Weekend trip to Sinagtala Resort in Orani, Bataan

Weekend Guide to Sinagtala Resort in Orani, Bataan

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Sinagtala Farm Resort and Adventure Park is hands-down one of the best resorts you can find in Bataan. This 60-hectare mountain resort has lovely swimming pools, an adventure park and great views of the surrounding forest. It’s a perfect getaway for families, friends and even couples!

Hali and I went here on a weekend in March and we had a really good time. Although most people go here on a day tour, we opted for an overnight stay via Labuyo Villas and made sure to experience all the resort has to offer. I feel that their slogan “Where nature blends with adventure” perfectly sums up our experience here. There’s enough activities to keep us occupied and at the same time we felt relaxed as we were surrounded by a tropical rainforest, which is also home to various wildlife.

Here’s our guide to Sinagtala Farm Resort and Adventure Park!

How to get to Sinagtala Resort

Sinagtala Resort is located within the Bataan National Park, at the slopes of Mount Natib, in Orani, Bataan. It’s about 2-3 hours away from Manila.

Address: Barangay Tala, Orani, Bataan 2112

Via commute:

  • From Cubao, board a bus en route to Balanga or Mariveles. Get off in Orani Crossing (1.5 hour, P170+).
  • Ride a tricycle to Sinagtala Resort (30 minutes, P150/way).

To get back, ask the resort’s guard to call a tricycle for you.

Things to do in Sinagtala Resort

1. Enjoy the infinity pools

There are 3 infinity pools in Sinagtala Resort, called Infinity Pool, Sky Pool and Lagoon Pool. Each pool has a different mountain view.

We like the Infinity Pool the best because it has the best mountain & city views. Also, for most of the afternoon that we were here, there were barely any people — I’m guessing that most people tend to stay at the Sky Pool, which is conveniently located in the Sinagtala Adventure Park. Speaking of which… we noticed that there were fewer guests here despite the fact that it was a weekend. We learned that the resort management prefers to limit the number of guests per day. I love that.

Anyway, here are some photos from the Infinity Pool.

Weekend trip to Sinagtala Resort in Orani, Bataan
This infinity pool is one of the best features of Sinagtala Resort.
Kat swimming in Sinagtala Resort
Temperature is just perfect!
Couple Shot in Infinity Pool, Sinagtala Resort
Hali and me at the poolside.
Infinity Pool in Sinagtala Resort, Bataan
Hali over the edge with the breathtaking mountain views.
Infinity Pool in Sinagtala Resort, Bataan
Infinity pool in Sinagtala Resort, Orani, Bataan

And here are photos we took from the Sky Pool.

Sky Pool in Sinagtala Resort, Bataan
Sky Pool in Sinagtala Resort, Bataan
Sky Pool is also an infinity pool.

Here’s the Lagoon Pool, which is the newest addition to the resort.

Lagoon Pool in Sinagtala Resort, Bataan
Lagoon Pool.

Overall, we enjoyed the cool swimming areas in Sinagtala Resort. We also appreciate that each pool has a different view and that there are lounge decks where we can lay down and relax after the swim.

By the way, the pools here are totally kid-friendly since there are small sections dedicated for kids.

2. Try out the rides at Sinagtala Adventure Park

The Sinagtala Adventure Park offers different sorts of rides: Sky Bridge, Sky Bike, Sky Swing and Zipline (children and adult). There are fees for each ride or you can get an all-ride package for P750 per person.

We first tried the Sky Bridge. This one is easy peasy but still enjoyable. You just have to cross a hanging bridge and then back.

Sinagtala Adventure Park - sky bridge
Sky bridge.

Meanwhile, the Sky Bike is for the more adventurous. You need to pedal the bike and then hit the break once you’re at the other end of the rope. The bike is securely attached to the ropes so you don’t need to balance it. Hali and I were supposed to ride together but I chickened out at the last minute, so Hali went alone. He found it fun, but the ride back was rather challenging since the rope turns slightly upwards and requires harder pedaling.

Sinagtala Adventure Park - sky bike
Sky bike.

I was looking forward to trying the Sky Swing because I thought it would be chill and I could get a really good view of the forest below, like in the famous swings in Bali. I was wrong. Hali and I went on a tandem seat and we were pulled above at an almost 90 degree angle before being let go. It was very, very scary and felt like when a roller coaster goes down. If you’re a thrill lover, you’ll like the Sky Swing.

Sinagtala Adventure Park - sky swing
Sky swing.

There’s an adult zipline and a kiddie zipline. In the Adult Zipline, you’ll be secured in a harness with a small parachute on the back as you lay on your stomach and wait for the staff to release you. This ride is short and fun. Once you arrive at the other end, you’ll be assisted by the staff and a service vehicle will bring you right back to the adventure park.

Sinagtala Adventure Park - zipline

The Cable Ride is the tamest ride in Sinagtala Adventure Park. You just have to lean back and sit while you cross to the other side of the mountain. The ride is slow and takes 15 minutes, so you have time to enjoy the view of the forest and surrounding areas from above.

Sinagtala Adventure Park - cable ride
Cable ride.

Among all the rides, I like the Cable Ride the best while Hali’s is the Sky Zipline. It took us 1.5 hour to experience all these rides, with minimal queue. On busier days it might take you 1.5-2 hours to do everything. Also, there’s a photo service offered in every ride. You can pay for soft or hard copies of the pictures.

Aside from the ones mentioned here, you can also do paintball, river trek and waterfall trek.

3. Relax and enjoy the mountain views

Sinagtala Resort offers a lot of cottages, view decks and lounge beds if you just want to relax or enjoy the view.

View deck at Sinagtala Resort, Bataan
One of the view decks.
Couple shot in a view deck at Sinagtala Resort

4. Explore the resort grounds

There are other places you can check out at Sinagtala resort. There’s an events hall, chapel and open activity field used for football and team buildings. There’s a fish pond and open spaces where you can see sheeps, horses and a pony named Ponyang.

Couple shot in golf cart at Sinagtala Resort
Ponyang the pony
Ponyang, the pony.

Hali and I initially explored via golf cart. 🙂 Hali says this is the best part of our day, although we had to give it up soon since Hali wasn’t used to it and couldn’t restart the engine after our first stop.

Where to eat

Bringing of food & drinks is allowed in Sinagtala Resort. It also has 2 in-house restaurants: Sinagtala Cafe and Tampay Cafe.

Sinagtala Cafe at Sinagtala Resort
Sinagtala Cafe.
Kat and Hali at Sinagtala Cafe

We had our breakfast and dinner at Sinagtala Cafe. We love the look and ambiance of the cafe, but we find that the food needs improvement. Their breakfast set was just acceptable (we had tapsilog and cornsilog), the serving was small for me. For dinner, we had nachos, crispy pork binagoongan and pinaputok na tilapia. We like the nachos and crispy pork binagoongan, but the tilapia was tasteless and didn’t seem that fresh. So for me, their food is a hit or miss.

Where to stay overnight: Labuyo Villas

Overnight accommodations in Sinagtala Resort are independently owned and operated by the residents living in this resort village, which means you need to contact each property separately.

We highly recommend staying at Labuyo Villas. Labuyo Villas offers comfortable accommodation perfect for families, friends or large groups of people.

Labuyo Villas, Sinagtala Resort
Labuyo Villas.

Currently 3 villas are available for booking. What we like about the villas are that they’re clean, stylish (perfect for Instagram!) with each villa supporting a distinct design and feature complete amenities that you need for a relaxed vacation.

Here are some photos from the Yellow Villa.

Labuyo Villas - bedroom
Bedroom with glass window.
Labuyo Villas - living room
Living room area.
Labuyo Villas - dining area
Dining area.

Aside from villas, there are also guest rooms available which is ideal for 1-5 people.

Labuyo Villas also have their own pool exclusive to guests, open until 10PM at night.

Labuyo Villas - swimming pool
Pool in the Labuyo Villas.
Labuyo Villas - swimming pool at night
The pool has changing LED lights at night.
Labuyo Villas - swimming pool at night

Sinagtala Resort rates

Here are the current rates for Sinagtala Resort (Updated as of 2021):

Day tour

Most people choose a day tour package in Sinagtala Resort. A day tour also gives you sufficient time to enjoy the resort and its facilities.

Walk-ins are allowed. No reservations are required for day tours.

Schedule: 9AM – 5PM

Entrance rates:

  • Mon to Thu: P350 per person
  • Fri to Sun/holidays: P450 per person

Guests 3 years old and below are free of charge.


  • A day tour comes with complimentary access to pools and other facilities
  • Choice of three swimming pools with clean showers and toilets
  • Access to The Sinagtala Adventure Park, rides charged separately
  • Free entrance for children 3 years old and below (max 5 per group)
  • Use of BBQ facilities for a minimal charge
  • Use of hiking trails and children’s playground

Rental of a table/hut/deck/mudhut is required for all day trip visitors.


Here are the rates for rides in Sinagtala Adventure Park):

  • Sky Bridge – P100
  • Sky Zipline – P350
  • Sky Bike – P200
  • Sky Swing – P200

Other activities:

  • Kids Zipline – P100
  • Paintball – P500
  • River Trek – P100
  • Waterfall Trek – P350

Labuyo Villas

Here are the current rates (updated as of March 2019):

Guest roomsVillas
Good for 2 pax: P3800
Good for 4 pax: P7600
Good for 5 pax: P9500
Orange villa: good for 10 pax, P20,000
Yellow villa: good for 10 pax, P20,000
Red villa: good for 15 pax, P30,000

Additional P1500 per added pax. Two children (8 years old and below) are free.


  • Entrance and day use at Sinagtala Resort
  • Complimentary breakfast set at Sinagtala Cafe
  • Exclusive access and use of Labuyo Villas garden & lawn


Here are important contact details:

Disclaimer: Thanks Mr. and Mrs. David of Labuyo Villas for hosting and touring us at Sinagtala Resort! As always, thoughts and opinions are our own.

Have you been to Sinagtala Resort in Orani, Bataan? Tell us your experience below.

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  • Roxanne

    Hi. I can see that the post is dated 2021, but the rates are for 2019. Would you happen to have an update for 2021 travel (covid) guide to the place? Thank you! Love how you told your story, btw. 🙂

    • Katherine Cortes

      Hi Roxanne! I just updated the rates for Sinagtala Resort for this year. I don’t know the current rates for Labuyo Villas because they are still temporarily closed, but I believe other overnight accommodations are already open.

      I always advise our readers to contact the LGU or the resort/accommodation for the exact travel requirements because unfortunately it’s too much work to update every post that we have in this blog – not to mention the requirements change every few weeks or so. 🙂 The most that I can do is update the rates.

  • theresa

    Sinagtala was actually and still is on my bucketlist for this year but I got pregnant and had a hard time travelling so I think this will be postponed late this year or next year. Wonderful photos btw!

  • Karla

    Sky Bridge, Sky Zipline, Sky Bike and Sky Swing are my kind of thing. I am so sold! I shall go here soon!

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