaytay
(Photo by Taal Lake Yacht Club)

Taal Lake Yacht Club is one of the best camping sites near Tagaytay. It’s located right on the shoreline of Taal Lake in Talisay, Batangas, just 15 minutes away from Tagaytay.

This club has a dedicated camping ground where families can learn to camp, have a good picnic, and enjoy the shoreline. Of course, you shouldn’t miss out on the activities offered at the club: sailing, kayaking, and boat tour around the lake. Prior to the volcanic eruption, the club also offered volcanic tours; however, those are not available at the moment.

You are expected to bring your own tent and sleeping bag, but if you don’t have any, worry not. This club also rents out tents. Just make sure to reserve early because they are limited. With regards to food: you can bring your own food and cook them at the grillers, buy snacks at the club’s food facility, or order from nearby restaurants.

7. The Yard – South Cabins

The Yard - South Cabins
(Photo by The Yard – South Cabins)

The Yard – South Cabins offers an exclusive glamping experience in Tagaytay. It’s a great place for a secluded staycation for 2, or even a getaway for a group of up to 12 people. Here you can enjoy the refreshing outdoors at a reasonable rate, making it one of the top Tagaytay camping and glamping sites.

Its glamping accommodations include a glass kubo and three small kubo. There are also facilities to make your stay better, including a dipping pool, a jacuzzi, hammocks and swings, and board games and guitar. At night, warm yourself in a campfire or watch a movie at the outdoor cinema.

This Tagaytay glamping site offers food and coffee, as well as other food arrangement such as boodle fight for large groups.

8. Tagaytay Highlands

Tagaytay Highlands
(Photo by Tagaytay Highlands)

Tagaytay Highlands is an exclusive mountain resort community located in Tagaytay, Philippines. It’s situated atop the ridge of the city, boasting stunning views of Taal Lake, Taal Volcano, and the surrounding lush landscapes.

It has dedicated camping grounds and facilities where you can enjoy a serene getaway with your significant other, family, or friends. Here you can appreciate the beautiful scenery and take part in outdoor activities available – including leisurely walks, biking, horseback riding, birdwatching, ziplining, golfing, and more.

Take note that it’s a membership-only club, so you need to be a member or know someone who is a member to enjoy the facilities.

With its beautiful views, world-class amenities, and recreational facilities, Tagaytay Highlands is one of the top Tagaytay camping sites you should consider for a high-end retreat.

9. Mount Maculot

If you’re still looking for more options for Tagaytay camping, consider Mount Maculot. Located in Cuenca, Batangas, Mount Maculot also a camping area near the summit. Camping here allows you to witness beautiful sunsets and sunrises over Taal Lake.

Whether you’re looking for good ole’ camping or more comfortable glamping, you have a number of options in Tagaytay City. Please note that it’s essential to get updated with the latest up-to-date information about the status of Taal Volcano when visiting Tagaytay. Contact the Tagaytay camping sites and glamping sites directly or message the local tourism office for updates.

Do you have other camping sites in Tagaytay to recommend? Let us know in the comment section below!

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